AWS re:Invent 2016: Attitude of Iteration (ARC209)


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In today’s world, technology changes at a breakneck speed. What was new this morning is outdated at lunch. Working in the AWS Cloud is no different. Every week, AWS announces new features or improvements to current products. As AWS technologists, we must assimilate these new technologies and make decisions to adopt, reject, or defer. These decisions can be overwhelming: we tend to either reject everything and become stagnant, or adopt everything and never get our project out the door. In this session we will discuss the attitude of iteration. The attitude of iteration allows us to face the challenges of change without overwhelming our technical teams with a constant tug-o-war between implementation and improvement. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, developer, or AWS newbie, prepare to laugh, cry, and commiserate as we talk about overcoming these challenges. Session sponsored by Rackspace.

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AWS re:Invent 2016: Attitude of Iteration (ARC209)

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. James Cowe, Director of AWS Strategy & Architecture Eric Johnson, AWS Evangelist November 30, 2016 Attitude of Iteration ARC209
  2. 2. What to Expect from the Session - The Challenge: An understanding of some of the challenges we face in the ever changing cloud - No Excuses: Shaping an application architecture that will allow a successful iteration process - The Model: Understanding our attitude and responsibilities as technology leaders and implementers - The Fun: Taking full advantage of the daily advances of cloud computing
  3. 3. James Cowe About the Speakers Eric Johnson AWS Evangelist | Cloud Architect | Husband | Father of Five | Drummer | Less Important @edjgeek Scarred Cloud Veteran | Husband | Father of Two | Guitarist | More Important Social Media Luddite
  4. 4. We are ALL challenged
  5. 5. What Challenges Do We Face
  6. 6. What Challenges Do We Face Increased feature set Decreased knowledge pool
  7. 7. Velocity of Improvement • Since its inception in 2006, AWS has created more than 70 services • 2,263 services or features • 2016? On target for, well, a LOT! • 13 regions with 2+ Availability Zones and growing. 48 82 280 722 1000+ 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 2009 2011 2013 2015 2016 Yearly Features Added Features
  8. 8. AWS in 2016 58% YOY GROWTH (Q2 2015 – Q2 2016) 1,000,000+ ACTIVE CUSTOMERS PER MONTH $11B+ RUN RATE
  9. 9. No excuses
  10. 10. The Architectural Excuse “My application does not have the flexibility to change easily”
  11. 11. Inflexible • Monolithic • SPOF • Synchronous • Manual • Uncovered • Single environment Resolving the Architectural Excuse Flexible • Microservices • Redundant • Asynchronous • Automated • Test coverage • Multi-environment
  12. 12. The Knowledge Excuse “We don’t know how to leverage this new technology and cannot afford to support the training to learn.”
  13. 13. MySQL - 10 servers @ r3.8xlarge - Multi-AZ - $55,350 / month Squashing the Knowledge Excuse Amazon Aurora - 10 servers @ r3.8xlarge - Read replica - $33,969 - Reduce to two (2) servers $6,793 - Saving $48,557 a MONTH! AWS tests with SysBench on r3.8xlarge instances show that Amazon Aurora delivers over 500,000 SELECTs/sec and 100,000 updates/sec, five times higher than MySQL running the same benchmark on the same hardware.
  14. 14. Internally • Create a cloud team • Invest in employee training and certification • Provide incentives for extracurricular learning Resolving the Knowledge Excuse Externally • Team up with an AWS Audited MSP that is dedicated to being up-to-date on cloud technologies
  15. 15. Knowledge = Informed Decisions Adopt - This will improve our application and still have a return on investment - Going without will hurt my application Defer - This has possibilities but is beyond our abilities at this time Reject - This gain is not worth the time or money - The technology does not apply to our situation
  16. 16. You are the model
  17. 17. Where Is Your Head? Head In The Sky Head In The Sand Head In The Game
  18. 18. The Model As technology leaders and practitioners, how we handle change is the model by which others will handle it
  19. 19. The Model “YOU are the difference between innovation and impairment - there is no in between”
  20. 20. Have fun
  21. 21. Standard Architecture $875/month Amazon Route 53 Amazon EC2 Elastic Load Balancing
  22. 22. Serverless DB $950/month Amazon RDS (Aurora)
  23. 23. Serverless Hosting $775/month Amazon S3 Amazon CloudFront
  24. 24. Serverless Microservices $425/month AWS Lambda Amazon API Gateway
  25. 25. Wrap Up 1. We are challenged – What challenges do you face and how are you addressing it? 2. No excuses – are you conquering the challenge of change or making excuses for deprecated technology? 3. We model change – is your head in the clouds, in the sand, or in the game? 4. Having fun – are you iterating? Are you constantly working to improve your app? Then you are having fun!!
  26. 26. Thank you! Visit Rackspace in Booth 625
  27. 27. Remember to complete your evaluations!