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AWSome Day Seoul 2013 - Opening Keynote


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AWSome Day Seoul 2013 - Opening Keynote

  1. 1. Opening Keynote(아마존 웹 서비스 소개)Chris Jang (장혜덕), Head of Korea아마존 웹 서비스
  2. 2. Consumer BusinessTens of millions ofactive customeraccountsEight countries:US, UK, Germany,Japan, France, Canada,China, ItalySellerBusinessSell on AmazonwebsitesUse Amazontechnology for yourown retail websiteLeverage Amazon’smassive fulfillmentcenter networkIT InfrastructureBusinessCloud computinginfrastructure forhosting web-scalesolutionsHundreds ofthousands ofregistered customersin over 190 countries
  3. 3. ?…get into cloud computing?How did Amazon…
  4. 4. 7 Years YoungAmazon S3 launched: March 14th 2006
  5. 5. Broad & Deep Services to Support Virtually AnyCloud Workload광범위하고 깊이있는 서비스를 통한 다양한 클라우드워크로드 지원Compute Database App Services ManagementAmazon EC2Amazon EMRAmazon ELBAmazon RDSAmazon DynamoDBAmazon ElasticacheAmazon RedShiftAmazon CloudSearchAmazon SWFAmazon SQSAmazon SNSAmazon SESAmazon ElasticTranscoderAWS IAMAmazon CloudWatchAWS Elastic BeanstalkAWS CloudformationAWS Data PipelineAWS OpsWorksAWS CloudHSMAWS Trusted AdvisorAWS MarketplaceAWS 프리미엄서포트AWS 프로페셔널서비스AWS교육Storage& CDNAmazon S3Amazon CloudFrontAmazon GlacierAmazon EBSAWS Import/ExpNetworkingAmazon Route 53Amazon VPCAWS Direct Connect
  6. 6. Including:AWS Oregon RegionElastic Beanstalk (Beta)Amazon SES (Beta)AWS CloudFormationAmazon RDS for OracleAWS Direct ConnectAWS GovCloud (US)Including:Amazon SNSAmazon CloudFrontAmazon Route 53S3 Bucket PoliciesRDS Multi-AZ SupportRDS Reserved DatabasesAWS Import/ExportIncluding:Amazon RDSAmazon VPCAmazon EMREC2 Auto ScalingIncluding:6 new Direct ConnectSitesDynamoDBRDS in VPCAWS Trusted AdvisorCloudFormation in VPCAWS Storage GatewayAmazon GlacierCost Allocation TaggingCloudFront LiveStreamingAmazon CloudSearchAWS Marketplace RedHat Reserved InstancesNew EC2 InstanceTypesMulti-AZ Oracle RDSRDS SQL ServerEC2 RI MarketplaceAWS Service Launches& Feature UpdatesAWS 신규 서비스 출시 및주요 기능 업데이트
  7. 7. Including:- AWS Management ConsoleTablet and Mobile Support- Elastic Transcoder- Price reduction for Amazon EC2,global expansion of M3 StandardInstances, and reduced datatransfer pricing.Including:- Amazon Redshift Available to AllCustomers- AWS OpsWorks- IAM Role and Auto Scaling Supportfor Amazon- CloudWatch Monitoring Scripts forLinux- Amazon SQS and SNS AnnounceLower Prices and Expanded FreeTiers, 50% price drop for SQSIncluding:- Lower Pricing for Amazon EC2Reserved Instances- Added ElastiCache to Free UsageTier- Amazon DynamoDB Reduced Prices- AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Node.js- Amazon RDS now supports 3TB and30,000 Provisioned IOPS perdatabase instance- Announcing EBS-Optimized Supportfor Additional Instance Types53 AWS Service Launches & FeatureUpdates in Q1 20132013년 1분기 동안 53개의 신규 서비스출시 및 주요 기능 업데이트21
  8. 8. AWS Global InfrastructureAWS 글로벌 인프라스트럭처9 regions (지역)25 availability zones(가용 영역)40 edge locations (엣지로케이션)
  9. 9. $5.2B retailbusiness7,800employeesA whole lotof servers2003
  10. 10. 2012AWS는아마존닷컴이약 5조원의매출을 올릴때 필요했던서버 용량을매일증설하고있습니다.$5.2B retailbusiness7,800employeesA whole lotof servers2003
  11. 11. Hundreds of Thousands of Customersin 190 Countries
  12. 12. 국내 주요 고객사
  13. 13. Free steakcampaignFacebookpageMarsexplorationopsConsumersocial appTicket pricingoptimizationSAP &SharepointSecurities TradingData ArchivingGenesequencingMarketingweb siteInteractive TVappsFinancialmarketsanalyticsR&D dataanalysisConsumersocial appBig dataanalyticsWeb site &mediasharingDisasterrecoveryMediastreamingWeb andmobile appsStreamingwebcastsFacebookappConsumersocial appEvery Imaginable Use Case
