AWS re:Invent 2016: How Amazon is enabling the future of Automotive(ALX202)


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The experience in the auto industry is changing. For both the driver and the car manufacturer, a whole new frontier is on the near horizon. What do you do with your time while the car is driving itself? How do I have a consistent experience while driving shared or borrowed cars? How do I stay safer and more aware in the ever increasing complexity of traffic, schedules, calls, messages and tweets? In this session we will discuss how the auto industry is facing new challenges and how the use of Amazon Alexa, IoT, Logistics services and the AWS Cloud is transforming the Mobility experience of the (very near) future.

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AWS re:Invent 2016: How Amazon is enabling the future of Automotive(ALX202)

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. How Amazon Is Enabling the Future of Automotive Mobility CJ Frost, Principal Solutions Architect—Alexa Automotive December 1, 2016 ALX202
  2. 2. Introductions CJ Frost Principal Solutions Architect, Alexa Automotive
  3. 3. What to Expect from the Session 1. History and state of the Automotive Industry 2. Transportation to mobility—what’s changing? 3. How Amazon will facilitate mobility solutions: a. Amazon Web Services b. Internet of Things c. Alexa Automotive
  4. 4. Brief History of the Automotive Industry Early Years Industrial Growth Post-War and Fuel Crisis Economy Drives the Car
  5. 5. Driving for the Future – What is Mobility? The Car Person Drive for a Living Non-Driver
  6. 6. • Retail – The Amazon Garage • AWS In Automotive • AWS IoT • Alexa Automotive Amazon’s Approach to Automotive
  7. 7. Retail – Amazon Vehicles
  8. 8. AWS in Automotive
  9. 9. Cars as IoT End Points Automotive Device Cloud • Telematics Monitoring – range, service state, location, tire pressure, etc. • Device Control – remote cloud control of vehicle systems (close windows, send GPS destinations, send persona/preset conditions).
  10. 10. Amazon Alexa Automotive About the Car In the Car Alexa Mobility
  11. 11. AI and Automobiles “OK, turning house lights on.” – Amazon Alexa, 2015 “I am sorry. I cannot do that, Dave.” –HAL9000 AI from 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968, MGM
  12. 12. Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) The Amazon Alexa Service Supported by two powerful frameworks that leverage open APIs
  13. 13. ‘About the Car’ Using the Alexa Skills Kit to Engage with Automobiles ‘I talked to my car… and it listened’
  14. 14. ASK is a collection of self-service APIs, tools, documentation, and code samples that make it fast and easy for you to add skills to Alexa, including custom skills for your device. You Pass Back a Textual or Audio Response You Pass Back a Graphical Response Alexa Converts Text- to-Speech (TTS) & Renders Graphical Component Respond to Intent through Text & Visual User Makes a Request Alexa sends Customer Intent to Your Service Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Audio Stream is sent to Alexa Your service processes request
  15. 15. ‘In the Car’ Bringing the Magic of Alexa to the Driving Experience “Your travel time to work is currently 41 minutes.” “Alexa, how is my commute to work?”
  16. 16. Areas of Exploration • Mobile Device Platform Integration • Head Unit Integration • Microphone Array Placement • Audio Modeling for Automotive • Voice Forward Interfaces
  17. 17. Automotive Context Voice Forward Total control and full features accessible via voice will eliminate extraneous buttons and the need for persistent UI. Present only requested and relevant information at any given time for a true hands-free experience. Tap With an Alexa integration the touch screen is used more as a secondary component or visual aid. For more specific data dense UI tapping/air gesture works, but takes the emphasis off the road. 5 Way Displaying a more minimal and paired back UI, especially for vehicles with limited touch interface capabilities offers better support for drivers comfortable with 5 way navigation. Buttons (physical) Integrating Alexa push-to-talk functionality brings a constantly evolving, robust feature set for stronger Vehicle Control experience. At the touch of your finger tips.
  18. 18. “Bridging all you know, need to know, and should remember…with all the other available sources of information that affect your decisions and activities, but you cannot see or find...” Alexa ‘Mobility’ Services Using Alexa Voice to Connect Transportation to Services
  19. 19. Summary and Conclusion
  20. 20. • Documentation • Tutorials • Webinars • Office hours • Events
  21. 21. Related Sessions Booth #2440
  22. 22. Other Alexa Sessions Thursday 11:30am ALX202: How Amazon is enabling the future of Automotive Venetian, Level 3, Lido 3003 1pm ALX303: Building a Smarter Home with Alexa Venetian, Level 3, Murano 3203 3:30 ALX307: Voice-enabling Your Home and Devices with Amazon Alexa and AWS IoT Venetian, Level 2, Opaline Theatre 5pm ALX302: Build a Serverless Back End for Your Alexa-Based Voice Interactions Venetian, Level 2, Opaline Theatre 9:30am ALX304: Tips and Tricks on Bringing Alexa to Your Products Venetian, Level 1, Marco Polo 806 11am ALX305: From VUI to QA: Building a Voice-Based Adventure Game for Alexa Venetian, Level 1, Marco Polo 806 Friday
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  24. 24. Thank you!