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AWS IoT Service Update


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近年來,物聯網(IoT)產業正以驚人的速度成長中,相關的應用與服務也陸續問市,而包含物聯網(IoT)、人工智慧(AI)與機器學習(machine learning)等科技的革新,致使從新創企業乃至傳統產業皆投入這一波新科技的發展,更添產業動能,尤其是在製造業、運輸及物流、公共安全、智慧城市等幾大面向。

據消費及商業企業服務供應商JT Group白皮書預估,到2020年全球物聯網累計裝置量(installed base)將達204.1億台。更多企業也將改變其商業模式,由產品導向轉為服務導向,客戶機構採購的不再只是硬體產品,而是尋求整套完整的解決方案。AWS 即將於3/7 (四) 舉辦『AWS AIoT未來智造高峰論壇』,持續以創新、全球視野帶領您與您的企業一起探索物聯網價值最大化的關鍵。

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AWS IoT Service Update

  1. 1. AWS IoT Service Update Ben Lee Partner Development Manager, IoT AWS
  2. 2. Philips Healthcare Philips Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services is a division of the Amsterdam, Netherlands-based Philips conglomerate. AWS is helping us change the way we provide healthcare to people on a global scale. Jeroen Tas CEO Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services ” “ Reinvent with Secure Data Problem Healthcare faces unique challenges when connecting devices including patient privacy and industry standards and protocols. Solution The Philips HealthSuite digital platform (HSDP) is built with AWS IoT services to manage, update, & remotely monitor data from smart devices to address the challenges of connecting healthcare devices. Impact HSDP Connect Services enabled over 11 million device connectivity solutions. By using AWS IoT services, HSDP Connect is reducing connectivity costs by 46%.
  3. 3. iRobot is an American advanced technology company, founded in 1990 by three MIT graduates who designed robots for space exploration and military defense. AWS offers powerful tools and integration capabilities that enable us to use a serverless architecture that saves us the headaches of learning to scale. Ben Kehoe Cloud Robotics Research Scientist, iRobot ” “ Reinvent w/Serverless Scale Problem A large numbers of people trying out the new connected Roomba vacuums resulted in large volumes of traffic through the iRobot HOME App, the mobile app customers would use to control their robots. Solution By using a serverless architecture based on AWS IoT Core and AWS Lambda, iRobot is able to keep the cost of the cloud platform low, avoid the need for subscription services, and manage the solution with fewer than 10 people. AWS IoT Core, which can process trillions of messages between billions of devices and AWS or other endpoints.
  4. 4. Reinvent w/Realtime Data Problem Enel was looking to manage network distribution at the edge. They were seeking to collect sensor and meter data over 500,000 cabins distributed across the to measure energy consumption, monitor network behavior in real time, and track effects of seismic waves and earthquakes. Solution Enel implemented AWS Greengrass to collect, convey, and process the largest amount of data to trigger actions, govern activities, respond to anomalies, and promote new services. Impact The project is the widest so far in Europe and provides Enel an opportunity to leverage data to design a better future.
  5. 5. AWS IoT Architecture
  6. 6. AWS IoT Architecture & Components
  7. 7. How can I liberate data that was once locked in industrial facilities?
  8. 8. Structure your data and specify performance metrics for your assets and processes Easily browse equipment and process data, build data views to identify inefficiencies, diagnose issues, and improve cross-facility processes AWS IoT SiteWise collects data from the plant floor with a local gateway, structures & labels that data, and generates real time KPIs & metrics to make better data-driven decisions. See your data flowing in minutes without writing code, just connect and configure your gateway AWS IoT SiteWise
  9. 9. AWS IoT SiteWise System Administrators Production Managers & Process Analysts Reduce time and cost of managing complex infrastructure for equipment data Subject Matter Experts
  10. 10. Reinvent w/Monitoring Problem 1/3 of food produced globally is lost or wasted, and of that, 39% of the loss occurs in food manufacturing. Bayer is committed to reducing crop waste across the food processing supply chain. Solution Using AWS IoT SiteWise, Bayer is exploring digital manufacturing for crop processing to identify and prevent process loss in real time. Impact Continuously monitoring food processing efficiency, quality, and resource utilization, allows Bayer to adjust processes and equipment to reduce losses even as the quality or quantity of input crop streams might change.
  11. 11. IoT SiteWise Gateway Installed PLC and Gateway plugged into network switch Program Logic Controller (PLC) Gateway hosting OPC-UA server & SiteWise software package Maintain factory compliance with minimal installation and industrial grade Gateway for different environments
  12. 12. Customizable Views Data Management and Modeling Tools Remotely Manageable Edge Gateway Access data from local databases on the factory floor Collect data consistently from different sources Visually identify equipment or process issues AWS IoT SiteWise
  13. 13. How can I detect changes across complex industrial systems? !
