AWS Customer Presentation - Nutsie


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Bob Wise, Sr. Vice President, Engineering, nutsie talks about their use of AWS for their itunes at the AWS Start-Up Event Seattle 2009.

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AWS Customer Presentation - Nutsie

  1. 1. Going nuTsie on AWS
  2. 2. About Melodeo Company Founded 2003 & backed by Ignition, Voyager, GF Capital, Intel Headquartered in Seattle nuTsie Music Service & Mobile Apps = flagship products Management team with proven track record of success Senior team built & ran Tegic; T9 has shipped on 3 billion devices Strong music industry background, GRAMMY nominated, multi-platinum band Worldwide operator/OEM/media/ brand partners
  3. 3. nuTsie Concept 1. Upload your playlists to the website 2. Install the nuTsie app on your Phone 3. Listen to your music anywhere (web or mobile) nuTsie captures the user’s metadata, matches it with the music in the nuTsie music catalog and streams it under radio rights rules
  4. 4.
  5. 5. nuTsie Mobile
  6. 6. nuTsie iPhone Song Packs
  7. 7. nuTsie on AWS – fun facts Product stats 10 Million Pageviews/month on the website 10,000 hours of music/day mobile and web Over 1M mobile client downloads AWS Usage ~40 Instances (14 small, 25 large, 1 X-large) Centos AMIs X-large instance for DB (Mysql) Ruby/Rails/Java/Python Several TB of music and image storage in S3 Using Cloudfront for Javascript, CSS, flash Just rolled out our SQS implementation for a part of our system Use elastic IPs and EBS
  8. 8. System Architecture MySQL Web Servers HA Proxy Memcached Playlist Gen/ Reco Engine User Mobile Servers Forums S3 User Upload User Uploads Processing Admin/ Media Mgt Monitoring Album Art Trancoding Media Masters Engine Transcoded (25 codecs!) Music
  9. 9. Hosting Service History Bought and hosted our own servers, load balancers, firewalls, etc. at a colocation facility. First moved to S3 as our CDN late 2008. Complete EC2 migration in Q109. All Amazon services combined (S3, EC2) saving us ~30% month from our previous bandwidth + colo charges (racks, power, etc). Would have had to purchase additional rack servers based on traffic, so we’ve saved an additional $10-20K since then. EC2/S3 has replaced what was probably $250K in capital expense. We get substantial flexibility in scalability to support new big deals.
  10. 10. Notes from Experience EC2 has been great, S3 has been a huge win (music streaming). Database scalability – even X-large instances are memory. constrained, especially for large table indexes. (Bring us larger memory sizes, Amazon!) There are some great open source tools out there… S3 Organizer (Firefox plugin) Elasticfox (Firefox plugin) Large instances are 4x the cost… but for our app more than 4x the performance. The reason – I/O. We ended up using more instances than we thought we would. Service reliability has been excellent. My operations team spends more time on the right things.
  11. 11. Wrapup Upcoming AWS projects for Melodeo… Autoscaling Cloudwatch Load Balancing Startups especially….Live in the cloud! Bob Wise VP Engineering Melodeo, Inc. V1.3