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Apple by presentation

  1. 1. Masked Killer Age of characters, Ben:17 Aimee:17 Target Audience Appleby Street 15- 25 Inspirations: Blair witch Halloween Vacancy Genre: HorrorFilmed inCheshunt Question 2 How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?• There are four media techniques to establish social groups.• They are; Editing, cinematography, mise – en scene and sound.
  3. 3. How we portrayed Age through mise• en scene As our target audience is 15-25 years old, we portrayed our characters, so they relate to the audience. This could be interpreted by the ‘mirror phase’ theory from ‘Jacques Lacan’ The mirror phase is the ideal ego’ that is appealing, to be loved and emulated in an enduring narcissistic fantasy This is a shot of the local river island shop in Cheshunt Brookfield centre, which is one of the only accessible, high quality fashionable shop available. Which means the clothes which we used in our film, will be highly popular to the audience. The clothes in river island help portray age as it is a symbol of For my character, we portrayed me wearing clothes fashion. which you would normally associate with an average teenager, as the clothes are from River Island which is One direction are a popular teenage band, a highly popular shop for teenagers. The screen shot who are popular amongst teenage soceity, portrays how we have used mise en scene to portray wearing river Island clothes. Which helps age. As our main character is wearing clothes which portray age as they are a symbol of you would associate with an average teenager, so the fashionable teenagers, our clothing is from the audience can connect with the character., which will same brand of them which portrays a make my character likeable. fashionable young image..
  4. 4. Portraying Age through sound Aimees character’s portrayal of ageThe dialogue of the characters help portray depend on the sound. Her dialogue is veryage, as the dialogue is very down to earth much bossy and demanding, “yes, it’s theand doesn’t contain any forms of only way.” and “it wasn’t that bad.” Thisintelligence involved. shows a stereotypical role of teenage girls, revealing that they always want whatThe portrayal of Ben’s character is that he they never happy and is always moaning. Forexample “you kidding me” and “arr” This stereotypical role of teenage girls isrepeatedly. Which can be related to most help conveyed in this picture as itof the teenagers, who go through the symbolizes that young girls always get theirmoody stage. This character personality is way. Which portrays age as teenage girlsseverely fond of as it creates Humour. A are demanding and this is how wecharacter which we can relate in reference portrayed age through Aimee’s sound is Neville long bottom of HarryPotter who is of the same age range of mycharacter. Neville is significantly popular inthe teenage public as his character ishumorous, we applied this personality sowe can convey age through his humorousacts and dependence on others. The birds tweeting is a diegetic sound. The birds tweeting helps convey the portrayal of age, as it symbolizes that Aimee does everything in slow motion, which most teenagers tend to do. This portrayal also connects the audience with Aimee’s character, as most teenagers have a friend or relative who is a teenager and takes slow to do almost everything.
  5. 5. Portraying age through editingTo portray age through editing, applying the‘time lapse shot’, to show times passing. Thisportrays age because it highlights theindecisiveness of the characters and how longit takes them to get through the journey. Weused ‘time lapse’ to apply ‘pathetic fallacy’, asthis symbolizes the moods of thecharacters, which reveals the characters agethrough their vulnerability and anxiousness. This is a sequence of pathetic fallacy, which we tried to apply via the ‘timeWe took up the stereo typical view that lapse shot’. This portrays age because in the first picture the teenagers are inteenagers are not dependent on their own in their comfort zone, in the second picture they become anxious and in the lastthe dark and are vulnerable to crime. picture they are inevitable to death and are deeply scared. This portrays age as it shows they are not dependent and shouldn’t be outside at night.
  6. 6. How Gender is portrayed through mise en sceneAimee’s character Gender is portrayedby her clothing, as she is in comfort All these clothes are relatedwearing a hoodie and track suit to girl teenagers, especiallybottoms, which instantly represents a of the age of Aimee, soteenage girl who is in comfort. To help these clothes help portrayshow the portrayal of Gender through the image of a youngour film here are some girl clothes from teenager, going through themajor brands similar to Aimees. ‘tracksuit stage’. Adiddas Nike McKenzie This is a picture of one of the Kardashians who is seen as a huge sex symbol, she portrays the gender of women by what she wears and how she sets out her image. The use of mise en scene clearly establishes her Gender, as it is very delicate and girly. We have gone for a similar take on Aimee’s clothing as it following the same basis, wearing a tracksuit which establishes her gender. As the Kardashians wear the same clothing as Aimee it will make it easier to portray gender, as Kardashians are seen as one of the most popular women in society at the moment. All the products which are above are sold in JD, Which is a popular shop amongst the public and Is one of the closest shops available for the Public in Cheshunt as it set in Brookfield centre. All the other designer shops are not as easily Accessible, meaning this will be a popular shop Amongst the audience and will be make it easy to Portray gender as the public will be fond of these Women clothes as they can see it’s advertisement in Cheshunt continuously.
  7. 7. How Gender is portrayed through Tweet sound Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet • Sound helps portray Gender, through the use diegetic sounds. For example the ‘birds tweeting’ to Aimee’s long walk up the hill. This portrays Aimee’s A nice dependence on others as she takes ages to get anywhere. Which portrays gender, comparison as girls/women usually take ages to do anything in a stereotypical view. • This portrayal of Gender maybe negative, but it connects with the audience because everyone knows a girl who takes ages to do everything. Whereas in this screen shot it reveals that when the villain is introduced there is a blatant abuse of male dominance as Aimee’s character is cornered in a vulnerable position whereas the Villain is in a comfortable position.A portrayal of Gender is thatbetween the two main charactersthere is no dominance, even thoughthere is one boy and one girl.Contrasting a stereotypical viewwhich would normally consist of manbeing more dominant shown in thenext screen shot as Aimee and Benare level, showing no blatant abuse ofmale dominance.