  14. 14. Build simple logic to evaluate incoming telemetry data to detect events in equipment or a process Detect events from data across thousands of sensors and other sources Trigger responses to optimize operations AWS IoT Events allow you to continuously monitor data from your equipment and fleets of devices for changes in operation and to trigger the appropriate response when events occur ! AWS IoT Events
  15. 15. AWS IoT Events
  16. 16. Reinvent w/Realtime Event Problem Shared Scooters are impacting urban transportation in densely populated cities. Thousands of scooters are deployed across the globe, yet they’re often at risk of theft or damage. Estimates from San Francisco state 200 scooters were lost in 2 weeks after deployment.* Solution Onica is using AWS IoT Events with it’s IoTanium IoT Platform to listen to data from the scooters and the scooter management applications. When a scooter moves more than three feet and is in one of the ‘unrented’ states, the scooter must report back within 60 seconds or an alert is sent. Impact Scooters cost range is $100 to $500 dollars, making it a significant investment to protect. Brand equity is at stake when damaged scooters litter communities or availability is dismal due to theft.
  17. 17. State Machine
  18. 18. Architecture Raw DataScooter State Machine Output Web UI
  19. 19. Event Detector Models Scalability Integration with analytics tools & other AWS services Reduce the cost of device maintenance Uncover new insights Easily automate operations AWS IoT Events
  20. 20. How can I build IoT applications faster?
  21. 21. AWS IoT Things Graph AWS IoT Things Graph helps you rapidly build IoT applications by combining devices and web services and defining the interactions between them with little to no code.
  22. 22. AWS IoT Things Graph
  23. 23. Things Models Manufacturer A Model for Camera A Manufacturer B Model for Camera B Manufacturer C Model for Camera C Generic Camera Model
  24. 24. TCS Smart Home solution system architecture using AWS IoT Things Graph HUB AWS IoT Greengrass modules deployed in HUB for Device Command and Control AWS IoT Greengrass Coffee Maker Wi Fi (Socket) Lights Zigbee Doo r Wi Fi (REST) C O Xbee Echo Voice Command and Response Surveillanc e Camera IP Camera Stream BLE AWS cloud services AWS Lambda Functions Amazon Kinesis Video streams Amazon S3 Video Streaming AWS IoT Deploy application to HUB TCS AWS Confidential Sensor Tag
  25. 25. Models Deploy to AWS IoT Greengrass devices Multi-step WorkflowVisual Drag & Drop Interface C° Automate processesMinimize the need to write code Easily work with devices Design in the cloud, run at the edge AWS IoT Things Graph
  26. 26. How can I extend AWS cloud capabilities to the edge?
  27. 27. Data and State Sync Security Over the Air UpdatesConnectors Operate devices offline & synchronize data when reconnected Local Actions Simplify device programming with AWS Lambda Mutual authentication & authorization between cloud and devices Easily update AWS IoT Greengrass Core Machine Learning Inference Perform ML Inference locally Local Resource Access AWS Lambda functions can access & use local resources of a given device Extend edge devices with connections to external services Local Messages and Triggers Enable device communication without a cloud connection Secrets Manager Deploy secrets to edge devices AWS IoT Greengrass (new v1.7)
  28. 28. AWS IoT Greengrass Secrets Manager
  29. 29. AWS IoT Greengrass Hardware Security
  30. 30. AWS IoT Greengrass Connectors
  31. 31. AWS IoT Greengrass Connectors Example
  32. 32. AWS IoT Greengrass ML & SageMaker
  33. 33. AWS IoT Greengrass ML & SageMaker Neo
  34. 34. Solutions, Solutions, Solutions … City/Utility Commercial/Industrial partnership to show case prototype, POC, and end-to-end solutions Retail/Consumer
  35. 35. Thank you!
  36. 36. 人工智慧物聯網AIoT 應用實例 Anderson Cheng Business Development Manager QNAP
  37. 37. IT人員面對AIoT的挑戰 … 網路管理 Network Virtual Switch Cloudlink 資訊安全 Malware Remover McAfee Antivirus 運算管理 Virtual Station Container Station Linux Station IoT QIoT Suite AWS Greengrass 資料庫 PostgreSQL Security Counselor 儀表板 FreeboardQVR Pro 資料來源 OPC-UA PLC AI IoT Starter Kit
  38. 38. 製造業OT提供的需求與場景 輔助人工操作 (作業提示範例) 單機式輔助操作 (鎖螺絲範例) 檢核點自動查核 (傳送帶範例)
  39. 39. IoT與 IIoT 分別使用 MQTT / OPC UA 傳輸數據 OPC UA PLC PLC OPC UA Server HMI Devices MQTT OPC UA IoT Device/Sensor OPC UA Client QNAP QIoT AWS Greengrass
  40. 40. QNAP 總部 即時能源監測 QPower Case Studies
  41. 41. AI 目前仍以影像類應用為大宗,尤其是影像分類 ● Inference_2: Intel pre-trained model for car/ face detection ● Inference_1: Optimized Fruit Sorting Model to Inference Training for Fruit sorting on TS-2888X ● Training Model: SSD-based Object Detection Inference with OpenVINO & Accelerator Trained Model Apple Orange Lemon Dataset Video Source
  42. 42. 工具準備好了,但還有很多要討論 誰來標記資料?資料多少才叫夠?要多準才可以?又快又準?還是 有點慢但非常準?怎麼樣才是一個CP值高的搭配?
  43. 43. 儲存與運算彈性搭配 攜手未來智造 Rules Engine Amazon DynamoDB Amazon API Gateway Mobile AppS3 Bucket Parking Meter Lambda Function s AWS Greengrass Message Broker Rules Engine Certificate Authority AWS IoT Core Rules Engine Amazon Lambda Web App Amazon Cognito Amazon Lambda OpenVINO Inference Engine Run Model Optimizer IR .xml .bin
  44. 44. Thank you.