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Possible institutions

  1. 1. Is a child company to Sony A major Hollywood A major Hollywood Pictures Entertainment and has,world wide institution, huge served several differentphenomenon. Its amounts of success in purposes for it parent companysuccess is evident the past. Series of world such as our Inspiration Vacancyacross the world after class films.continuousblockbuster hits. What kind of media institution might distribute our media product and why? Parent company to Screen Games., which is familiar to horrors, producing our Is a British film inspiration Vacancy. company, most famous for it’s huge success A newly British with the series of Harry independent institution Potter films which were which has famously a Global hit. embraced up and coming films such as Inbetweeners
  2. 2. To decide what institution I will go for I am going toa Dragons Den competition, to see who’s got thebest overall recourses for Appleby StreetUnfortunately ‘Sony Picturescouldn’t make today, their loss.
  3. 3. I sold Appleby Street with confidence, and at the end of the interview. I get a bidding from all 5 institutions, So I ask them what percentages they want for the price they are willing to invest? And why should I go for them? I will invest 15 million and 60% I will invest 1 shares. I will investI will invest 25 I will invest 10 million pounds million pound 2.5million And will demand 50% And want 15 % And will want shares shares. 20%shares.but will demand75 % shares Thank you for your offer, now what can you offer me?
  4. 4. First up ‘Warner Bros’• We have produced many of the latest worldwide phenomenons such as:
  5. 5. For box office in 2010 as you can see we aresailing at the top, if you want to succeed in aglobal market, we are the way forward.
  6. 6. But Warner do you have any history with ‘Horror films’• We do not have any experience with horror films, but we can develop the film to meet your needs. Sorry but we are looking for some more experience in our genre. Thank you for your offer but I decline
  7. 7. Next up ‘Hey day films’• Well we have huge success over the years famously with our series of Harry PotterBut also we have experience in your genre suchas:
  8. 8. Also our headquarters are based in London and this isevidence why London is a extremely profitable placeto exhibit your film in the U.K
  9. 9. Thank you for the offer and I will have to let you knowonce I have heard from the offer institutions Thank you , Im hoping you choose us.
  10. 10. ‘Bwark’ you are up• We are a up and coming success, currently storming the world with our Inbetweeners movie, following our series which was also a huge success. We are also based in England and have connections with Film 4 so we will easily be able to get your film on television
  11. 11. Do you only have experience in comedy? Thank you for the offer but we are strictly seeking an institution with horror experience. So I will have to declineYes but we could convert your offer.your film into a comedy, asBens character createshumour. As we are wellknown by your targetdemagraphic for ourhumour we can manipulatethe public
  12. 12. Next up Screen Gems• an American movie production company and subsidiary company of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group that has served several different purposes for its parent companies over the decades since its incorporation.• We have produced Horrors such as
  13. 13. Will you accept our offer? I am extremely happy to say it went very well and you are in high contention for our film, especially because you produced Vacancy which was a huge inspiration
  14. 14. Next up ‘DreamWorks’• We are on a global scale, well known in various countries known for our blockbuster hits.• I’m not going to name all our blockbuster hits, otherwise I will be here all day, so I’m only going to talk about the film from your genre and look how successful they were:
  15. 15. We are set in America and this is why you willonly succeed at a global level, in America
  16. 16. DreamWorks I am sorryto say that I have todecline your offer as weare not ready to climbthe global scale.
  17. 17. Our winners
  18. 18. Why I went with ‘Screen Gems’It offered us the best in terms of conventions ofa horror, as we used Vacancy to inspire us toestablish an horror film.So they have experience in working with a filmsimilar to us, which will mean they will have thebest recourses available to make our film thebest of its ability, to be able to sell most in termsof profit.
  19. 19. As Screen Gems cannot offer us the Fundinghighest budget, which will prevent usgaining a higher box office. We will needto find some sources of funding. First light productions are severely helpful for helping young people develop their skills. They help focus on funding and working with beginning film makers , which encourages the whole situation as we will all be developing together. The Uk council would have been a great This funding would be good to choice for our film, as it helps up and receive, but not as significant to coming institutions and films. They would distribute our film for cinema release. have been able to grant us a funding and This would be our favourable funding as receive a digital release using their it emulates our institution in ‘Screen facilities. Gems’ showing we are not ready to grow on a global scale yet. The national lottery is also very appealing for us, as it is a British funding and show major concern for British films. It also has funded many successful films and it has a substantially huge audience. This would be as good for our target audience though as this is more a mainstream funding and we are trying to be specific as possible to our genre,
  20. 20. Independent cinemas that could exhibit the filmWe are going to focus our cinemas in London as it is the most popular region to exhibit films.
  21. 21. Based in London, Greenwich Picture house has 5 screens and will show a rangeThe Curzon Soho show a broad range of mainstream releases which means thatof art-house and independent films it will be not of our most fondestand shorts. Situated in Londons Soho unfortunately, also they apply foreigndistrict, the cinema has three well language and that’s not we are essentiallyequipped screens and there is also a looking for.special seasons and visitingcafe at street level. Curzon Cinemas festivals. They also programme a wide mixalso operate Curzon Mayfair. This of live music, comedy, artists film and video work and special film events in theirwould be extremely significant for us dedicated basement screening room.as it is in a location which the audienceare demanding, and this cinema offersless established films to be exhibited. The Horse Hospital is a unique arts venue in London which has been providing a space for underground and avant-garde media since 1993. We wanted our cinema to be unique, but it’s unique in a way which would not fit the conventions of our film, so therefore we would not be looking at this The BFI Southbank offers the widest range cinema. of films screened anywhere in the UK. Run by the bfi this is a national organisation which screens rare silent comedies to The Exploding Cinema is a coalition cutting edge digital cinema, blockbusters of film / video makers committed to to B-movies, classics to cult movies in a developing new modes of exhibition variety of seasons and retrospectives. This for underground media, which is a is one which we will be possibly looking at cinema which we would feel to be a but have to take into consideration that it very good choice as it focuses on might become mainstream. underground media.