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Do you need to make sense of increasing volumes of data coming from a variety of sources like web logs, sensor data, social media monitoring and mobile apps? Jaspersoft BI reporting, analytics and dashboard tools integrate with the Amazon Redshift data warehouse service, so you can visually analyze data right from your web browser.

The payment model is ‘pay by the hour’, with no up-front hardware or software costs. And from less than $1/hour. Jaspersoft also integrates with other AWS data sources such as Amazon RDS and Amazon EMR. You’ll also hear from a Jaspersoft/Amazon Redshift customer, Kony, who will share their insights and best practices based on their experience.

What you'll learn:
• How Redshift is architected and how to leverage it
• How to use Jaspersoft reporting, analytics and dashboarding tools for Amazon Redshift, and other AWS data sources
• A customer’s perspective, from an active customer that’s done the learning for you.

Who should view:
• Solution Architects, Development Leads, Developers and other Technical IT Leaders.

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AWS Partner Webcast - Reporting and Analytics in the Cloud

  1. 1. Reporting & Analytics in the Cloud: A Customer’s Perspective
  2. 2. Welcome Maya Cabassi Partner Marketing Manager Amazon Web Services
  3. 3. Webinar Overview  Submit Your Questions using the Q&A tool.  A copy of today’s presentation will be made available on:  AWS SlideShare Channel@  AWS Webinar Channel on YouTube@ ccQXlxjSvJmw
  4. 4. Rahul Pathak Senior Product Manager Amazon Web Services Ben Connors Worldwide Head of Alliances, Jaspersoft Presenters Assaf Broitman Sr. Mgr. Alliances Product Strategy Jaspersoft Matthew Terry Product Director Kony
  5. 5.  Overview of Amazon Redshift  Overview of Jaspersoft BI platform  Demo: Jaspersoft/AWS Integration  Case Study of Kony: Reporting & Analysis in the Cloud  Q&A What We’ll Cover
  6. 6. Amazon RDS & Amazon Redshift Rahul Pathak Database Services
  7. 7. AWS Database Services Amazon RDS Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Redshift Amazon ElastiCache Compute Storage AWS Global Infrastructure Database Application Services Deployment & Administration Networking Scalable High Performance Application Storage in the Cloud
  8. 8. Why Managed Databases? backup & recovery, data load & unload performance tuning 25%40% 5% 5% scripting & coding security planning install, upgrade, patch and migrate documentation, licensing & training
  9. 9. Relational Databases Fully managed; zero admin MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle & SQL Server Trillions of I/O requests/month Amazon RDS
  10. 10. RDS for Production Workloads Amazon RDS Configuration Improve Availability Increase Throughput Reduce Latency Push-Button Scaling Multi AZ Read Replicas Provisioned IOPS Read ReplicasPush-Button Scaling Provisioned IOPS Region Multi-AZ availability zone availability zone
  11. 11. Petabyte scale Massively parallel Relational data warehouse Fully managed; zero admin Amazon Redshift a lot faster a lot cheaper a whole lot simpler
  12. 12. Common Customer Use Cases • Reduce costs by extending DW rather than adding HW • Migrate completely from existing DW systems • Respond faster to business; provision in minutes • Improve performance by an order of magnitude • Make more data available for analysis • Access business data via standard reporting tools • Add analytic functionality to applications • Scale DW capacity as demand grows • Reduce HW & SW costs by an order of magnitude Traditional Enterprise DW Big Data/Data Science SaaS Companies
  13. 13. Amazon Redshift Customers
  14. 14. Amazon Redshift architecture • Leader Node – SQL endpoint – Stores metadata – Coordinates query execution • Compute Nodes – Local, columnar storage – Execute queries in parallel – Load, backup, restore via Amazon S3 – Parallel load from Amazon DynamoDB • Hardware optimized for data processing • Two hardware platforms – DW1: HDD; scale from 2TB to 1.6PB – DW2: SSD; scale from 160GB to 256TB 10 GigE (HPC) Ingestion Backup Restore JDBC/ODBC
  15. 15. • Optimized for I/O intensive workloads • High disk density • On demand at $0.85/hour • As low as $1,000/TB/Year • Scale from 2TB to 1.6PB DW1.XL: 16 GB RAM, 2 Cores 3 Spindles, 2 TB compressed storage DW1.8XL: 128 GB RAM, 16 Cores, 24 Spindles 16 TB compressed, 2 GB/sec scan rate • High performance at smaller storage size • High compute and memory density • On demand at $0.25/hour • As low as $5,500/TB/Year • Scale from 160GB to 256TB DW2.L *New*: 16 GB RAM, 2 Cores, 160 GB compressed SSD storage DW2.8XL *New*: 256 GB RAM, 32 Cores, 2.56 TB of compressed SSD storage Amazon Redshift node types
  16. 16. Amazon Redshift has security built-in • SSL to secure data in transit • Encryption to secure data at rest – AES-256; hardware accelerated – All blocks on disks and in Amazon S3 encrypted – HSM Support • No direct access to compute nodes • Audit logging & AWS CloudTrail integration • Amazon VPC support 10 GigE (HPC) Ingestion Backup Restore Customer VPC Internal VPC JDBC/ODBC
