Amazon RDS: Deep dive with Oracle


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Amazon RDS: Deep dive with Oracle

  1. 1. Amazon RDS Oracle Deep DiveShakil Langha, Business Development Manager
  2. 2. Makes video gamers happyScales to millions of usersDelivers billions of page flips How?
  3. 3. Makes video gamers happyScales to millions of usersDelivers billions of page flipsWith Amazon RDS
  4. 4. Amazon RDS Customer HighlightsGaming Web Apps Mobile/Social Media
  5. 5. Samsung saved $34M Problem: • Needed to reduce IT costs and were looking to create a more flexible IT environment Solution: • AWS and RDS services. With every request, the application authenticates devices, delivers apps and content, and pushes notifications. Business Benefits: • Saved $34M in hardware and maintenance expenses, 85% less than running on-premises
  6. 6. Focus on your App with Amazon RDS
  7. 7. Load balancerApplication tierDatabase tier
  8. 8. Load balancer Application tier Invest more time making this innovative Database tierSpend less time managing this
  9. 9. Migration Backup andSchema design recovery Patching Query constructionConfiguration Software upgrades Frequent server Storage upgrades upgrades Hardware crash Query optimization
  10. 10. Migration Backup and recoverySchema design PatchingQuery construction ConfigurationQuery optimization Software upgrades Storage upgrades Focus on the “buck” Frequent server upgrades Hardware crash Off load the “muck”
  11. 11. Security planning License training Backup, recovery load and unload Script automation Performance Installation, upgrade, and tuning patching, migrationSource: Forrester
  12. 12. Amazon RDS OracleRelational Database Service Quick introduction
  13. 13. RDS Oracle OverviewRDS Oracle is a fully managed relationaldatabase service. Choice of Licensing and Oracle Editions Simple to deploy Easy to operate and scale Reliable Cost effective
  14. 14. Choice of Licensing and Oracle Editions Bring Your Own License • Standard Edition One • Standard Edition • Enterprise Edition License Included • Standard Edition One
  15. 15. Three decisions + a few clicks= ready for use
  16. 16. Easy to changeThree decisions + a few clicks= ready for use
  17. 17. Easy to changeThree decisions + a few clicks= ready for use
  18. 18. Three decisions + a few clicks= ready for use
  19. 19. Three decisions + a few clicks= ready for development
  20. 20. Three decisions + a few clicks= ready for scale
  21. 21. Three decisions + a few clicks= ready for production
  22. 22. Three ways to remove the “muck”
  23. 23. Productivity PerformanceData Protection
  24. 24. ProductivityMost admin tasks are managed by RDS Provisioning Database backups Patching Performance management
  25. 25. ProductivityDatabase snapshots Automatic Point in time recovery Faster time to recover
  26. 26. Productivity Completely transparent storage management Multiple schemas per instance Standard user accounts Connect and query using common Oracle tools & drivers Tune engine parameters Import and export data using standard utilities (Data Pump) Monitoring and metrics Shell, super user or direct file system access (Think security!)
  27. 27. ProductivityNear zero administration Painless patching, automatic upgrades Cloudwatch monitoring, Metric alarms One click. High Availability.
  28. 28. ProductivityOne click. High availability with Multi-AZ Automated deployment across multiple AZs Synchronous replication from master to replica Built-in monitoring and automatic fail-over Test fail-over
  29. 29. PerformancePush-button scale, high performance Scale storage online from 5Gb to 1Tb of storage Scale instance from a single core to 8 cores High memory instances with up to 68 GB memory Add ElastiCache for performance
  30. 30. Data ProtectionPainless data protection Daily database back-ups (save up to 35 days) Snapshot any time. Point in time restore Recover everything up to final 5 minutes VPC, DB Security groups
  31. 31. Amazon RDS OracleRelational Database Service Some Details
  32. 32. Available Oracle FeaturesOracle Enterprise Manager – DB ControlOracle Application Express (APEX)Data Pump (Network Mode)XML DBOnline RedefinitionFlashback and Total RecallVirtual Private DB (VPD)Advanced CompressionPartitioningDatabase LinkOracle AQ
  33. 33. RDS Provisioned IOPS1,000 IOPS for every 100 GB of storage10,000 IOPS at 1 TB allocated storageWorks with Multi-AZ RDS InstancesProduction grade throughput andconsistency“Amazon RDS Provisioned IOPS provided a turbo-boost to our enterpriseclass database-backed applications. In the past, we have invested hundredsof days in time consuming and costly code based performance tuning, butwith Amazon RDS Provisioned IOPS we were able to exceed thoseperformance gains in a single day.” Adam Kierce – Director, ShineTechnologies
  34. 34. RDS Oracle Data ImportOracle SQL Developer – Database CopyOracle Data Pump – Good for small and large imports – Imports schema and dataOracle SQL*Loader – Large data loads from flat filesMaterialized View Replication – Setup dblinks
  35. 35. Getting Started with RDS OracleRDS Free Tier - BYOL Available to new customers for 1 year 750 hours/month of a micro RDS instance + 20 GB storage, 20 GB backup, 10 million IOsRDS With License Included About $30 / month for a micro RDS instance Available in all AWS regions
  36. 36. Questions?
  37. 37. Thank youFree tier slangha@amazon