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(ARC307) Infrastructure as Code | AWS re:Invent 2014


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While many organizations have started to automate their software develop processes, many still engineer their infrastructure largely by hand. Treating your infrastructure just like any other piece of code creates a ''programmable infrastructure'' that allows you to take full advantage of the scalability and reliability of the AWS cloud. This session will walk through practical examples of how AWS customers have merged infrastructure configuration with application code to create application-specific infrastructure and a truly unified development lifecycle. You will learn how AWS customers have leveraged tools like CloudFormation, orchestration engines, and source control systems to enable their applications to take full advantage of the scalability and reliability of the AWS cloud, create self-reliant applications, and easily recover when things go seriously wrong with their infrastructure.

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(ARC307) Infrastructure as Code | AWS re:Invent 2014

  1. 1. November 12, 2014 | Las Vegas David Winter, Alex Corley—Amazon Web Services Tom Wanielista—
  2. 2. echo"BuldingInstance" echo"ec2run $ami-t m2.2xlarge -n 1 -k $ec2region -g $sec -s $new_subnetID" ec2run$ami-t $ec2type-n 1 -k $ec2region-g $sec-s $new_subnetID| tee log/new_instance cat log/new_instance i=`cat log/new_instance| grepINSTANCE | cut -f2` sleep 5 echo"Creating eth1 network interface for $i" echo ec2-create-network-interface -d "$hostname -eth1"-g $sec$new_subnetID ec2-create-network-interface -d "$hostname -eth1"-g $sec$new_subnetID| tee log/new_nic nic=`cat log/new_nic| grepNETWORKINTERFACE| cut -f2`
  3. 3. #Main Instance ifwfandwf['workflow']['instance']==0: try: self.stacks.update({'guid':wf['guid']}, {'$set':{'workflow.instance':2}}) reservation= self.ec2_master.run_instances(wf['stack']['ami'], instance_type=wf['stack']['instance_type'], security_group_ids=[wf['stack']['security_group']], subnet_id=wf['stack']['subnet_id'])
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Network Compute Storage Dev Stage Prod
  6. 6. Tom Wanielista
  7. 7. Prehistory
  8. 8. PCI
  9. 9. What we needed
  10. 10. Security Insight Growth Speed
  11. 11. AWS CloudFormation Amazon Virtual Public Cloud, Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)roles, Instances, Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs), Security Groups …
  12. 12. cloudbank Simple’s AMIs, IAM roles, instances, ASGs, security groups …
  13. 13. Benefits?
  14. 14. You write code every day.
  15. 15. <my_app/>
  16. 16.