AWS Enterprise Summit London | Accelerating the Enterprise IT Transformation


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Journey to the AWS Cloud: faster way to practical results - Todd Weatherby - Global Director, AWS Professional Services

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AWS Enterprise Summit London | Accelerating the Enterprise IT Transformation

  1. 1. Journey to the AWS Cloud Accelerating the Enterprise IT Transformation Todd Weatherby Global Director, AWS Professional Services
  2. 2. Agenda •  AWS Enterprise Engagement Model •  Patterns In the Enterprise Journey •  Leading the Change •  The Hybrid IT Operating Model •  Recommended Resources
  3. 3. AWS Enterprise Engagement Model YOU (Customer) UK Account Manager Solution Architect Support Partner(s) (Sis, ISVs) Prof. services Training and Certification PS Unique Value •  Best Practices •  Specialty Expertise •  Internal Access •  Accountability Example Partners •  Accenture •  SAP •  CloudReach •  Smart421 AWS Enterprise Engagement Model +
  4. 4. AWS Professional Services •  Global 2000 Enterprises & Public Sector Organizations •  Industry Leaders, by Market, and/or Vertical Industry •  Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Manufacturing •  80+ Customer Engagements Over Last 2 Years – US, UK, Australia, Korea, Japan • Working With Top IT Providers – Integrators, ISVs, Managed Services •  Example Enterprise:
  5. 5. The Journey to Big Business Results Current State Future State High up front costs – high risk Low up front costs – easy experimentation Expensive to get, keep secure Security and certification built-in Long time to value Agility enabling quick wins Local first then add regional Going global instantly Focus on maintenance Focusing on core business
  6. 6. The Journey Raises Important Questions Typical enterprise scope – 1K-5K apps, 10K-50K servers, 5 to 50 data centers, 80% virtualized Goals - cut costs by x%, reduce DCs by y, improve agility by z,… in 1 or 2 years not 4 or 5 WHEN can we get quick wins, proof points?? HOW will we run all this in the new model?? HOW should we structure the work?? WHAT are the key risks and mitigations?? WHO else should be involved?? WHO on our team is impacted?? WHY change?? WHAT are the Priorities??
  7. 7. The Journey Brings Fast Learning & Early Wins TransformExpandExplore Adopt Non- Production Existing Web Workloads New Capability Workloads Legacy Migration
  8. 8. The Journey Has Parallel Paths Explore TransformAdopt Expand Enterprise Apps (e.g. SAP) Demos and Training Multiple Environments of Dev & Test Sandboxes and Departmental Core Enterprise Production Departmental LOB Apps New Business Capabilities Existing Business Capabilities Variable Load Transactional Apps Steady Load Integrated Workflow Apps Business Intelligence and Analytics New Data and Compute Intensive Projects Analytics Extensions (warehousing, big data, etc.) Multi-source Data Lake for Collaboration Service Enabled Master Data Management Web and Mobile Applications New Variable Load Web Apps Existing Variable Load Web Apps Customer-facing Web and Mobile at Scale Web and Mobile Integrated Across the Business Operations and Service Delivery Dev & Test (Dynamic Utilization) Backup and Archive Storage Life Cycle Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Full Cloud ITSM for Entire Service Catalog
  9. 9. Leading the Change – Getting Started with Technology Current State Explore TransformAdopt Expand RunTransitionDesign Implementa)on     How  to  deliver?   Applica)ons     Infrastructure   Workloads     Pla5orm   SOA DevOps CI / CD Modern IT Operating Model
  10. 10. RunDesign Modern IT Operating Model Current State Leading the Change – Automating the Migration Explore TransformAdopt Expand Transition
  11. 11. Goals Results Value Why to invest? Solution Description Technical Design Architecture What solutions? Implementa)on     How  to  deliver?   Applica9ons     Infrastructure   Workloads     Pla5orm   SOA DevOps CI / CD Skills Team People Who to engage? Readiness Governance Maturity When to deliver? Modern IT Operating Model Current State Explore TransformAdopt Expand Leading the Change – Process and People RunTransitionDesign
  12. 12. Environments Existing IT Environment Assets Monitoring Metering Events & Alerts Identity Presentation Service Desk Service Portal APIs Service Integration Service Management Operations Management Governance Service Catalog Runbook Repository IT Standards Policies Principles Templates Definitions Patterns Constraints How? Operations Data Warehouse Known States CMDB Metrics Financials Reports Analysis What? AWS Environment AWS APIs CloudWatch Detailed Billing CloudTrail IAM Assets Monitoring Metering & Billing Events & Alerts Identity Modern IT Operating Model Understanding Modern IT Operating Model
  13. 13. Summary •  Cloud transition is a journey and AWS can help you •  Lead the Change – Business Opportunity, Not Just Technology •  Destination includes a New Operating Model for the Enterprise •  AWS and Partners Can Help Deliver Results Faster •  Talk to your AWS Account team about the Cloud Discovery workshop
  14. 14. Todd Weatherby – Thank You
  15. 15. AWS Enterprise Summit 2014 #AWSSummit