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AWS Big Data Platform - Pop-up Loft Tel Aviv

Learn what are the challenges to embrace big data and how AWS enables your organisation to resolve challenges and leverage Big Data for Digital Transformation and innovation.

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AWS Big Data Platform - Pop-up Loft Tel Aviv

  1. 1. Antonio  Alvarez  |  EMEA  BDM  for  DBs  and    Big  Data/Analytics E-­mail: @A_AlvarezGarcia AWS  Digital  Transformation
  2. 2. What’s  Coming? 100%  of  LOB  apps   to  be  mobile  by   2017 90%  of  the  world’s   data  created  in  last   2  years 80%  of  new   cloud  workloads   data  intensive 75B  of  devices   connected  to   internet  by  2020   Technology   is  deconstructing   industries
  3. 3. Big  Data,  Mobility,  IoT &  The Cloud
  4. 4. BIG DATA Platform: Big Data Challenges: Capacity Planning & Scalability Lower Cost, OpEx Experiment & learn more Advanced profiles IT Complexity Data Variety… ..Volume, velocity Old Answers & Questions Managed Services Fully managed, secured & automated services that brings agility & focus S3, EMR, Kinesis, M. Learning, DynamoDB: All data, Complex computations, both in Real-Time & Batch, and In- memory Federation/BI Sensors (IoT) Social Images Videos E. Apps. Documents Web Logs Big Value Machine Learning Easy deployment of ML powerful models without the need of ML Experts ready to be used Virtually unlimited & Elastic Resources No heavy lifting & Reduced Time to Market, parallel processing on demand New Answers/questio ns & Business Ideas Extract the meaning from all your data & focus on new business Ideas, Models, etc.. High Cost & Commitment BI
  5. 5. Thousands of Customers, 5+ Million Clusters
  6. 6. Thank you Contact information: Antonio Alvarez EMEA BDM for Databases & Big Data/Analytics Twitter: @A_alvarezGarcia E-mail: