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AWS Summit London 2014 | Partners & Solutions Track | AWS Partner Network

In this session, we will cover how ISV, VAR's, and SI can become AWS partners and take advantage of AWS global programs and tools that can help partners grow and manage their business. Learn how partners have leveraged global AWS programs and the AWS Marketplace to quickly Cloud-enable their software and make it available for customers worldwide to purchase and run on AWS.

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AWS Summit London 2014 | Partners & Solutions Track | AWS Partner Network

  1. 1. © 2014, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc. AWS Partner Network Dorothy Copeland Global Partner Programs Leader
  2. 2. Over 10,000 Partners around the World Thousands in North America 1000+ in Latin America 1000+ in EMEA Thousands in APAC AWS aims to build the most Customer-Centric Partner Programs
  3. 3. AWS Partner Ecosystem Consul'ng  Partners   Technology  Partners   •  Systems Integrators •  Strategic Consultancies •  Resellers & Distributors •  Application Developers •  Managed Services Providers •  Digital Agencies •  ISV & Application Vendors •  SaaS/PaaS Providers •  Management & Security Vendors •  Operating System Vendors •  Database Vendors •  Developer Tools
  4. 4. Broad Ecosystem of Consulting Partners
  5. 5. Broad Ecosystem of Technology Partners
  6. 6. AWS Partner Network - APN AWS Program Framework for all partner types •  Register to be an AWS Partner •  Decide whether your company primarily provides Consulting or Technology
  7. 7. APN Partner Portal •  Track AWS Success in your Partner Scorecard •  Access On-Demand Partner Training •  Receive Marketing and Demand Gen. Support •  Contact AWS Alliance Team and SA’s •  Download Partner Content Tools and content for partners to grow their business on AWS.
  8. 8. APN Partner Scorecard •  Partner Alliance Manager provides data about Partner to AWS •  Enables Partner to qualify for APN Tiers •  Information includes: •  Reference Customers •  Partner Training & Certification •  Partner Revenue on AWS
  9. 9. Educational Webinars for Partners •  Webinars conducted by AWS Solution Architects, Partner Managers and marketing teams •  May content incudes: q  Storage Solutions on AWS q  Automated Workflows using Amazon SWF and AWS Data Pipeline q  Dive Deep on Amazon DynamoDB q  Executing Marketing Campaigns with AWS Grid q  Using AWS Marketplace as a Sales Channel q  Oracle Solutions on AWS q  AWS Training and Certification: Gaining Credibility and Opportunity with your Customers q  Partner Ecosystem for Education q  Microsoft Solutions on AWS q  AWS Feature Highlight – Amazon VPC Peering q  Improve your Customers’ Security with Short-term Credentials
  10. 10. Partner Training •  Free Technical and Business on-line training for Partners •  Earn AWS Business & AWS Technical Professional Accreditation •  Receive Partner-only discounts on Instructor-Led AWS Tech Training •  Attain AWS Certification through the Global AWS Certification Program Partners access partner training offerings through the APN Portal.
  11. 11. •  Search from a repository of partner-focused content: –  Technical Whitepapers –  Videos from AWS & Partner Events –  Business Presentations –  Product & Service Overviews Technical, Business and Marketing Content for Partners Partner Content
  12. 12. AWS Grid •  Professionally designed multi- touch campaigns •  Access deep reporting on how your lead prospects interact with campaigns •  Surface the highest quality leads and learn what interests a potential client With AWS Grid, Partners are able to create jointly branded websites with AWS and execute turn-key email demand generation campaigns in minutes. New Campaigns Launching this year: Big Data Marketplace TCO Calculator Dev/Test Workspaces Backup & Storage
  13. 13. AWS Partner Directory The AWS Directory is a valuable tool for partners who wish to promote their products and professional services offerings to prospective AWS customers. •  40,000 Customers per month find Partners in the AWS Partner Directory •  Partners Highlight: –  Services & Solutions –  Customer Case Studies –  Participation in Partner Programs –  Marketplace Products •  Increased Prominence to Advanced & Premier Partners
  14. 14. APN Standard and Advanced Requirements Requirements Standard Advanced Products on AWS >1 Product in Public Beta >1 Product in General Availability AWS Billings/Month $1,000 $25,000 AWS Customer References 2 4 AWS Support Developer Level Business Level Requirements Standard Advanced AWS Trained Technical Staff 2 5 AWS Trained Sales Staff 2 5 AWS Billings/Month $1,000 $10,000 AWS Customer References 2 4 AWS Support Developer Business Consulting Partners Technology Partners
  15. 15. APN Partner Programs Marketplace Partners AWS Test Drive Government Partner Program Direct Connect Partners APN Competency ProgramChannel Reseller Program
  16. 16. AWS Channel Reseller Program APN Consulting Partners that provide professional services on AWS and manage commercial or public sector end customer AWS deployments Designed for: Benefits: •  Own customer experience end-to-end •  AWS Channel Reseller Discounts •  License Rights to Resell AWS •  Special Support Plans •  Designation in AWS Partner Directory r •  Channel Partner Logo •  Press Release & Marketing Support Enablement Tools: •  Partner Enablement Toolkit •  Program Onboarding & Operational Training •  Partner Solution Architect Support •  AWS Support for Partners •  Exclusive AWS Channel Reseller Training Webinars –  Digital Agencies –  Value-Added Resellers –  System Integrators –  Managed Service Providers
  17. 17. APN Competencies For APN Consulting Partners who have attained proficiency in a specific specialization Current Competencies: •  Big Data •  Managed Services •  SAP •  Oracle •  SharePoint •  Exchange More to come in 2014! •  Enables Partners to differentiate themselves based on their skillset •  Requirements include AWS training, certification and customer deployments related to the competency •  Designation in Partner Directory •  Preferred Access to Partner Funding Programs
  18. 18. AWS Test Drive Designed for Consulting & Technology Partners to automate the deployment of their enterprise workloads on AWS •  In minutes, customers can deploy and evaluate popular enterprise solutions using partner- designed Test Drives. •  Test Drive workloads:
