AWS Summit 2013 | India - How Start-Ups Benefit from AWS, Rajas Karandikar


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Gain insight into how Indian Start-Ups have innovated & scaled on the AWS platform. Alongside the presentation, you will hear from actual customers about their deployments using AWS services & how they leveraged the benefits.

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AWS Summit 2013 | India - How Start-Ups Benefit from AWS, Rajas Karandikar

  1. 1. Rajas Karandikar Account Manager How Start-Ups Benefit from AWS
  2. 2. What are Startups Running on AWS Today? Gaming Social Media Digital Media Mobile Big Data/Analytics Education
  3. 3. Classle uses AWS to Provide a Cloud-Based Social Learning Platform AS A STARTUP, WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BALANCING SCALABILITY WITH CASH PRESERVATION; WE GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS WITH AWS – Vaidya Nathan, Founder and CEO • Founded: 2009 • Funded: No • Team Size: 50+ • On AWS since: 2010 • Network of 150,000+ members from over 800 colleges • Uses EC2, S3, RDS, ELB, CloudWatch and CloudFront • Reduced page load times by 18%; total costs by 8%, brought down time- to-market to 2 days
  4. 4. Druva uses AWS to offer enterprise endpoint backup and file sharing on the cloud AMAZON’S CONTINUOUS INNOVATION HAS ALLOWED DRUVA TO EXPAND ITS CLOUD STACK AND MOVE AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION – Milind Borate CoFounder & CTO • Founded: 2008 • Funded: Yes • Team Size: 150+ • On AWS since: 2010 • Integrated platform for endpoint backup, secure file sharing, data loss prevention and real-time analytics • Using DynamoDB and S3 within their cloud backup solution • Lowered cost by >50% by moving from Cassandra to DynamoDB
  5. 5. Zenga uses AWS to Provide Live TV Channels, Live TV Streaming, Video Sharing on the Internet BENEFITS OF USING AWS INCLUDED SCALABILITY, PAY-AS-YOU-GO MODEL AND LOW HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENT – Shabir Momin, CEO • Founded: 2007 • Funded: No • Team Size: 50+ • On AWS since: 2010 • Provide Live TV Channels, Live TV Streaming on Net • Uses EC2, S3, RDS, and CloudFront, with servers in Ireland and Singapore • 36 people managing the infrastructure which was reduced to 4 when we moved to AWS
  6. 6. BSB’s Hike messaging App runs on AWS to Deliver Millions of Messages per Day Among 5+ Million Users • Founded: 2012 • Funded: Yes • Team Size: 50 • On AWS since: 2013 • BSB is a JV between Bharti Enterprises and SoftBank, focused on the mobile eco-system in India • 5 million registered users in 4 months, millions of messages per day • Global product with emphasis on Indian market requirements • Real time Elasticity AWS SIMPLIFIES INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT, PROVIDES INSTANT ELASTICITY, AND FREES OUR TIME TO FOCUS ON BUILDING MORE FEATURES IN OUR APP – Anil Goel CTO, Hike
  7. 7. Inmobi uses AWS to Develop and Launch New Products WE ESTIMATE SAVING AS MUCH AT $600,000 PER YEAR IN CAPITAL COSTS WITH AWS - Mohit Saxena, Technology Founder • Founded: 2007 • Funded: Yes • Team Size: 500+ • Using AWS since: 2011 • Mobile ad network delivering media ads, text, and banners to over 570 million customers in 165 countries • Saving an estimated $30,000 to $50,000 per month in server costs • More time to focus on business instead of sourcing and managing server resources
  8. 8. PlayBlazer uses AWS to build Massively Scalable Multiplayer and Social games WE HAVE BEEN VERY HAPPY WITH LOW LATENCY AND FAST PERFORMANCE IN ACCESSING AWS CLOUD SERVICES REGARDLESS OF THE AWS REGIONS WE USE – Nikhil Soman CoFounder & CEO • Founded: 2012 • Funded: Yes (YetiZen accelerator) • Team Size: 10+ • On AWS since: 2012 • Playblazer provides backend-as-a- service to game developers/studios for social and multiplayer games • Cut down development time and lowers costs by 50% • Finalist at AWS Startup Challenge 2012 – Gaming category