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AWS Summit 2013 | Auckland - Technical Lessons on How to Do Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud


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Maintaining data integrity and guaranteeing business continuity is of utmost importance for any organisation. However, in today's world, those systems have grown in complexity and cost, while the business demands IT agility and lower costs. In this talk, we will explore how organisations should approach backup and disaster recovery, and how these two aspects can be implemented in the cloud to improve efficiency and flexibility. The talk starts with general concepts, and then dives into technical details, culminating in real customer examples that showcase some tips and tricks and the benefits of a cloud-based approach.

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AWS Summit 2013 | Auckland - Technical Lessons on How to Do Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

  1. 1. Dean SamuelsRules for Backup and Disaster Recovery in the CloudSolution Architect
  2. 2. Agenda• Prologue The need for Backup and DR• Rules Backup and DR with AWS• Customer Reference Ausenco and NZ Post
  3. 3. The need for Backup and DR
  4. 4. Some “natural” examples….after Brisbane Floods – January 13th 2011Coronation Drive, Milton, QLD.…Photos:
  5. 5. Some “natural” examples….after Brisbane Floods – January 13th 2011Coronation Drive, Milton, QLD.…Photos:
  6. 6. Some “natural” examples….after Brisbane Floods – January 13th 2011Coronation Drive, Milton, QLD.…Photos:
  7. 7. Some “natural” examples….Christchurch Earthquake - Feb 22nd 2011Manchester & Glouchester Street, Christchurch....Photos:
  8. 8. Some “natural” examples….after Hurricane Sandy – October 29th 2012Breezy Point, Queens, NY, USA.…Photos:
  9. 9. What about “human-made” examples….“Everything fails, all the time”Werner Vogels, CTO,
  10. 10. Backup and DR with AWSDrivers for Backup and DR with AWS
  11. 11. Business and Technical Drivers with AWS….Reduce costsSlash DR budgets by up to 50%Consolidate sitesEliminate the need to run asecondary siteReduce on-premiseEliminate 30%+ of on-premisephysical equipmentRemove agingtechnologiesEliminate tape for backup andarchive
  12. 12. The fundamental economic model…Utility, on-demand datacenterPrimary SiteRoutersFirewallsNetworkApplication LicensesOperating SystemsHypervisorServersSANPrimary StorageBackupArchiveAWSRoutersFirewallsNetworkApplication LicensesOperating SystemsHypervisorServersSANSnapshot StorageBackupArchiveSecondarysite costs
  13. 13. You can have different DR solutions• Easy to integrate existing vendors with DR on AWS• Approach: One vendor/hybrid/multiple vendors• One region/multi-regions (if you need geo-diversity)• Different DR ArchitecturesBackup & Restore Pilot lightWarm standby inAWSMulti-site solutionin AWS & on-premise
  14. 14. Assets will sit on a spectrum of technical complexity…DR & business continuityRebuild whenrequired fromoffsite backupRun hot-hotconfiguration withauto-failoverRecovery Time Objective(RTO)How quickly you need this asset to be recovered?e.g. 1min? 15min? 1hr? 4hrs? 1day?Recovery Point Objective(RPO)How ‘fresh’ the recovery must be for the asset?e.g. zero data loss, 15mins out of date?
  15. 15. Backup and DR with AWSBackup and Storage Options
  16. 16. Simple Storage ServiceHighly scalable object storage1 byte to 5TB in size99.999999999% durabilityElastic Block StoreHigh performance block storage device1GB to 1TB in sizeMount as drives to instances withsnapshot/cloning functionalitiesGlacierLong term object archiveExtremely low cost per gigabyte99.999999999% durabilityStorage OptionsVery fast‘instance’ disksSlow, rare accessFast web objectstorage
  17. 17. Storage Gateway – Connect On-Prem with the AWS Cloud1. Local, low-latency access to themost frequently used files whilestoring all data in Amazon S3(Cached-Volumes)Or2. Scheduled off-site backups toAmazon S3 for on-premises data(Stored-Volumes)
  18. 18. Cost($/GB/month)Performance DurabilityAmazon S3 0.095  Amazon Glacier 0.01  AWS Storage Gateway0.095(+ 125/GW) Amazon EBS 0.10  Amazon EBS (PIOPS) 0.125  *AWS Oregon pricingStorage Options
  19. 19. Backup and DR with AWSBackup and DR Rules
  20. 20. 1. My backup should be accessible2. My backup should be able to scale3. My backup should be safe4. My backup should work with a DR policy5. Someone should care about itBackup Rules
  21. 21. VPNPublic / AWS Direct ConnectAWS Import/ExportBackup Rules – My backup should be accessible
  22. 22. GW-Cached volumesGW-stored volumes“Warm” storage“Cold”Backup Rules – My backup should be accessible
  23. 23. Access both via SDKs and via third-party softwareS3 GlacierInternet WebServices APIHTTP(S)Via SDK Via 3rd parties
  24. 24. • “Infinite” scale with Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier• Scale to multiple regions• Seamless• No need to provision• Cost tiers (cheaper at scale)Backup Rules – My backup should be able to scale
  25. 25. • SSL Endpoints (Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier)• Signed API calls• Store encrypted files• Server-side encryption• Multiple copies across different data centers• Local/cloud with AWS Storage GatewayBackup Rules – My backup should be safe
  26. 26. Backup Rules – My backup should work with a DR policy
  27. 27. • Clear ownership• Permissions with IAM: Users, groups  roles• Logs• AWS supportBackup Rules – Someone should care about it
  28. 28. Pilot lightStoppedinstances
  29. 29. Pilot lightRunninginstances
  30. 30. Backup and DR with AWSA “Backup/Restore” & “Pilot Light” reference…
  31. 31. Remember Brisbane, QLD…..Source:
  32. 32. Brisbane - January 13th 2011AusencoSource:
  33. 33. • ASX200 company• Head office in Brisbane• 29 Offices in 19 countries• 3500 EmployeesAusenco Offices
  34. 34. The Result• Low effort• Incremental rollout• Cloud migration• Efficient, effective usage of bandwidth• Application/database servers• Regionalised deployment
  35. 35. • New Zealand Post is a state-ownedenterprise responsible for providingpostal services in New Zealand.• “Pilot Light” Disaster Recovery solutionfor NZ Post Online platform• VPN connectivity back to on-premisefor data synchronisation of businesssystemsNew Zealand Post – Agile Disaster Recovery“AWS is providing us a costeffective and highly agiledisaster recovery capabilityfor our online platform.”Rob Holmes, Head of Online
  36. 36. Backup and DR with AWSThe new HA/DR continuum…
  37. 37. The new HA/DR continuum…DR with High Availability
  38. 38. App DR with StandbyThe new HA/DR continuum…
  39. 39. Reducing Costs• AWS cost reduction (e.g, S3 cost reduction on Apr 2nd 2013)• Reduced redundancy (Amazon S3)• Retention policy• Hot/warm/cool/cold backup• Reserved capacity/tiers0–1 TB 0.095 0.0761–50 TB 0.080 0.06450–500 TB 0.070 0.056500–1,000 TB 0.065 0.0521–5 PB 0.060 0.0485+ PB 0.055 0.037Amazon S3Standard$/GB/MonthReduced$/GB/Month34PriceReductions