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(ARC308) The Serverless Company: Using AWS Lambda

In today's competitive environment, startups are increasingly focused on eliminating any undifferentiated heavy lifting. Come learn about various architectural patterns for building a scalable, function-rich data processing systems, using AWS Lambda and other AWS managed services. Come see how PlayOn! Sports went from a multi-layered architecture for video streaming to a streamlined and serverless system using Lambda and Amazon S3.

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(ARC308) The Serverless Company: Using AWS Lambda

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Vyom Nagrani, Sr. Product Manager, AWS Lambda Jay Sandhaus, CTO, PlayOn! Sports October 2015 ARC308 The Serverless Company Using AWS Lambda Streamlining Architecture with AWS
  2. 2. What to Expect from the Session • Evolution of Cloud Compute toward Serverless • What is AWS Lambda? • Building a serverless data processing architecture • Example of a live video processing architecture • Real-time data processing architecture patterns • Tips and tricks for using AWS Lambda
  3. 3. Evolution of Cloud Compute Toward Serverless
  4. 4. Evolution of Compute – Public Cloud InfrastructureInstances Application code
  5. 5. Evolution of Compute – Containers InfrastructureInstances Application codeContainers
  6. 6. Evolution of Compute – Serverless Application code
  7. 7. What Is AWS Lambda?
  8. 8. AWS Lambda Serverless, event-driven compute service Lambda = microservice without servers
  12. 12. AWS Lambda – Partner Ecosystem
  13. 13. Building a Serverless Data Processing Architecture
  14. 14. SOURCE of data Fleet of servers poll for changes Listening to source Pushes to queue Pull off queue Fleet of servers act as workers to process the data Auto-scale worker nodes to adjust with load S3 objects Amazon Kinesis records DynamoDB tables SNS messages IoT devices … Cross-AZ replication for high availability Load balancer to distribute traffic Data Processing Architecture with Servers Application code
  15. 15. SOURCE of data Attach a Lambda function And that’s it! Lambda does Listening/polling Queuing Auto scaling Redundancy Load balancing Data Processing Architecture Without Servers Application code
  16. 16. Example of a Live Video Processing Architecture
  17. 17. Company Overview & Background  PlayOn! Sports streams live high school sports  Tools to produce & stream a professional broadcast  Inverse use case from typical media company  Many simultaneous events  Smaller audience for each (long tail)  Challenge: transcode many live video streams at once  Peak hour @ 300 live inbound streams and 20k viewers
  18. 18. Legacy Architecture Limelight Edge Laptop Encoders RTMP Wowza Transmux Servers Wowza Transcode Servers Wowza Record Servers RTMP RTMP RTMP Auto Uploader MP4 HLS S3 VOD bucket CloudFront mobile client Live Streaming VOD CloudFront mobile client HLS HLS
  19. 19. Reasons for Change  Move from RTMP to HLS  Minimize operational overhead  Adaptive bitrate streaming  Mid-roll advertising  Minimize expense  Cleaner encoding workflow  Dev focus video quality
  20. 20. Current Architecture Laptop Encoders HLS S3 Playback VOD Stream mobile client CloudFront Streaming Live stream mobile client CloudFront S3 Ingest 480p Transcode HQ Copy 360p Transcode Audio-only Transcode Thumbnail QOS Analytics Cascading Lambda Functions
  21. 21. What We Learned  So far, Lambda works as expected  Functions can be built and deployed with minimal effort  Successfully able to focus on the domain-specific part of our problem (video) with minimal ops work  Need to ensure we handle Lambda jobs not completing  Use SNS to work around S3 event notification method  Cost savings appear to be one order of magnitude
  22. 22. Real-Time Data Processing Architecture Patterns
  23. 23. Sample Real-Time File Processing Workflow Using Amazon S3 & AWS Lambda Amazon S3 AWS Lambda Amazon S3 New file uploaded Amazon DynamoDB
  24. 24. Demo – Video Clip Transcode // Transcode video files uploaded to an S3 bucket var async = require('async'); var fs = require('fs'); var exec = require('child_process').exec; var aws = require('aws-sdk'); var s3 = new aws.S3(); // Lambda entry point exports.handler = function(event, context) { var inputVideo = '/tmp/myVideo.avi'; var outputVideo = '/tmp/myVideo.mp4'; var inputBucket = event.Records[0]; var inputKey = event.Records[0].s3.object.key; var outputBucket = inputBucket + '-out'; var outputKey = inputKey.substr(0,inputKey.length-4) + '.mp4'; // Runs the array of functions in series, each passing their results to the next async.waterfall([ Set up variables Serialize steps
  25. 25. Demo – Video Clip Transcode // Download the object from S3 into a buffer function download(next) { s3.getObject({Bucket: inputBucket, Key: inputKey}, next); }, // Write the buffer to a file function write(response, next) { fs.writeFile(inputVideo, response.Body, next); }, // Spawn a process to transcode function transcode(next) { exec("./ffmpeg -i " + inputVideo + " -vcodec mpeg4 -b:v 1200k “ + outputVideo, next); }, // Read the file to a buffer function read(next) { fs.readFile(outputVideo, next); }, // Upload the buffer to an object in S3 function upload(objectBuffer, next) { s3.putObject({Bucket: outputBucket, Key: outputKey, Body: objectBuffer}, context.done); }, ],; }; Get file from S3 Write to disk ffmpeg transcode Read from disk Upload to S3
  26. 26. Sample Real-Time Stream Processing Workflow Using Amazon Kinesis & AWS Lambda Amazon Kinesis AWS Lambda Amazon Redshift Amazon SNS New records available
  27. 27. Sample Real-Time DB Triggers Workflow Using Amazon DynamoDB & AWS Lambda New data available Amazon DynamoDB AWS Lambda Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Redshift
  28. 28. Sample Real-Time Message Handling Workflow Using Amazon SNS & AWS Lambda New message published Amazon SNS AWS Lambda Amazon SNS Amazon Kinesis
  29. 29. Sample CRUD Backend Workflow Using Amazon API Gateway & AWS Lambda New API called Amazon API Gateway AWS Lambda Amazon S3 Amazon DynamoDB
  30. 30. More Triggers for AWS Lambda AWS CloudFormation Custom Resources Amazon SES Actions Amazon Cognito Sync Triggers … and the list will continue to grow! AWS IoT ActionsAWS Lambda Scheduled Events Amazon Echo Skills Amazon SWF Tasks
  31. 31. Tips and Tricks for Using AWS Lambda
  32. 32. Using Lambda to Audit CloudTrail Activity AWS Lambda Amazon S3Amazon CloudTrail Amazon SNS AWS IAM
  33. 33. Using Lambda for Automated Infrastructure Management AWS Lambda Amazon SNS Amazon CloudWatch Alarm ec2 runInstance ecs startTask beanstalk updateApp kinesis splitShard Any API call
  34. 34. Using Lambda to Forward AWS Events to External Endpoints | AWS Lambda Amazon SNS IFTTT via the Maker channel Amazon CloudWatch Events Auto Scaling
  35. 35. Using Lambda to Deploy Lambda Functions AWS Lambda Amazon SNS GitHub Repo lambda createFn ()
  36. 36. A Few Other Tips and Tricks for Extending AWS Lambda Functionality  Use /tmp space as cache  Run arbitrary binaries  Use Grunt and Jenkins plugins for deploying  Hook up to Slack  Build event-driven Amazon ECS  Try out JAWS: The Server-less Application Framework
  37. 37. Thank you! Visit, the AWS Compute blog, or the Lambda forum to learn more and to get started using Lambda.
  38. 38. Remember to complete your evaluations!
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