  14. 14. • Security groups for EC2and VPC Network ACL• Multi-Factor Authentication• CloudHSM• RDS Oracle transparentencryptionComprehensive Security Capabilities toSupport Virtually Any Workload포괄적인 보안 기능 지원• VPC• Direct connect• Dedicated instances• Identity & AccessManagement• S3 Encryption
  15. 15. Certifications & Accreditations forWorkloads that Matter고객분들이 필요로 하는 인증 및 인가 제공“Amazon Virtual PrivateCloud offers anadditional level ofsecurity and an ability tointegrate with otheraspects of ourinfrastructure.”Dr. Michael Miller,Head of HPC forR&DMotion Picture Association ofAmerica
  16. 16. EcosystemGlobalFootprintNew FeaturesNew ServicesInfrastructureInnovationMore AWSUsageMoreInfrastructureEconomiesof ScaleLowerInfrastructureCostsReducedPricesMoreCustomersThe AWS Price Reduction PhilosophyAWS 가격 할인에 대한 철학
  17. 17. AWS TrustedAdvisorCost optimizationsSecurity & AvailabilitychecksPerformancerecommendations329,000recommendations$22Min annualizedsavingsTo: AWS CustomerFrom: Amazon Web ServicesSubject: Potential Cost SavingsDear Customer,We have identified $49,000 ofpotential savings in your currentAWS deployment.-Amazon Web ServicesTo: AWS CustomerFrom: Amazon Web ServicesSubject: Potential Cost SavingsDear Customer,We have identified $49,000 ofpotential savings in your currentAWS deployment.-Amazon Web ServicesTo: AWS CustomerFrom: Amazon Web ServicesSubject: Potential Cost SavingsDear Customer,We have identified $49,000 ofpotential savings in your currentAWS deployment.-Amazon Web ServicesObsessed with Helping Customers SaveMoney고객의 비용 절감을 위한 끊임없는 노력
  18. 18. Thriving Partner EcosystemAWS 파트너 생태계Consulting Partners Technology Partners
  19. 19. AWS Marketplace: Buy Software Pre-Configured to Run on AWSAWS 마켓플레이스Growth since Jan 1, 201325 categories778 product listingsActive customersUsage percustomer102%53%
  20. 20. Why arecustomersadopting cloudcomputing?고객분들은 AWS클라우드를 왜사용할까요?
  21. 21. 1. Trade Capital Expense for VariableExpense선납금없이 필요한 만큼만 지불하시면 됩니다.On-Premises$0 to get startedPay as you goSource: IDC Whitepaper,sponsored by Amazon, “TheBusiness Value of Amazon WebServices Accelerates Over Time.”July 2012Average of400 serversreplaced percustomer
  22. 22. 2. Lower Variable Expense ThanCompanies Can Do Themselves직접 하시는 것보다 TCO 비용이 절감됩니다.Source: IDC Whitepaper, sponsored by Amazon, “The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Accelerates Over Time.” July 201270% lower 5 year TCO perappAWSOn-premises$3.01M$0.90M50% reduction inanalytics costsSaved $34M onSmartHub app10’s of millions of $ savedwith first 12 apps migrated toAWS
  23. 23. 3. You Don’t Need to Guess Capacity서버 용량을 예측하실 필요 없습니다.SelfHostingWasteActualdemandPredictedDemandRigidActual demandElasticThe Cloud
  24. 24. 4. Dramatically Increase Speed & Agility스피드와 민첩성을 극적으로 향상시킵니다.Old World: Infrastructure in Weeks
  25. 25. 4. Dramatically Increase Speed & Agility스피드와 민첩성을 극적으로 향상시킵니다.Add New Dev EnvironmentAdd New Production EnvironmentAdd New Environment in EuropeAdd 1,000 ServersRemove 1,000 serversAWS: Infrastructure in MinutesOld World: Infrastructure in WeeksNumber of Instances 1,000Instance Type M3 Extra LargeAvailability Zone
  26. 26. “We reduced applicationdeployment times from 2months to 3 days.”“Time to deploy wentfrom weeks to hours.”Source: IDC Whitepaper, sponsoredby Amazon, “The Business Value ofAmazon Web Services AcceleratesOver Time.” July 20120100%200%300%400%500%600%5XFaster
  27. 27. Experiment infrequentlyFailure is expensiveLess innovationIncrease Innovation When ExperimentationIs Fast and Low Risk높아지는 혁신 가능성: 빠르고 저비용으로 실험가능합니다.Old world: AWS:Near $0Experiment oftenFail quickly at a lowcostMore innovation
  28. 28. buy and install new hardwareset up and configure new softwarebuild new data centersso you don’t haveto...Data CentersPowerCoolingCablingNetworkingRacksServersStorageLaborWe take care of...5. Stop Spending Money onUndifferentiated Heavy Lifting차별되지 않는 IT 인프라 관리에 신경 쓸 필요없습니다.
  29. 29. 6. Go Global in Minutes단 몇 분 안에 글로벌 시장 진출이 가능합니다.
