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AWS re:Invent 2016: Deep Dive: Building and Delivering Mobile Apps for the Enterprise Using AWS Mobile Hub (MBL403)


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This session takes a practical approach to developing real-world enterprise applications (business-to-consumers and business-to-employees) using a serverless backend that can scale to virtually unlimited users without any infrastructure to manage. Learn how to develop enterprise apps using AWS Mobile Hub, Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS Lambda to implement best practices for authentication/authorization, cloud logic, and secure integration of existing enterprise resources and user directories. Finally, see how to employ a robust application lifecycle (build, test, and deliver) and implement a multi-stage rollout to production.

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AWS re:Invent 2016: Deep Dive: Building and Delivering Mobile Apps for the Enterprise Using AWS Mobile Hub (MBL403)

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Andrew Chud Sr. Software Development Engineer AWS Mobile Developer Experience December 2, 2016 MBL403 AWS Mobile Hub Deep Dive: Building and Delivering Mobile Apps for the Enterprise Using AWS Mobile Hub
  2. 2. What to expect from the session • Quick overview of AWS Mobile Hub • Building enterprise mobile apps using AWS Mobile Hub • Scenarios • Key features • Demos and code walkthrough • Building an employee-facing app • Building a consumer-facing app
  3. 3. Overview of AWS Mobile Hub
  4. 4. Amazon Cognito AWS Device Farm AWS Lambda API Gateway Simple Email Service SNS Leading mobile apps run on AWS
  5. 5. “The combination of Cognito, DynamoDB, and Lambda provides everything needed to build an enterprise-ready mobile or web application with secure content management from Box Platform.” Jeetu Patel, CSO & SVP of Platform at Box
  6. 6. AWS for mobile app development User authN and authZ Analyze user behavior Store and share media Synchronize data Deliver media Amazon Cognito (Sync) Amazon Cognito IAM (access control) Amazon S3 Amazon CloudFront Store data Amazon DynamoDB Amazon RDS Track retention Amazon Pinpoint Send push notifications Amazon SNS Mobile Push Amazon Pinpoint Run server-side logic AWS Lambda Amazon API Gateway Amazon Lex Accept conversational input Amazon Pinpoint AWS Mobile SDKs AWS Mobile Hub Your mobile app
  8. 8. AWS Mobile Hub Working mobile app project includes:  Xcode or Android Studio project  Uses your AWS resources  Example application code  Helper “Glue” code  Software development kits  Detailed integration instructions
  9. 9. AWS Mobile SDKs UnityXamarin React Native (Beta) iOS Android Windows
  10. 10. Building enterprise mobile apps using AWS Mobile Hub
  11. 11. Enterprise mobile apps – Overview Empower mobile workforces and customers to easily complete tasks via their mobile devices that span multiple line of business applications New supporting Mobile Hub features Email/password sign-in SAML-based sign-in SaaS connectors Custom connectors Conversational bots
  12. 12. Mobile workforce use case – Sales Manage the customer pipeline with mobile apps integrating customer data spanning multiple applications Amazon API Gateway Mobile applications offering 360° view of customer SaaS connectors <AWS Lambda> Customer data spanning CRM, marketing, and help desk applications
  13. 13. Mobile workforce use case – Field services Automate previously manual interactions between in-office customer service reps and on-the-road service technicians ENTERPRISE IDENTITY Amazon API Gateway Custom connector <AWS Lambda> On-premises systems of record CORPORATE NETWORKVPC In-office customer service rep On-the-road field service rep INTERNET VPN ACCESS CONTROL (IAM)
  14. 14. Consumer user case – Use voice for booking Amazon API Gateway Custom connector <AWS Lambda> On-premises booking system CORPORATE NETWORKVPC INTERNET VPN Amazon Lex
  15. 15. New features in AWS Mobile Hub for enterprise mobile apps
  16. 16. New sign-in choices in AWS Mobile Hub Federated user identities Support for SAML (new) and social identity providers (existing) for access control. Amazon Cognito user pools Secure sign-up and sign-in that scales to 100s of millions of users. Fully managed. GuestYour own Auth SAML Powered by Amazon Cognito
  17. 17. User sign-in and sign-up in AWS Mobile Hub Enable sign-in/sign-up and access control with a few clicks
  18. 18. SaaS connectors – Overview Amazon API Gateway Mobile applications SaaS connectors <Lambda Microservices> Lambda-based connectors for SaaS applications CRM Marketing Finance Help desk
  19. 19. SaaS connectors – Benefits API Gateway- based call flow • Auditing • Metering • Caching • Throttling • Testability Normalized APIs and docs • Swagger 2.0 API definition • Generated documentation • Consistent paging and filtering • Consistent objects Quickstart app • E2E example, including auth • No SaaS provider SDK required • SDK updated without republishing app
  20. 20. Custom connectors Build your own connector to connect to AWS or corporate/on-premises resources Amazon API Gateway Custom connector <AWS Lambda> On-premises systems of record CORPORATE NETWORKVPC INTERNET VPN ACCESS CONTROL (IAM)
  21. 21. Let’s build an app
  22. 22. Thank you!
  23. 23. Remember to complete your evaluations!
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