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Nigeria - My Country


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A few facts about the country

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Nigeria - My Country

  1. 1. NIGERIA!! Nigeria is a coastal country located in West Africa, sharing borders with the Republic ofBenin, Chad, Cameroon and Niger. It comprises of 36 States, and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
  2. 2. Above is the Nigerian Flag, the green stripes represent Nigeria’s agriculture industry and lushvegetation, and the white represents the desire for peace and unity in the country. Nigeria has over 200 different ethnic groups alone, but the three main are Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, the seventh mostpopulous country in the world, and the most populous
  3. 3. I live in one of the tiniest and busiest states in the country, Lagos State. It was the formercapital of the country, but is no longer because of its closeness to the coast. As you can see, Nigeria has very rural regions and very urban regions. The stark contrast is very concerning, and the two different regions are sometimes not too far from one another. Thefirst two pictures are two of my favorite photos showing a part of Lagos known as the “Island.” I prefer the second because it doesn’t hide what the day-to-day traffic on the streets of Lagos is constantly like. The Nigerian cultures are very rich, and it has been of recent concern to preserve them.Needless to say, I LOVE my country and I miss