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(ARC312) Processing Money in the Cloud | AWS re:Invent 2014


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Financial transactions need to be processed and stored securely and in real time. Together with a giant in the mortgage insurance industry, we have developed an elastic, secure, and compliant data processing framework on AWS that meets these processing requirements and drastically improves the time it takes to make a decision on a loan. This session will discuss what we've learned along the way, how we have overcome multiple security and compliance hurdles, and how other organizations in regulated industries can do the same. This session is targeted at business decision-makers and solutions architects working in regulated industries with high security and compliance requirements.

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(ARC312) Processing Money in the Cloud | AWS re:Invent 2014

  1. 1. November 13, 2014 | Las Vegas, NV Soofi Safavi, CTO Radian Inc Sri Vasireddy, President REAN Solutions Inc
  2. 2. Trading Partners Origination Servicing Loss Management Un-Structured Data Semi-Structured Data
  3. 3. Over time, they became buried in noise, increasing overhead... Value Add Work Overhead
  4. 4. 0.00 10000.00 20000.00 30000.00 40000.00 50000.00 60000.00 70000.00 80000.00 MB/$NIW MB/$NIW Data Volume Increased Dramatically, Compared to Value…
  5. 5. Blue Print : Established an architecutre OA Proof of Concept Infrustructure Operations OA Solution Developement References (in our domain ) Establish Plan B Compliance & Legal Customer NPI Security Control Financial Capabilities Execution How? Major Activities/Milestones Dimensions of evaluationRisk Why? Does it make sense?Are we compliant? Can we do it?
  6. 6. Cloud Strategy Radian cloud readiness project proved to us Radian’s ability to adopt the cloud as a centerpiece to our modernization, despite significant change management demand ahead of us. Modernization both short term and long term will benefit from the cloud strategy. And IT innovation will become a strong enabler of Radian’s business strategy. Customer meetings and compliance research has shown, the customer concerns around the cloud will be mitigated by our security posture and encryption approach. … while maintaining an inherited posture of continuous technology and financial improvement.
  7. 7. Encrypt/Tokenize Non Public Information (NPI) Unstructured Data Semi-Structured Data Structured Data Amazon DynamoDB Amazon RDS Amazon CloudSearch Amazon Redshift Storage (S3) Amazon Elastic MapReduce Elastic Scalable Compute
  8. 8. Analytics Apps NoSQL DB Tables BI Apps Policy Apps Data warehouse Talend Mapper Transformation Engine Structured Data Un- Structured Data Document Table Policy AdHoc Analysis Business Intelligence Risk Analysis Holistic Search Raw Data Store Transformation Layer Processed Data Store Loan Data Apps EMR
  9. 9. Access Control Assessment
  10. 10. Reduce Code Deploy- ment Time Quicker Access to Features and Fixes Better Metrics on Code Quality Improved Visibility for Upper Manage- ment Facilitates Decisions & Faster Conver- gence
  11. 11. Server Automation Application Automation Environment Automation End-To-End (Stack) Automation
  12. 12. AWS first design •Preferservice over product and increase focus on your business •Do not re:Invent the wheel; leverage existing solutions in the AWS ecosystem More data is better data •Knoweverything about your data (context, lineage, etc.) •Data aboutis data is as important as data (data ^ data) Re-use process vs Re-use data •Leverage on-demand computecapacity to obtain facets of data for transaction and analytical consumption
  13. 13. Focus on Information Security as Opposed to Perimeter Security •NPI Vault •Encrypt everything •AWS provided services Centralize information to achieve simple enterprisearchitecture •Createa data lake and store everything in a flexible data format to facilitate easy consumption Automation is a style vs. end state •Automatethe last and most frequent change step in your process (Kanban process) Rapid Prototyping •Be opento change update your architecture/design •Learnand make better decisions every day
  14. 14.