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Inbetweeners convergence


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Inbetweeners convergence

  1. 1. Inbetweeners The movie
  2. 2. Convergence and synergy• Phones 4 U used Inbetweeners box set of the series 1,2 and 3, to help them purchase the Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile phone at Phones 4 U stores.• But to also celebrate the release of the new Inbetweeners film.• “Filmology were instrumental in developing the relationship with the films UK Distributors, not only delivering the DVDs and procuring the rights to use the films images, but providing a holiday competition prize to Crete too.” (Sally Dyson –BIG Group)
  3. 3. How this benefited the two institutions• As the Inbetweeners series was a huge hit, the series boxes were a significant amount. So the public would have gone to Phones 4 U to buy the Galaxy Ace, so they would sell more mobiles due to the Inbetweeners box set.• It would have benefited the Inbetweeners institution because, Phones 4 U have gave the public box set of their series, which will make the public want to see the film after they have experienced the series.
  4. 4. The End