  17. 17. Amazon Redshift continuously backs up your data and recovers from failures • Replication within the cluster and backup to Amazon S3 to maintain multiple copies of data at all times • Backups to Amazon S3 are continuous, automatic, and incremental – Designed for eleven nines of durability • Continuous monitoring and automated recovery from failures of drives and nodes • Able to restore snapshots to any Availability Zone within a region • Easily enable backups to a second region for disaster recovery
  18. 18. The Intelligence Inside
  19. 19. ©2010 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential 19
  20. 20. ©2010 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential 20 Intelligence Inside
  21. 21. The 4 Barriers to Embedded Analytics 21  Costly  Complex to Deploy  Complex to Use  Complex to Embed
  22. 22. Solutions to Embedded BI Barriers Cost: Utility Pricing Deploy: Cloud Use: Self-Service BI Embed: JS/REST ©2014 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential 22
  23. 23. Jaspersoft BI High-Level Architecture ©2014 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential 23
  24. 24. Who is Jaspersoft?  Commercial Open Source Reporting and Analytics  Full BI suite including ETL, reporting, analytics, dashboards  Core value proposition  The Intelligence Inside  By the numbers  16M downloads, 100K per month  350K community members  Powering 130K production apps  1,800 subscription customers  The company  High-growth startup  200 employees, HQ in SF 24 Other winners include iPad Mini, Hadoop, HTML5. Only BI vendor to win.©2014 Jaspersoft Corporation.
  25. 25. Jaspersoft AWS Focus  Dedicated AWS Team  Over 500 AWS Customers  One of the highest ratings on AWS Marketplace 25©2014 Jaspersoft Corporation.
  26. 26. Design/Embed Any Report, Dashboard... ©2014 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential 26
  27. 27. … or Analytic View 27©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential
  28. 28. POJO files … using Any Data Type Relational FilesRelational Big Data Files ©2014 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential 28 Redshift
  29. 29.  Jaspersoft is the first BI service that you can buy per hour  No user limitations, no monthly fee,  less than $1 per hour  First BI service to automatically connect to your AWS data  10 minutes from purchase to visualizing your data in RDS or Redshift  AWS Security Integration  Released February, 2013  Over 500 customers  Sign up for free 30 day trial now at ©2013 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential 29 Jaspersoft Pro on AWS
  30. 30. Jaspersoft 5 Demo 30 “We've taken the desktop power of data visualization tools, built it scale on the HTML5 web, and made it embeddable within any app, device or portal” ©2014 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential
  31. 31. • Founded in 2007 • First product released in 2009 • 1440 employees • 425 customers • 600% growth in past two years (fastest in the industry) 600+ published apps 20 million+ app users every day 1 billion+ annual user sessions Top 20 global SI partners A Leader in the 2013 Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Development Platforms
  32. 32. Customers Utilities/Energy Healthcare / Pharma Financial Services Consumer / Retail Insurance Manufacturing Mining Services /Government Automotive Hospitality
  33. 33. Run everywhere. Mobile Tablets Desktops and Kiosks Build everywhere. Broad Native Support Web (mobile + desktop) Single Page Architecture Standard Mixed Mode Hybrid Individual, device-optimized sites MBaaS Messaging Sync Integration Write once. A single code base.
  34. 34. Public Cloud Managed Private Cloud On-Premise Kony Multi-Channel Experience Cloud Kony Development Cloud Kony Visualization Cloud Kony Management Cloud Kony Apps Cloud Customer Apps Enterprise Apps SaaS Foundation Kony Cloud Foundation
  35. 35. Kony Cloud – Analytics Dataflow 35©2014 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential Amazon EC2 Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Amazon Redshift Amazon SQS End-user Devices Cloud Admin Console Mobile App
  36. 36. Kony Cloud – Analytics Demo ©2010 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential 36
  37. 37. Key Success Factors Redshift  Redshift performed extremely well during our performance tests of millions of inserts per minute and report queries within 1-3 seconds Jaspersoft  The free Community Edition allowed easy evaluation and the AWS Marketplace offering enabled us to get up and running quickly Value  Solution was delivered into QA testing within 4 weeks compared to 2-3 months for a custom solution  New reports are delivered to production in 5 days compared to 3-4 weeks for other products using custom developed reports ©2010 Jaspersoft Corporation. Proprietary and Confidential 37
  38. 38. Questions Contacts: Jaspersoft Contact: Kony Contact: AWS Contact:
  39. 39. We’d like your feedback. Please complete a short survey. V9NGnVbsp