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AWS Customer Presentation : PBS - AWS Summit 2012 - NYC


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Published in: Technology, Business
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AWS Customer Presentation : PBS - AWS Summit 2012 - NYC

  1. 1. Jon BrendselVP of Products
  2. 2. Iconic Brands
  3. 3. PBS Video for iPad PBSKids Video for iPad Launched Nov ‘10 Launched April ‘11
  4. 4. Fun With Numbers - February 2012 Total Video Mobile VideoUnique visitors: 30M/mo 115k unique visitors per dayVisits: 57M/mo 310k daily app opensPage views: 367M / mo 27% of hours watched, 40% of streamsVideo streams: 145M/moHours watched: 2.3M/mo
  5. 5. Mobile Video Architecture5 AWS accounts377 EC2 machines71 ELBs295 Elastic IPs69 RDS databases387 EBS volumes173 S3 buckets20 CloudFrontdistributions