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(ARC304) Designing for SaaS: Next-Generation Software Delivery Models on AWS | AWS re:Invent 2014


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SaaS architectures can be deployed onto AWS in a number of ways, and each optimizes for different factors from security to cost optimization. Come learn more about common deployment models used on AWS for SaaS architectures and how each of those models are tuned for customer specific needs. We will also review options and tradeoffs for common SaaS architectures, including cost optimization, resource optimization, performance optimization, and security and data isolation.

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(ARC304) Designing for SaaS: Next-Generation Software Delivery Models on AWS | AWS re:Invent 2014

  1. 1. SaaS delivery will constitute about 18% of all software spending and nearly 20% of applications spending IDC "Worldwide SaaS and Cloud Software 2013–2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares" Doc #245084 Dec 2013
  2. 2. On-Prem Application Hosting AWS SaaS on AWS
  3. 3. Fusion 360
  4. 4. Application Object Storage Interaction Monitoring Analytics Authentication & Authorization Databases
  5. 5. Application Data Access Layer Interaction Authentication & Authorization Delivery Users Cache Locator Data Accts Rights Monitoring Analytics Ordering Billing Provisioning Metering
  6. 6.  ~ Spot
  7. 7. Minute(s) Hour(s) Day(s) Week(s) Month(s) Year(s) Ingest Analyze Summarize Aggregate Tier Archive
  8. 8. –Evolve your business model through usage analysis –Monetize the data you collect
  9. 9. SaaS Component Architectures – Metering Metering Queue Usage messages: - User ID - Timestamp - Usage Type - Usage Units - … Usage messages: - User ID - Usage Type - Usage Units - Usage Period All actions and consumption tagged with user ID App Data Sources Application Instances λ Metering Aggregators Metering Data Service Billing Analytics
  10. 10. Application Instances App Data Metering Data Billing Data Custom Reports Reporting Portal Amazon S3 for Static Outputs Canned Reports via Portal Redirect Reporting Portal Users Direct Query Access Customer-Facing Analysis Recommendations Data Warehouse Amazon EMR Cluster Aggregation and Analysis Direct Ingest from Amazon S3 Amazon S3 Bucket AWS Data Pipelines— Regularly Run Log Rotation DB Exports
  11. 11. Monitoring Analytics Ordering Billing Provisioning Metering Customer N Whole stack Auto scaling CostCenter=CustomerN Tag CostCenter=CustomerN Auto scaling CostCenter=CustomerN Tag Tag Auto scaling CostCenter=Customer1 Tag CostCenter=Customer1 Auto scaling CostCenter=Customer1 Tag Tag Customer 1 …. SaaS Platform
  12. 12. Feature Usage Monitoring Analytics Ordering Billing Provisioning Metering SaaS Platform Auto Scaling Auto Scaling Customer 1 Customer 2
  13. 13. Amazon EC2 Container Service Cluster Monitoring Analytics Ordering Billing Provisioning Metering SaaS Platform Customer 1 Customer 2 Amazon EC2 Container Service
  14. 14. ~ Spot
  15. 15. Security Group Security Group
  16. 16. Application Data Access Layer Interaction Monitoring Analytics Authorization & Authentication Delivery Ordering Billing Provisioning Metering Users Cache Data Locator App Data Security: Rights Rights SaaS Consulting:
  17. 17. 1.AWS flexibility Quickly respond to changes in application needs in a cost effective way 2.AWS innovation Keep up with latest industry trends without building it all yourself 3.AWS ecosystem Stand on the shoulders of giants on the AWS platform
  18. 18. Collaborate Build Grow
  19. 19. Office Hours Reference Architectures Journey Stories Partner Solutions Upcoming Webinars* *A complete schedule will be posted on the APN Portal for registered SaaS Partners.
  20. 20. Please give us your feedback on this session. Complete session evaluations and earn re:Invent swag. SaaS Architecture Best Practices: • Separate the platform and program • Future proof through abstraction • Design for multi-multi-tenancy • Know the lifecycle of your data • Choose the right deployment model • Collect everything and learn from it • Optimize for cost and performance • Secure and isolate