Cloud Data Migration Strategies - AWS May 2016 Webinar Series


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AWS offers a variety of methods to migrate your data into the cloud. You may want perform regular backups, start collecting device streams, migrate a single large datastore, or simply establish dedicated connectivity and figure out what to do next. Which AWS cloud data migration offering is right for your needs?

This webinar will give you an overview of the six data migration tools we offer, including the strengths and weaknesses of each, as well as their complementary opportunities.

Learning Objectives:
• An overview of cloud data migration
• The basics of the six services (Direct Connect, Storage Gateway, Snowball, Transfer Acceleration, Firehose, 3rd party partners)
• An overview of the Amazon Content Distribution network and how it can help with long distance transfers into and out of the cloud
• Special emphasis on the new Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration feature

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Cloud Data Migration Strategies - AWS May 2016 Webinar Series

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. AWS Business Development May 2016 Cloud Data Migration: Eight Strategies for Getting Data into AWS
  2. 2. Storage is the Gravity for Cloud Applications
  3. 3. Amazon EFS File Amazon EBS Amazon EC2 Instance Store Block Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier Object Data Transfer AWS Direct Connect ISV Connectors Amazon Kinesis Firehose Storage Gateway S3 Transfer Acceleration AWS Storage is a Platform AWS Snowball Amazon CloudFront Internet/VPN
  4. 4. Internet / VPN Ingest
  5. 5. What is Internet/VPN… Globally Available Default method of ingesting content into Amazon S3 Simple standards based (HTTP) connection Use your existing internet connection Available within a VPC for VPN connectivity Acceleration via Multipart Upload Data Transfer Into AWS is free VPN Connections using VPC Virtual Private Gateway •$0.05 per VPN Connection-hour •$0.048 per VPN Connection-hour for connections to the Tokyo region
  6. 6. How does Internet / VPN ingest work? Accelerate Data Transfer using Multipart Upload Ingest Data Directly Into S3 Buckets with existing internet connectivity S3 Bucket AWS Region and Via Management Console or API customer gateway endpoints VPN connection Internet Internet via VPN + VPC
  7. 7. Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration
  8. 8. What is Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration… Network and Protocol Based Data Transfer Service Acceleration of Data Ingress / Egress with S3 Buckets Typically 50% to 400% faster Feature of S3 Enabled at the Bucket Level Available at All S3 Regions Worldwide No Client / Server Software Required No Code Changes to Your Application No Firewall Exceptions Simple Pricing Model
  9. 9. Ingest & Egress with S3 transfer acceleration S3 Bucket AWS Edge Location Uploader Optimized Throughput! Uses AWS 55 global edge locations AWS determines best edge location Data transfer optimized between edge and customer, and edge and S3 Data is not stored on the edge cache
  10. 10. Amazon Route 53 Resolve HTTPS PUT/POST HTTP/S PUT/POST “” Service traffic flow Client to S3 Bucket example S3 Bucket EC2 Proxy AWS Region AWS Edge Location Customer Client 1 2 3 4 Data is not cached on the AWS Edge location Fully Managed File Transfer Acceleration using all AWS Edge Locations
  11. 11. Using the Service is as easy as 1, 2, 3… Update Application to Point to new S3 URL • Update“” to “<bucket-name>” • Original bucket location and contents are the same, only namespace changes Or Use Permissions via API s3:PutAccelerateConfiguration Enable the Service in the Management Console Start Uploading Data to Amazon S3 1 2 3
  12. 12. How fast is S3 transfer acceleration? Rio De Janeiro Warsaw New York Atlanta Madrid Virginia Melbourne Paris Los Angeles Seattle Tokyo Singapore Time[hrs] 500 GB upload from these edge locations to a bucket in Singapore Public InternetS3 Transfer Acceleration
  13. 13. How much will it help me?
  14. 14. Speed Checker Demo
  15. 15. Pricing* Dimension Price / GB Data Transfer In from Internet** $0.04 (Edge location in US, EU, JP) $0.08 (Edge location in rest of the world) Data Transfer Out to Internet $0.04 Data Transfer Out to Another AWS Region $0.04 Amazon S3 Charges Standard data transfer charges apply *Plus standard Amazon S3 data transfer charges apply **Accelerated performance or there is no bandwidth charge
  16. 16. Amazon CloudFront
  17. 17. Global Content Delivery Network 55 Edge Locations Worldwide Supports Ingest via PUT/POST methods Works with S3 Multi-part upload Supports SSL SNI and TLS connections Integrated with ACM and AWS WAF for additional security Proxy ingest to S3, EC2 and even your own origins Tiered and Custom Pricing Models What is Amazon CloudFront…
  18. 18. Using CloudFront to Ingest Data into AWS AWS Region Customer Client HTTP/S PUT/POST “” Amazon EC2 S3 Bucket ELB Custom Origin CloudFront Edge Location Ingest content into S3, EC2, ELB or your own custom origin with Amazon CloudFront Use cache behaviors to direct to the correct origin based on PATH pattern matching Restrict Access via Geo Restriction or AWS WAF Web ACL
