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SEC206 Security OF the AWS Cloud - AWS re: Invent 2012


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Security must be the number one priority for any cloud provider and that’s no different for Amazon Web Services. Stephen Schmidt, vice president and chief information officer for AWS, will share his insights into cloud security and how AWS meets the needs of today’s IT security challenges. Stephen, with his background with the FBI and his work with AWS customers in the government and space exploration, research, and financial services organizations, shares an industry perspective that’s unique and invaluable for today’s IT decision makers. At the conclusion of this session, Stephen also provides a brief summary of the other sessions available to you in the security track.

SEC206 Security OF the AWS Cloud - AWS re: Invent 2012

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  3. 3. … Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer n Hypervisor Virtual interfaces Customer 1Security groups Customer 2 Security groups … Customer n Security groups Firewall Physical interfaces
  4. 4. Amazon VPC Architecture Customer’s isolated AWS resources Subnets NAT Router Internet VPN gateway Secure VPN connection Amazon over the Internet Web Services cloud AWS Direct Connect – Dedicated Path/Bandwidth Customer’s network
  5. 5. Logical Server Granular Logical Physical Government Only ITAR Sample Workloads and Information Network server Physical Network Compliant Application Access Policy Isolation Isolation and Facility (US Persons Isolation Isolation Only)Commercial Cloud   Public-facing apps, web sites, dev, test, etc.Virtual Private     Datacenter extension,Cloud (VPC) TIC environment, email, FISMA low and ModerateAWS GovCloud       US Persons Compliant(US) and Government Specific Apps
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