AWS 201 - A Walk through the AWS Cloud: Introduction to Amazon CloudFront


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How to accelerate your online end user experience using Amazon CloudFront?

Today end users expect to be able to view media content anytime, anywhere and on any device. Amazon CloudFront is a web service for content delivery used to distribute content to end users around the globe with low latency, high data transfer speeds in a cost effective manner. Amazon CloudFront can be used to deliver your entire website, including dynamic, static, streaming, and interactive content using a global network of edge locations. Requests for your content are automatically routed to the nearest edge location, so content is delivered with the best possible performance.

Join this webinar to learn about Amazon CloudFront’s unique Content Delivery Network (CDN), how it works and the benefits it provides. We will walk you through common real life challenges our customers face and how AWS builds a solution that combines performance, pricing and a really simple set up.

Attend this session to find out about:

• Common business challenges and how Amazon CloudFront can resolve them
• Workloads that can benefit from Amazon CloudFront such as software downloads (large files, gaming), video streaming (live and VOD) and whole site delivery (web acceleration)
• Enhancing brand value, monetizing content and implementing security options e.g. DRM and DDOS
• Other AWS services (transcode, storage, compute, DNS) to architect with Amazon CloudFront to effectively drive costs down and simplify workflows
• Leveraging the AWS Partner Network to architect additional elements to your workflow like DRM and Reporting

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AWS 201 - A Walk through the AWS Cloud: Introduction to Amazon CloudFront

