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AWS & AWS Open Data


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Find out how Ava uses open data for the development of digital study & vocational guidance to scale up, aid, & relieve human counselors in Swedish in elementary & high schools.

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AWS & AWS Open Data

  1. 1. 1 problem - 2 perspectives: - For the individual • A growing number of educational paths creates more difficult circumstances for students to take informed and well considered choices about their professional future • There are 487/students per study- and vocational counselor in Swedish high schools and the average personal counseling time per year is 30 min • Students need to individually map personal traits, priorities and ambitions and match them to a jungle of information about educations and professions
  2. 2. 1 problem - 2 perspectives: - For society • The cost for municipalities when students change high school programs is on average annually SEK 2.3 billion • At the national level, one in four students will drop out of high school or fail to graduate with full grades. Every other one of them will end up in exclusion, where the long term consequential costs is estimated to be SEK 260 billion • In the long term, lack of guidance and thoughtful educational choices creates dissatisfaction, lock- ups and consequential problems in the labor market. In Sweden, 6/10 wants to change occupation in the first half of 2020
  3. 3. Solution Idea • Use new technology and open data for the development of digital study and vocational guidance to scale up, aid and relieve human counselors in Swedish elementary and high schools • Create a neutral and unbiased guiding tool solely for the student in a medium they are comfortable with - the mobile phone • Neatly combine the simplification of administrative processes with explanations of the education- and labor market and self-explorative coaching
  4. 4. Ava systematizes and simplifies complex administrative processes like mapping current eligibility, planning of grades, comparison of admission statistics and merit groups S I M P L I F Y
  5. 5. Ava visualizes specific educational paths to achieve a given goal. The user is provided with schools, programs, courses, qualifications and grades required in their specific situation to achieve an educational or vocational objective. As well as what conditions in terms of demand, salary, development opportunities and tasks the individual can expect if the goal is reached E X P L A I N
  6. 6. Ava digitally provides proven coaching methods (ex. MBTI, RIASEC ). In an interactive questionnaire, users are helped to identify characteristics, priorities, interests and values that play a major role in the matching process with appropriate study and career paths. The outcome is visualized in a profile which is continuously matched with appropriate educational and vocational opportunities. E X P L O R E
  7. 7. “Ava solves a fundamental problem in labor market - and in life. What are you really good at? What do you really enjoy doing? It digitizes and democratized the best possible career counselling. Ava asks the hard questions and helps you reflect. That is what creates driven citizens for citizen driven innovation. Ava is flexible, it can evolve independently and it is realistically scalable. Ava is the most sci-fi idea we heard, but it actually works - we tried” - Motivation for winning labour market category
  8. 8. Ava was born H4S Job Award Graduation Registered businessDevelopment THE STORY
  9. 9.