  19. 19. Amazon CloudFront Pricing Data Transfer out of Amazon CloudFront to your origin server billed at the “Regional Data Transfer Out to Origin” rates listed in the Regional Data Transfer Out to Origin (per GB) table. Data Transfer out of Amazon CloudFront to Internet will be charged at rates listed in “Regional Data Transfer Out to Internet (per GB)” table. Amazon CloudFront offers additional pricing options via a CloudFront Reserved Capacity (CFRC) contract. Contact sales for additional details and pricing.
  20. 20. AWS Direct Connect
  21. 21. Dedicated, 1 or 10 GE private pipes into AWS Create private (VPC) or public virtual interfaces to AWS Reduced data-out rates (data-in still free) Consistent network performance At least 1 location to each AWS region Option for redundant connections Uses BGP to exchange routing information over a VLAN What is AWS Direct Connect…
  22. 22. Physical Connection • Cross Connect at the location • Single Mode Fiber - 1000Base-LX or 10GBASE-LR • Potential onward Delivery via Direct Connect Partner • Customer Router
  23. 23. At the Direct Connect Location CORP AWS Direct Connect Routers Custo mer Router Colocat ion DX Location Customer Network ` AWS Backbone Network Cross Connect Customer Router Customers Network Demarcation
  24. 24. Dedicated Port via Direct Connect Partner AWS Direct Connect Routers Colocat ion DX Location Partner Network AWS Backbone Network Cross Connect Customer Router Partner Network Access Circuit Demarcation Partner Equipment CORP
  25. 25. Direct Connect - Locations AWS Region AWS Direct Connect Location Asia Pacific (Singapore) Equinix SG2, GPX, Mumbai Asia Pacific (Seoul) KINX, Seoul Asia Pacific (Sydney) Equinix SY3, Global Switch Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Equinix OS1, Equinix TY2 China (Beijing) Sinnet JiuXianqiao IDC, CIDS Jiachuang IDC EU (Frankfurt) Equinix FR5, Interxion Frankfurt EU (Ireland) TelecityGroup, London Docklands’, Eircom Clonshaugh Equinix LD4 - LD6, London South America (Sao Paulo) Terremark NAP do Brasil, Tivit US East (Virginia) CoreSite NY1 & NY2, Equinix DC1 - DC6 & DC10 US West (Northern California) CoreSite One Wilshire & 900 North Alameda, CA, Equinix SV1 & SV5 US West (Oregon) Equinix SE2 & SE3, Switch SUPERNAP, Las Vegas AWS GovCloud (US) Equinix SV1 & SV5
  26. 26. Amazon Kinesis Firehose
  27. 27. Amazon Kinesis Platform Amazon Kinesis streaming data on the AWS cloud • Amazon Kinesis Streams • Amazon Kinesis Firehose • Amazon Kinesis Analytics
  28. 28. Amazon Kinesis Firehose Load massive volumes of streaming data into Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift Zero administration: Capture and deliver streaming data into S3, Redshift, and other destinations without writing an application or managing infrastructure. Direct-to-data store integration: Batch, compress, and encrypt streaming data for delivery into data destinations in as little as 60 secs using simple configurations. Seamless elasticity: Seamlessly scales to match data throughput w/o intervention Capture and submit streaming data to Firehose Firehose loads streaming data continuously into S3 and Redshift Analyze streaming data using your favorite BI tools
  29. 29. Vertical/Use Case Accelerated Ingest- Load to final destination for Analytics Ad Tech/ Marketing Analytics Advertising data aggregation Consumer Online/Gaming Online customer engagement data aggregation Financial Services Market/ Financial Transaction order data collection IoT / Sensor Data Fitness device , vehicle Sensor, telemetry data ingestion Amazon Kinesis Firehose Use Cases
  30. 30. AWS Storage Gateway
  31. 31. What is AWS Storage Gateway? Works with your existing applications Secure and durable storage in AWS Low-latency for frequently used data Scalable and cost-effective on-premises storage - $125 per gateway per month + S3/Glacier storage fees Service connecting an on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage
  32. 32. Common uses for AWS Storage Gateway Backup and archive Disaster recovery Data migration
  33. 33. How does AWS Storage Gateway work? Amazon EBS snapshots Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier AWS Storage Gateway appliance Application server AWS Storage Gateway backend Customer premises S3 Transfer Acceleration AWS Direct Connect Internet
  34. 34. AWS Storage Gateway configurations iSCSI block storage Gateway-stored volumes iSCSI virtual tape storage Low-latency for all your data with point-in-time backups to AWS Replacement for on-premises physical tape infrastructure for backup and archive Gateway-cached volumes Gateway-virtual tape library (VTL) Low-latency for frequently used data with all data stored in AWS
  35. 35. Gateway-virtual tape library (VTL) • Replace or augment your aging tape infrastructure with durable object storage • Virtual tapes stored in AWS. Frequently accessed data cached on-premises • Up to 1,500 tapes, up to 2.5 TB each, for up to 150 TB per gateway-VTL • Unlimited number of tapes in virtual tape shelf (VTS) Customer data center VTS storage backed by Amazon Glacier AWS Storage Gateway VM Backup Server INITIATOR AWS Storage Gateway service MEDIA CHANGER Upload Buffer Cache Storage Gateway-VTL storage backed by Amazon S3 VT S TAPE DRIVE