  1. 1. “A Walk through the AWS Cloud: Introduction to Amazon CloudFront” Palvinder S Chahil, Cloudfront APAC.
  2. 2. Webinar Housekeeping •  Presentation will run approximate 50mins •  Post Questions Online at any time •  Q&A at the end •  Reminder – Please fill in the feedback form
  3. 3. Features that help enhance how I use the web •  Travel (Hotels, Flights and Weather) •  News (Sports) •  Ecommerce •  Consuming premium media •  Banking (Paying for all of the above) •  I need it to be a fast, consistent, personalised and secure experience.
  4. 4. Why Performance Matters? •  Better Customer Experience •  Higher Page Views •  Higher Conversion Rates
  5. 5. CDN Benefits •  Now a global Industry standard •  Improves customer experience SEO benefits: site speed and load times are important to search engine ranking. –  A study by Google showed that every ½ second of page load time dropped customer traffic by 20%. Google factors in page load times in their quality score. •  TCO : Takes load off your web server reduces overall costs. •  Provides security and redundancy globally. 5
  6. 6. CloudFront : Static Non-Cached Object S3 bucket or custom origin with content If content not cached – object requested from origin CloudFront Edge Locations 2 3 Cached copies of objects Data transfer of content to CloudFront edge location to cache Request routed to most optimal edge location 1 End-user requests content 4 Data transfer of cached content to end user (if cached) 6
  7. 7. CloudFront: Static Cached Object S3 bucket or custom origin with content CloudFront Edge Locations Cached copies of objects Request routed to most optimal edge location 1 End-user requests content 2 Data transfer of cached content to end user (if cached) 7
  8. 8. CloudFront Dynamic Dynamic Content User to CloudFront Routing based on lowest latency TCP Optimizations Persistent Connections POST,PUT, DELETE,OPTIONS & PATCH Amazon  EC2   Elastic Load Balancing Static Content Amazon CloudFront CloudFront to Origin Separation of static and dynamic content Persistent connections to each origin Network paths monitored for performance Amazon  S3   8
  9. 9. Cloudfront: VOD and Live Streaming
  10. 10. CloudFront has 51 Global PoPs in Five Continents North America Ashburn, VA (3) Atlanta, GA Dallas, TX (2) Hayward, CA Jacksonville, FL Los Angeles, CA (2) Miami, FL Newark, NJ New York, NY (3) Palo Alto, CA Seattle, WA San Jose, CA South Bend, IN St. Louis, MO Europe Amsterdam (2) Dublin Frankfurt (3) London (3) Madrid Milan Paris (2) Stockholm Warsaw South America Sao Paulo Rio Asia Chennai Hong Kong (2) Mumbai Osaka Singapore (2) Seoul Sydney Tokyo (2) Taiwan Manila
  11. 11. Features that help enhance how I use the web •  Travel ( including Weather) •  News •  Ecommerce / Banking •  Consuming premium media •  I need it to be a fast, consistent, personalised and secure experience.
  12. 12. Consistent : Deliver All of Your Content SSL User Input Dynamic Static Video
  13. 13. Consistent & Secure: Custom SSL Certificate Support for CloudFront Custom SSL Certificate support lets you use CloudFront to deliver content over HTTPS using your own domain name and your own SSL certificate.
  14. 14. Secure : SSL benefits to you and your end user Lower latency/ increase reliability Whole Site Delivery Cookie Access Branding
  15. 15. Consistent user experience : Zone Apex Support for CloudFront: "Zone apex" is the root domain of a website (, without the www) e.g.”” not “” Problem: The DNS specification requires "zone apex" to point to an IP address (an ‘A’ record), not a CNAME (such as the name AWS provides for a CloudFront distribution, ELB, or S3 website bucket). Solution: Use Route 53’s ALIAS record.
  16. 16. Consistent User experience : Zone Apex Support for CloudFront: •  Route 53 helps make it easy and reliable to configure a zone apex record (Route 53 calls this an ‘Alias’ record) for AWS resources. •  You can now use CloudFront to deliver content from the root domain, or "zone apex" of their website – i.e. configure both and to point at the same CloudFront distribution. •  It’s Free – ‘Alias’ queries that are mapped to a CloudFront distribution are provided free of charge.
  17. 17. Premium content : Secure delivery " " " " " " "               Geo Blocking 403 Forbidden HTTP response, which can be configured. Signed URLs SSL (HTTPs) Origin Access Identifiers in S3 IAM for admin AWS console or AWS Cloudfront API :enable and configure list 17
  18. 18. Custom Error Page Support by CloudFront: WHAT? Custom Error Pages allow you to serve error pages with your own branding and content…
  19. 19. What are my users doing : Reporting and analytics. "   Amazon CloudFront Log Analyzer for Elastic Map Reduce •  Generate usage reports containing total traffic volume, object popularity, a break down of traffic by client IPs and edge location. •  Reports are formatted as tab delimited text files, and delivered to the Amazon S3 bucket that you specify. "   Standard W3C format creates partner ecosystem solutions •  For instance, S3stat automatically tracks your CloudFront and S3 Usage Statistics through graphical reports generated on a nightly basis. •  Identify performance bottlenecks caused by slow loading content. 19 19
  20. 20. Latency (Seconds) tested multiple CDNs to run it’s ecommerce business. CloudFront’s latency was 7% faster than CDN A and 51% faster than CDN B. 1.2 1.1 1 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6 CloudFront Latency CDN A Latency CDN B Latency
  21. 21. CloudFront Top Tier Performance Response Time (Latency) Performance* 600 95th Percentile 500 400 ms 75th Percentile 300 25th Percentile 200 10th Percentile 100 0 Cloudfront Limelight Akamai (G) Akamai (R) Level3 AWS EC2 - US AWS EC2 - US AWS EC2 - US East (VA) West (CA) West (OR) *Data from Cedexis, Last 30 Days, Response Time Measure of the United States. 11/12/13
  22. 22. CloudFront Latency Reduction versus Origin 50th Percentile Response Time Performance* AWS EC2 - US West (OR) AWS EC2 - US West (CA) AWS EC2 - US East (VA) CloudFront 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 CloudFront decreases latency over 40% compared to even the fastest origin server in the same geography. *Data from Cedexis, Response Time Measure of the United States.11/12/13 140
  23. 23. AWS Ecosystem Improves Availability •  AWS Route 53 –  –  –  –  100% available SLA Built in DDOS Protection Health Checks Fail Over •  AWS ELB –  Balancing and scaling load at the Origin
  24. 24. Customer Experience •  •  •  •  Global Performance Deliver All of Your Content Ease to Use Cost Effective
  25. 25. Accelerate Your Site in 15 minutes •  Easy self-service signup •  No set-up or platform fees •  No custom code •  No re-architecting required
  26. 26. Manage Your Content Your Way Command Line or API POST /2012-07-01/distribution HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: AWS authentication string Date: time stamp Other required headers <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <DistributionConfig xmlns="http://"> Console
  27. 27. Help When You Need It •  Enabled Self Service •  AWS Solution Architects •  24 Hour AWS Customer Service •  Dedicated Support Engineers •  Response Times SLA
  28. 28. Demonstration of simple video workflow •  Dhruv Parpia •  Solutions Architect , AWS Asean
  29. 29. Customer Experience •  •  •  •  Global Performance Deliver All of Your Content Ease of Use Cost Effective
  30. 30. Competitive, Flexible Pricing Data Transfer Economies of Scale •  On-demand, pay for use pricing Price per GB •  Same pricing for Static and Dynamic Content Data Transfer Public Rates Private Rates •  Commitment based private pricing save approx 40% off your bill
  31. 31. Samsung saved $34M running its Smart Hub App and Mobile downloads on AWS Pay-as-you-go pricing & reliable services With every user’s request, the Smart Hub application uses Amazon CloudFront to deliver apps and content, and push notifications across multiple devices.
  32. 32. CloudFront in the AWS Ecosystem
  33. 33. CloudFront and the AWS Ecosystem •  Integrates with AWS resources –  Route 53, Elastic Transcoder, ELB, EC2, S3, Marketplace, etc. •  Improves scalability of other Amazon resources •  Discounts on intra-Amazon data transfers
  34. 34. Cloudfront and the Amazon Partner Network CloudFront Edge Network Compute Storage AWS Global Infrastructure
  35. 35. Current CloudFront Customers