Symantec - Data Governance in the Cloud


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Presentation from AWS Worldwide Public Sector team's conference Building and Securing Applications in the Cloud (

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Symantec - Data Governance in the Cloud

  1. 1. Data Governance in the CloudTom TittermaryPrincipal Systems Engineer 1
  2. 2. What is Symantec doing to ensure that Ican efficiently and securely store data inthe AWS cloud? 2
  3. 3. Enterprise Vault and NetBackup S3 Storage integration Replace offsite tape storage with cloud storage to reduce costs • Reduce the costs of secondary storage for infrequently accessed information by replacing offsite tape with public cloud storage. • Reduce the costs associated with the movement of physical media to and from offsite storage facilities. Keep offsite backup data online • Backup to the cloud so offsite data remains online Create a disaster recovery point • Use the cloud as an inexpensive offsite storage option for data protection and disaster recovery Tiered storage for archiving • Tiered storage to the cloud for infrequently accessed information. 3
  4. 4. Veritas Storage Foundation Basic in the cloud- Dynamic Disks - Unique to Storage Foundation Basic and can hold simple volumes spanned volumes, mirrored and striped volumes, and RAID 5 volumes. - Enable online storage operations with no downtime to the operating system or application.- Storage Foundation Basic can automatically grow the underlying volume and extend the file system.- In addition to logical volume management, new dynamic volume “shrink” and “shred” capabilities ensure that information is securely deleted, including 3-pass and 7-pass data deletion, before erasing a volume. 4
  5. 5. Symantec Endpoint Protection in the Cloud• Proactive protection – TruScan™ Proactive Threat Scan, which does not rely on a signature. – Generic Exploit Blocking technologies• More than antivirus – Enhanced spyware protection, – New rootkit protection – Reduced memory footprint – New dynamic performance adjustments 5
  6. 6. By Policy, what data should I store in theCloud?What are solutions I can use to automatethis process? 6
  7. 7. What is Data Loss Prevention Where is your How is it How best to confidential data? being used? prevent its loss? DISCOVER MONITOR PROTECT DATA LOSS PREVENTION (DLP)
  8. 8. How it Works: Discover, Monitor, Protect, Manage DISCOVER MONITOR PROTECT2 3 4• Identify scan targets • Inspect data being sent • Block, remove or encrypt• Run scan to find sensitive • Monitor network & • Quarantine or copy files data on network & endpoint events • Notify employee & endpoint manager MANAGE • Enable or MANAGE • Remediate and 1 customize policy 5 report on risk templates reduction 8
  9. 9. Symantec Data Loss Prevention Products Storage Endpoint Network Network Discover Network Monitor Endpoint Discover Data Insight Network Prevent Enterprise for Email Endpoint Prevent Network Protect Network Prevent for Web Management Platform Symantec™ Data Loss Prevention Enforce Platform
  10. 10. Thank You!Tom TittermaryPrincipal Systems Engineer571-276-9032 10