  30. 30. The Benefits of Cloud Computing클라우드 컴퓨팅의 장점✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ReplaceCapEx withOpExLowerOverallCostsNo MoreGuessingCapacityAgility /Speed /InnovationShift Focus toDifferentiationGoGlobal inMinutes✔
  31. 31. AWS Adoption inthe Enterprise
  32. 32. Enterprises are Adopting AWS toAchieve the Benefits of the Cloud엔터프라이즈 고객분들은 클라우드의장점을 얻기 위해서 AWS를 도입하고있습니다.✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ReplaceCapEx withOpExLowerOverallCostsNo MoreGuessingCapacityAgility /Speed /InnovationShift Focus toDifferentiationGoGlobal inMinutes✔
  33. 33. The Benefits Of The Cloud Are OnlyPossible IN THE CLOUD클라우드의 장점은 진정한 클라우드에서만가능합니다.“PrivateCloud”x x x xx x✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ReplaceCapEx withOpExLowerOverallCostsNo MoreGuessingCapacityAgility /Speed /InnovationShift Focus toDifferentiationGoGlobal inMinutes✔
  34. 34. Forrester ForesightsSurvey data , Q3 2012Self-servicePortals24%ResourceAutomation27%ResourceTracking29%CostChargeback14%Customers are Struggling to Deliver onPromises of the “Private Cloud”Vendors클라우드의 장점을 “프라이빗클라우드”에서 구현하는 것에 어려움을겪고 있습니다.Have youimplemented thesecloud features?
  35. 35. Many Enterprises Worry that These arethe Only Two Choices많은 엔터프라이즈 고객분들은 두 가지선택만 있다고 우려하십니다.Build a“private”cloudRip andreplace withAWS#1 #2
  36. 36. The Good News is that the Cloud isn’tan ‘All or Nothing’ Choice클라우드는 “전부 아니면 전무”의 선택이아닙니다.CorporateDataCentersOn-PremisesResourcesCloudResourcesSeamlessIntegration
  37. 37. Active DirectoryNetworkConfigurationEncryptionBack-up AppliancesUsers & AccessRulesYour Private NetworkHSM ApplianceCloud back-upsAWS Direct ConnectYour On-Premise AppsYour CloudAppsCorporateDataCentersIntegrating AWS with Your ExistingOn-Premises InfrastructureAWS와 온-프레미스 인프라를 연동하기위한 다양한 툴 제공
  38. 38. Our Ecosystem Allows You to UseYour Existing Management ToolsAWS 생태계를 활용하여 기존 관리 툴사용 가능Single Pane ofGlassOn-PremisesDatacentersManagementTool Partners
  39. 39. How Enterprises Are Using AWS
  40. 40. Strategy 1: Cloud for Development & TestEnvironments개발 및 시험 환경을 위한 클라우드 활용SAPReduced deploymenttime from weeks todaysOracleEnterpriseApplicationsReduced dev &test environmentcostsSAP70% reductionin operationalcosts
  41. 41. Strategy 2: Build New Apps for the Cloud클라우드를 활용하여 신규 애플리케이션 구축Faster to buildFacebookAppGlobalWeb SitesMobileStreamingSocialGamesConsumerappsGeneticSequencingMarketingCampaignsLess expensive torunDistributedarchitectures for highavailabilityEasier to manageFinancialrecordarchiving
  42. 42. AWS Adoptionby StartupsWith AWS….standing on theshoulders of the giants
  43. 43. These startups … are getting the same… as these companies:DURABILITYSECURITYSCALABILITYRELIABILITYAFFORDABILITY
  44. 44. These startups benefit from AWS… just like these companies:E-COMMERCECONSUMER APPSGAMINGENTERPRISE / SaaSMEDIA
  45. 45. Development & Test개발 및 시험 환경• Spin environments up anddown on demand• Decouple development andtest environments fromoperations constraints• Explore elasticity in asandboxed environmentBackup & DR백업 및 재해복구• Take part of your data orbusiness applications step-by-step into non-productionDR use• Understand cloud dynamicsand test during controlledfailoversBuilding New Apps신규 애플리케이션 구축• Faster to build• Less expensive to run• Easier to manage• Distributed architectures forhigh availabilityTo get started… Choose your use case여러분 각자에게 적합한 용도를 선택해서시작하시면 됩니다.
  46. 46. Path of Least ResistanceChoose a use case that enables you to explore cloudcomputing benefits in a low risk way위험 부담이 적은 방식으로 클라우드컴퓨팅의 장점을 검토할 수 있는 적절한용도를 선택해서 시작하시면 됩니다.To get started… Choose your use case
  47. 47. Application Usage Patterns애플리케이션 사용 패턴Steady StateExample:Corporate Data LoggingSpiky PredictableExample:MarketingPromotions WebsiteUncertain UnpredictableExample:Web Apps
  48. 48. How to Choose a Cloud Vendor클라우드 제공자 선택 시 필수 검토 사항
  49. 49. THANK YOU!감사합니다!