  36. 36. AWS Snowball
  37. 37. What is AWS Snowball? Petabyte-scale data transport E-ink shipping label Ruggedized case “8.5G impact” All data encrypted end-to-end Rain- and dust- resistant Tamper-resistant case and electronics 80 TB 10 GE network
  38. 38. How it works
  39. 39. • Less than 1 day to transfer 200TB via 3x10G connections with 3 Snowballs, less than 1 week including shipping • Number of days to transfer 200TB via the Internet at typical utilizations How fast is Snowball? Internet Connection Speed Utilization 1Gbps 500Mbps 300Mbps 150Mbps 25% 71 141 236 471 50% 36 71 118 236 75% 24 47 225 157
  40. 40. Use cases: AWS Snowball Cloud Migration Disaster Recovery Data Center Decommission Content Distribution
  41. 41. Pricing Dimension Price Usage Charge per Job $200.00 (50 TB) $250.00 (80 TB) Extra Day Charge (First 10 days* are free) $15.00 Data Transfer In $0.00/GB Data Transfer Out $0.03/GB Shipping** Varies Amazon S3 Charges Standard storage and request fees apply * Starts one day after the appliance is delivered to you. The first day the appliance is received at your site and the last day the appliance is shipped out are also free and not included in the 10-day free usage time. ** Shipping charges are based on your shipment destination and the shipping option (e.g., overnight, 2-day) you choose.
  42. 42. AWS Technology Partnerships
  43. 43. Amazon Storage Partner Ecosystem Gateway/NAS Data Management Sync and ShareBackup/DR Content and Acceleration Archive File System
  44. 44. Example of Data Transfer with Partner Solution: Attunity Cloudbeam for AWS S3 EMR Hourly Model, BYOL, and Free Trial Available
  45. 45. Backup to AWS Approaches Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier AWS Direct Connect Internet Amazon S3-IA Application servers Cloud Gateway Local disk Media Server Cloud Gateway Application servers Backup SW cloud connector Local disk Media Server with cloud connector
  46. 46. CommVault Ties Together On Premise and Cloud Data Strategies Commvault Orchestrates the Enterprise • Back up in the Cloud: Keep backups of cloud workloads internal to the cloud • Back up to the Cloud: Allow on premise workloads the ability to leverage AWS • Disaster Recovery to the Cloud: Automate disaster recovery to the cloud on a scheduled basis • Workload Portability: Rest assured that virtual servers can be moved from on- premise to the cloud and back, keep your data available wherever you need it • Archiving to the Cloud: Moving legacy data to tier 2 storage in the cloud for long term archive AWS and Commvault together combine to minimize networking, storage and infrastructure costs, while providing the business a sound data protection and disaster recovery strategy.
  47. 47. Backup to AWS Approaches Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier AWS Direct Connect Internet Amazon S3-IA Application servers Cloud Gateway Local disk Media Server Cloud Gateway Application servers Backup SW cloud connector Local disk Media Server with cloud connector
  48. 48. NetApp AltaVault Backup from On- premises to S3/Glacier Common backup applications integrated with AltaVaultSolve backup & archive headaches with cloud-integrated storage  90% reduction in time, cost, and data volumes  Shrink recovery times from days to minutes  85% of backup & software providers supported Glacier On Premises AWS Cloud-integrated storage appliance NetApp AltaVault FAS E-Series Non-NetApp Storage  NetApp SnapProtect  Arcserve  CommVault Simpana  EMC NetWorker  HP Data Protector  IBM Tivoli Storage Mgr  Symantec Backup Exec  Symantec NetBackup  Veeam  Microsoft SQL Server  Oracle RMAN S3 AltaVault also available on marketplace to protect cloud-native workloads Seamlessly integrates into existing storage and backup software environment Caches recent backups locally, vaults older copies to the cloud Store data in the public or private cloud of choice Deduplicates, compresses, and encrypts
  49. 49. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. unified file services that extend from endpoints, to remote offices, to the cloud. snapshots, file versioning and file sync runs across all access points via the cloud data is secured and optimized at the source all stored in your AWS VPC, data is stored on AWS S3-IA Integrated with trusted enterprise security and management tools ROBO NAS Gateways Endpoint Apps Cloud Server Agents Data Protection Engine File Sync Engine with centralized automation, management and multi-tenancy Identity management data governance cloud orchestration S3 Infrequent Access CTERA Global Deduplication Ctera: Enterprise File Services Platform
  50. 50. Summary – When to Use each Service IF YOU NEED: CONSIDER: An optimized or replacement Internet connection to: connect directly into an AWS regional datacenter Direct Connect migrate TB or PB of data to the cloud Snowball Accelerate data transfer S3 Transfer Acceleration, CloudFront, AWS Partner A friendly interface into S3 to: cache data locally in a hybrid model (for performance reasons) Storage Gateway, AWS Partner redirect backups or archives with minimal disruption Storage Gateway, AWS Partner aggregate data streams from multiple devices Kinesis Firehose
  51. 51. Thank you!