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Advanced Topics - Session 2 - Introducing AWS OpsWorks


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With the introduction of AWS OpsWorks, you can now build and manage your application stacks with the finesse and control of Chef recipes. OpsWorks compliments the AWS management frameworks and in this session we'll dive deep on how to use OpsWorks and how to get the best from the framework.

Thomas Metschke, Technical Program Manager, AWS
Rik Heywood, Technical Director, Workfu

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Advanced Topics - Session 2 - Introducing AWS OpsWorks

  1. 1. Thomas MetschkeIntroducing AWS OpsWorksTechnical Program Manager
  2. 2. Once upon a time…Making Donuts1. Make dough2. Roll and cut the dough3. Separate donuts from holes4. Let the dough rise5. Prepare the glaze6. Frying time!7. Let them dry8. Apply glaze9. Add sprinkles (optional)
  3. 3. Source:
  4. 4. Recipes + AutomationEric
  5. 5. Introducing AWS OpsWorks• Integrated application management solution for ops-minded developers and IT admins• Model, control and automate applications of nearly anyscale and complexity• AWS Management Console, SDKs, or CLI• No additional cost
  6. 6. Why Use AWS OpsWorks?SIMPLEEasy to use,quick to getstarted andproductivePRODUCTIVEReduceserrors withconventionsand scriptedconfigurationFLEXIBLESimplifiesdeploymentsof anyscale andcomplexityPOWERFULReduces costand time withautomationSECUREEnablescontrol withfine grainedpermissions
  7. 7. Improve productivity• Scalable infrastructure• Flexible architecture• Deploy often• Staging environmentsAWS OpsWorks gives us the tools we needto automate operations.We can scale Monster World, one of thelargest Facebook games, to millions of userswithout ever needing more than twobackend developers.Jesper Richter-Reichhelmhead of engineering
  8. 8. Rik HeywoodCTO at WorkFu
  9. 9. Basic Layers• HAProxy– Minor config changes as our site uses https for everything• PHP App Server– Customized Apache config and PHP.ini using template overrides• MySQL– We also install scripts to backup the database via custom recipes.
  10. 10. Additional layers that share App instances• Memcached Layer– Allows us to deploy memcached onto any instance– We auto install it on all PHP instances to use spare memory• Queue Worker Layer– Processes messages in our background task queue.– Again, we install one worker worker on all PHP instances.– Helps to scale queue throughput as traffic increases– We can still deploy dedicated queue worker instances if we need to
  11. 11. Layers sharing database instance• RabbitMQ Layer– We queue up a lot of background tasks, such as querying the Twitter API, rebuildingthe search database, sending out notifications to users etc.• Sphinx Layer– A full text search engine.• Both services place very little load on the instance.– If load on either of these, or MySQL, gets too high, we can easily migrate them todedicated instances.
  12. 12. Other features we depend on…• Simple one click deployment– Could be automated on push via API, but we prefer manual control of this.• A realistic staging / testing environment– Cloned our stack to create an identical duplicate of it– Same cluster and config on Production and Staging– We can leave Staging switched off most of the time, saving cash.• No long complicated out of date documents explaining how to set up serverinstances - its all automated and in our git repository.
  13. 13. AWS Application Management ServicesElastic Beanstalk OpsWorks CloudFormation EC2Convenience ControlHigher-level Services Do it yourself
  14. 14. The heart of AWS OpsWorksAgent on eachEC2 instanceOpsWorkstalks with
  15. 15. The heart of AWS OpsWorksunderstands a set of commands that aretriggered by OpsWorks.The agent then runs a Chef solo run.Agent on eachEC2 instance
  16. 16. Instance lifecycle commands
  17. 17. Enough talkingDEMO TIME
  18. 18. Improve reliabilityGitCodeJenkinsBuild TestOpsWorksProvision Deploy Monitor
  19. 19. What’s next for AWS OpsWorks?• Deeper integration with AWS resources (e.g., ELB)• More built-in layers• Advanced VPC integration (beyond today’s support for thedefault VPC)• And more!• Please give us your feedback in the OpsWorks forums.
  20. 20. Thank You!For more information, please visit us at Metschke@tmetschke