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AWS Partner Presentation - Aspera


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Bhavik Vyas, Director of Aspera speaks about running Aspera on AWS.

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AWS Partner Presentation - Aspera

  1. 1. Aspera On-Demand for AWS
 Hollywood in the Cloud 14th Oct 2009 | Bhavik Vyas |
  2. 2. IaaS – Why is it so compelling? 1.  The illusion of infinite computing resources, on demand –  Eliminates the need to plan ahead –  Meet demand - without the lead-time bottleneck 2.  The elimination of an up-front commitment –  Reduce capital outlay and investment risk –  Start small & increase h/w resources to match need –  Auto-scale to meet demand 3.  Pay-for-use resource model –  CPUʼs by the hour –  Storage by the day –  Bandwidth by the GB –  No commitment: Release assets & remove costs as needed Source: Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing, P1, 2009
  3. 3. AWS for Media Production & Distribution •  Compute Intensive: EC2 (10ʼs, 100ʼs, 1000ʼs of CPUs) –  Transcoding, encoding, watermarking, video editing –  Rendering & HPC applications •  Scalable Storage: S3, EBS –  Long-term archive & backup –  Near-line storage for compute –  B2B/ B2C media ingest & distribution –  CDN migration •  Media monetization & extended web operations –  Scalable web servers for project specific marketing & social media –  Brand awareness & franchise continuity –  Playout and on-demand streaming of media assets
  4. 4. Digital Media: Hard to Move Quickly Note: Because of their size and data structure, compression of media specific files isnʼt often feasible
  5. 5. Aspera On-Demand for AWS •  On-Demand: powered by Asperaʼs patent-pending fasp™ technology –  Next-generation transport protocol for digital media –  Eliminates the latency & packet loss bottlenecks of TCP –  Reliable & secure asset delivery system –  Replaces FTP, HTTP, NFS, CIFS, tape and disks •  Aspera On-Demand lowers the network barrier to AWS adoption: –  Get the AWS scalability, efficiency gains & cost savings –  Enables pre & post production digital asset movement –  Naturally extend existing Aspera deployments & application automation
  6. 6. Aspera On-Demand for AWS HPC – High Performance Computing
  7. 7. Aspera On-Demand Client Access HPC – High Performance Computing
  8. 8. Aspera On-Demand for AWS Unrivaled transfer performance – fasp –  Maximum WAN throughput, independent of distance –  Robust, reliable & error free asset delivery –  Data security & encryption – in transit and at rest –  SSH user authentication –  Highly-concurrent user connection architecture Complete end-to-end transfer monitoring and control –  User and group policy creation (file permissions, bandwidth, priority) –  Email notification and comprehensive activity reporting –  Remote transfer initiation –  Full web based server management Extensive, scalable deployment options –  NO-CHARGE Aspera Connect browser plug-in client –  Support for Asperaʼs enterprise-class client/server applications –  Full web-services & API for workflow automation –  Data synchronization and hot folders
  9. 9. Aspera On-Demand Pricing Pricing

 •  Aspera On-Demand costs are in addition to the costs of AWS infrastructure •  All billing (Aspera & AWS) is done through Amazonʼs Payment System
  10. 10. Aspera On-Demand for AWS General info: Aspera-AWS Partners: Web: – Email: – Or: –  Bhavik Vyas (Bus Dev) – –  +1 510 849 2386 ext 213