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  1. 1. Who’s idea was Inbetweeners• The inbetweeners was Created and written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris, the show follows the life of suburban teenager Will (Simon Bird), and three of his friends. But originally the show Inbetweeners was an idea of James Bobin which was called Baggy Trousers.• So Damian Beesley and Ian Morris who met on the Peep Show, who then launched their own company Bwark productions. They used the idea of Baggy Trousers and used it to launch there own show The Inbetweeners.• The inbetweeners rose against all expectations becoming one of the most popular comedy series at this time. It was traditionally targeted at teenagers but it caught the eye of all age groups.• The certificate of the comedy series was a 15 because its rude dialogue and expressions throughout the series.
  2. 2. The Age of Characters• The ages of the 4 main characters is 17-18• The reasons for this is because it is really easy to relate to because the target audience is aged 15 and above so you are either going through the stage, or you relate these characters to your childhood or you childrens teenage attitude.• The reason why the use excessive language throughout the series and film is because it shows the everyday language that teenagers use but that it is not offensive it is clearly banter (most of the time.)• The use of them being 17-18 is used a lot when they occasionally try to be mature and act like a responsible adult, and the always the inevitability of it going wrong, to create humour.
  3. 3. Ethnicity• All 4 of the main characters are white British teenagers, this is to represent a typical English town. Throughout the series there is use of other cultures, for example Patrice.• Race is played throughout the series to create humour but also to show that the boys are perceived when they come across other cultures, this is to represent how modern day English teenagers act when they see a person different culture.
  4. 4. Gender• All of the 4 main characters are male to represent the male dominance, this is effected because boys usually put them out more to do embarrassing things which creates humour for the audience.• We see throughout the series and the film the idea of trying to be a typical strong male who the ladies love (which time and time again we find out that they are not) the use of this is the humour created by competition because as the stereotypical man they try to be the best but deep down they would settle for a lot less.• The use of gender is represented through mise-en-scene from the use of “zip up jackets” to give the hard man look. Also through the use of sound
  5. 5. The Use Of The Name Inbetweeners• “inbetweeners” is a brilliant way to sum them up in one word because throughout the series and the film they are far from the cool kids, Donovan and the club promoter. But they are not quite as low in the social class as John and the geeks,• This is why the act cool around each other but when confronted by the cool/strong people they suddenly pipe down e=related.• They try to be cool and to show off to the girls by acting like a proper man and they usually end up making them selves look like idiots, which creates humour. sults_main&playnext=1&list=PLFE6E0D6019801411
  6. 6. The characters Personalities
  7. 7. Will• Will is a boy who had to move from his “private school” to a low class secondary school and there is constant humour with him trying to adapt to life in this environment.• Although he tries to show maturity and sophistication he shows lots of amount of humour because the use of him always being a victim.• The audience get laughs from how constantly unlucky Will wasthis is to represent Will as the character with the most intelligence but the fact that in any situation he cannot win as his luck constantly fails him.
  8. 8. Jay• Throughout the series and film we see that jay constantly lies about everything he does, this is used because as teenagers you all have the mate that lies about everything.• We see that he is feared of his dad because his dad always puts him down which maybe why he lies so much.• Although he lies about being a man with the ladies and that he doesnt care about anything other than sex, But there are glimpses where he reveals that deep down he has feelings when he gets dumped by his girlfriend and starts to cry.
  9. 9. Neil• Neil is a funny character, who is a man of very few words. But when he does open his mouth nothing useful tends to come out which gives the audience comedy but what the producers do well is to not over use the fact of him being thick so when he comes out with funny comments they are not predictable.• The best factor of Neil is his approach to life because throughout the series and the film we try to gather how Neil actually get by in life and it makes the audience realize you can make something from nothing.• The funniest thing about Neil is how ridiculously good he is at dancing, these unexpected moments sum up Neil that you dont know whats coming.
  10. 10. Simon• Throughout Inbetweeners Simon is represented as the lovebird because he will do absolute anything for love He always Blames his friends for his mistakes with girls and that they are holding him back.• Simon thinks Karle is the love of his life and will not stop going on about her what annoys the other 3 characters because he starts to act weird around her.• Simon comes across as a bit of a stress head in Inbetweeners because he always feeling victimized and goes on a rant and makes himself look like an idiot. The effect of the teenage attitude creates comedy because we realise how stupid we are.
  11. 11. The idea of a film• From the impressive amounts of viewers, leading them to win several awards such as: Best New TV Comedy, British Comedy Awards 2008Best Nominated for Best Situation Comedy, British Academy Television Awards 2009Best Television Comedy Actor (Simon Bird) British Comedy Awards 2009, and many more. After the 3rd series they thought they needed something to top it off, then the used the idea of making a film about the four going on a lads holiday• The film was about the send off, there all going to go there own way university etc. There going to have the time of there life including strenuous amounts of humour throughout the film showing the different personalities of the four characters but together they make the perfect laugh as shown from the excellent reviews about the film as been labelled “the funniest song of 2011.”
  12. 12. The movie• The film was directed by Ben Palmer.• Produced by Christopher young.• Was written by Damon Beesley and Ian Morris.• Narrated by Simon Bird.• Starring Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison.• Music b Oliver Whelan.• Cinematography is by Jon Tester• Editing By William Webb• Studio by Film 4 productions, Bwark productions and Young films.
  13. 13. Malia• The film was filmed in Malia, because it is a perfect place for a lads holiday as Jay quotes its got “sex, beach, booze, sex, booze and sex” and this would be perfect to perform the humour to top the series.• Because of the strong dialogue and the rude expressions it first had a certificate of an 18 but they had to fight hard to make the certification a 15 because otherwise they would have lost a lot of views because allot of the viewers were teenagers because it was a comparison to an average teenagers holiday.• A critical reception was The Inbetweeners Movie has received mostly positive reviews, currently holding a 79% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Ian Freer of Empire Magazine gave the film four stars out of five and observed that Like any holiday, it is episodic and suffers from repetition but this is gag-for-gag the funniest film of the summer and a fitting end to a much-loved series. Screen Daily gave a mixed review, noting that the The Inbetweeners Movie can’t quite shake off its TV roots and plot-wise, this is nothing the Greek tourist board would want to advertise (or Mallorca, for that matter).
  14. 14. Music in the Film• Throughout the film there was a lot of music, they were:Miles Kane – Quicksand‘ Mike Skinner – No Problemo‘ Mental Holiday (From The Inbetweeners) The Vines – Gimme Love‘ Ke$ha – Blow (Cirkut Remix) Plan B - Stay Too Long‘ Introduce Yourself (From The Inbetweeners) Yolanda Be Cool – We No Speak Americano (Radio Edit)Axwell – Nothing But Love (Radio Edit) Mike Skinner – Fernandos Theme‘Youre A Virgin (From The Inbetweeners)Mike Skinner – Twenty Euros‘ Mike Skinner – Waving Not DrowningHe Shoots He Scores (From The Inbetweeners) Mike Skinner – Clunge In A Barrel‘ Deer Tick – Twenty Miles‘ Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (Benny Benassi Remix) Mike Skinner – We Are Go‘ Everything Everything – MY KZ, YR BF (Grum Remix) Mike Skinner – Moanatronic 5000‘ Mike Skinner – Whatever It Takes‘ Two Man Job (From The Inbetweeners) Mike Skinner – Do It‘ Sean Kingston – Party All Night (Sleep All Day)‘ Morning Runner – Gone Up In Flames‘ Mike Skinner – Pussay Patrol‘ To The Pussay (From The Inbetweeners)