  19. 19. AWS Government Partner Program •  Enables partners to sell to federal, state and local government customers •  Provides government-focused marketing, technical, and business enablement tools. For APN Consulting & Technology Partners with expertise on AWS and government customers
  20. 20. AWS Direct Connect Partner Program •  Direct Connect Partners enable customers to establish network connectivity between AWS Direct Connect locations and their datacenter, office, or colocation environment. For partners who are Network Service Providers and are present at existing AWS Direct Connect locations •  Direct Connect Partners improve customer experiences by providing flexibility and choices on how to connect with AWS.
  21. 21. What is AWS Marketplace? AWS app store for business/IT software •  Broad selection, over 1400 listings •  Integrated AWS procurement and payments •  Instant fulfillment, support of 1-Click and CloudFormation Software for Testing, PoC and Production •  IT and business titles for Enterprise production workloads •  Free, limited, and enterprise versions of titles – customer can perform a low cost pilot, then migrate seamlessly to production •  Customers of all sizes – F500 and SMB
  22. 22. Growth in the application store •  The number of products available on Marketplace has increased 150% since January 2013 •  Marketplace customers hourly usage up over 800% since Jan 2013 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 Q4 '12 Q1 '13 Q2 '13 Q3 '13 Q1 '14 Over 1400 software products and growing
  23. 23. What are the benefits for Partners? •  On-board products to cloud in a matter of days, available worldwide instantly •  Access to hundreds of thousands of AWS Customers •  Hourly pricing and automated free trials •  Reduce sales cycles from months to weeks •  Provide software bits and a rate sheet – we do the rest
  24. 24. Highlighting products from EMEA •  SAP •  Sophos •  Canonical •  aiScaler •  Alfresco
  25. 25. AWS Marketplace: Sales Enablement Enable a new sales channel for your sales teams and Channel Partners and help your customers move to cloud. Benefits: •  Custom reporting for sales compensation •  Access to AWS Solution Architects and field resources •  AWS Credits and funding for PoCs •  Accelerate sales cycle, close faster •  Funded customer testimonials (video and print)
  26. 26. Tools to Grow and Manage Your Business Demand Gen •  Offer free software trial up to 31 days •  SEM campaigns •  Landing Pages •  Webinars/Events •  Proof of Concepts •  Customer testimonials Management Portal •  Track marketing ROI by source or activity •  Verify customer support eligibility •  Access data and metrics for reporting •  Permission based access Automated Communications •  Event driven email to customers •  Customized by you for each product •  Improve customer experience •  Reduce churn
  27. 27. Personalized, automated, real-time communications Event driven communications for you to send to customers through Marketplace •  Starting with a ‘welcome email’ with your customized message upon launch •  Improve new customer deployment, decrease churn •  More automated communications soon
  28. 28. •  Verify customer support eligibility •  Access data and metrics through reporting •  Track demand generation effectiveness •  Access based on permissions you manage AWS Marketplace Management Portal See the tour at A secure online portal for your organization to build and grow on AWS Marketplace
  29. 29. Customer value and feedback •  1-Click launch, no procurement of hardware and the software launches pre- configured for AWS •  Minutes for deployment, instead of weeks or months •  Vetted, tested, secure and approved products •  Use your AWS account to purchase •  Supports Invoice Billing •  See the charges for software and AWS services separately on the bill •  Clear pricing for all products, hourly and monthly options, different instance size and region choices •  Tools to track your purchases and control usage •  Ability to scale software up or down on-demand
  30. 30. •  2nd Watch (2W) is a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and a leading provider of full-service cloud IT solutions •  Needed to find an application delivery platform for its client, Adobe •  Used AWS Marketplace to rapidly experiment with multiple software and software editions, and finally to deploy Citrix NetScaler for its client AWS Marketplace Enables 2nd Watch to Quickly Experiment with Multiple Application Delivery Platforms
  31. 31. Easy Steps To Sell on AWS Marketplace Onboarding process: •  Register as a partner through •  Upload product page details •  Submit AMI for testing •  We will assign a partner manager who will plan GTM activities with you Start to finish in ~30 days or less Questions?
  32. 32. International Partner Model •  International ISVs can now monetize their products and use Marketplace as a new sales channel •  AWS Marketplace handles billing and metering as we do with any other paid product, we disburse 80% of the monthly revenue to the Seller of Record •  The Seller of Record is the entity selling the software in Marketplace. •  The Seller of Record handles all tax reporting and disbursement of funds to the ISV •  We have identified Orbitera and Orasi as 3rd parties in the U.S. that an act as Seller of Record on behalf of an ISV *Contact the AWS Marketplace - International team if you are interested in listing a product for sale in the AWS Marketplace - send an email to
  33. 33. Taking the Journey to Partnering with AWS ü  Sign up in the AWS Partner Network ü  Get Trained, Accredited & Certified ü  Launch your own Test Drive ü  Check out our Programs: ü  AWS Channel Reseller Program ü  Government Partner Program ü  Competencies ü  Direct Connect ü  Marketplace ü  Integrate and launch your AWS solutions and services ü  Win Customers ü  Write Case Studies Tell us how we can help you along the way!
  34. 34. Thank You!

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In this session, we will cover how ISV, VAR's, and SI can become AWS partners and take advantage of AWS global programs and tools that can help partners grow and manage their business. Learn how partners have leveraged global AWS programs and the AWS Marketplace to quickly Cloud-enable their software and make it available for customers worldwide to purchase and run on AWS.


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