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AWS re:Invent 2016: How Higher Ed Graduated from Traditional Desktops to DaaS Using Amazon WorkSpaces (BAP203)


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Join leaders in higher education in this panel discussion as they share how they use Amazon WorkSpaces to move to desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) to provide faculty, staff, and students, access to applications and information they need in classrooms, research labs, and across campus. Amazon WorkSpaces enables major educational institutions be more agile, improve their security posture, and offer end users a more flexible experience, while meeting stringent compliance requirements and remaining cost effective. Hear directly from the world of higher education about their projects to deliver the next generation of end-user computing in their organizations.

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AWS re:Invent 2016: How Higher Ed Graduated from Traditional Desktops to DaaS Using Amazon WorkSpaces (BAP203)

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Nathan Thomas, Amazon WorkSpaces Greg Smith, UMUC Piotr Zielinski, George Washington University November 30, 2016 BAP203 How Higher Ed Graduated from Traditional Desktops to DaaS Using Amazon WorkSpaces
  2. 2. What to Expect from the Session - Learn how Higher Ed experts use Amazon WorkSpaces to: - Serve faculty, staff, and students - Provide access to applications and information - Provide access from classrooms, labs, and remotely - Manage desktops securely and simply - Save money by paying as they go - Build innovative products on top of Amazon WorkSpaces
  3. 3. Panel Participants Nathan Thomas, General Manager, Amazon WorkSpaces Greg Smith, AVP Enterprise Operations, University of Maryland University College (UMUC) Piotr Zielinski, Director of IT, The George Washington University School of Business
  4. 4. Amazon WorkSpaces Are Cloud Desktops Native Experience Client Choice Global Availability Pay As You Go
  5. 5. Hybrid Cloud Desktop Management Identity Authentication APIs for Automation Customer-Driven Innovation
  6. 6. Higher Ed End User Computing Is Changing Campus and Distance Learning Merging Students Have a Device and a Network Security Scope Is Expanding Everyone Still Need Desktop Apps
  7. 7. Amazon WorkSpaces Is Ready Mobile By Design Enables BYOD No Data on Devices Use Existing Desktop Apps
  8. 8. UMUC
  9. 9. UMUC • Part of the University of Maryland system • 84,000 students world-wide, 95 degree programs and certificates • Students all over the world, in all conditions
  10. 10. UMUC – Current Use Cases • Information Technology staff • Consultants/Contractors – BYOL • Distributed labs and testing centers • “The Classroom” – Project Triton
  11. 11. UMUC – Project Triton • Provide access to specialized software to support the academic experience • Provide persistent experience for the “life of the student” • Integrate into our classroom experience
  12. 12. UMUC – Project Triton • Key project features – SSO integration, Learner Analytics, Web Access, AutoStop • Currently 3200 users, will be 7000 users in January • In the first two months, 160K hours with 30 support tickets
  13. 13. UMUC – Project Triton • Triton has a material impact on the way our students learn • Faculty call the experience “transformational” and “fantastic”
  14. 14. The George Washington University School of Business
  15. 15. Amazon WorkSpaces to support growth Users: • 130 faculty • 120 staff • 3600 on-campus students Computer Labs: • 3 computer labs • 150 computers Current Support Users: • 130 faculty • 120 staff • 3600 on-campus students • Off-campus students • International programs Computer Labs: • Virtual computer labs • Dynamic number of computers Future Support
  16. 16. Amazon WorkSpaces – Pilot at GWSB • 130 WorkSpaces • 8 classes • 6 faculty members • Growth from 10 to 130 WorkSpaces in 1 month • Plans to open access to all faculty in the Spring • Integration with GW Enterprise Active Directory
  17. 17. Amazon WorkSpaces – Faculty Perspective • Unified teaching experience • Easy setup – by faculty, not IT staff • Easy user management • Easy faculty support
  18. 18. Amazon WorkSpaces – Student Perspective • Unified learning experience • No setup time • Easy access • Data security • Amazon WorkDocs
  19. 19. Amazon WorkSpaces – IT Perspective • Setup by faculty – easy support • Easy provisioning and maintenance • Version control • Cost control – AutoStop running mode • Usage reports
  20. 20. Use Case – Amazon WorkSpaces for Mac Users Majority of students use Macs but Many applications require Microsoft Windows Amazon WorkSpaces: • Eliminate technical complexity • Save deployment and support time • Lower hardware requirements
  21. 21. Panel Discussion
  22. 22. Thank you!
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  24. 24. Related Sessions • BAP305 – Zero to Google Chrome in 60 Minutes: Lightweight and Inexpensive Client Devices for Amazon WorkSpaces, Wednesday, 2:30 p.m. • ENT201 – Deploying Amazon WorkSpaces at Enterprise Scale to Deliver a New Desktop Experience, Wednesday, 3:30 p.m. • BAP402 – Best Practices from the Trenches: Deploy Amazon WorkSpaces Like a Pro, Thursday, 2 p.m.