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Meet Magento Belarus - Davide Consonni


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Meet Magento Belarus - Davide Consonni speech on Importing large catalogs

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Meet Magento Belarus - Davide Consonni

  1. 1. Updates of large catalogues Easy Magento Products Updates & Data Imports October 15, 2014
  2. 2. Who We Are • Leading eCommerce industry provider of high-quality, multi-channel ecommerce solutions and specialized consultancy services with Magento CE and EE • Magento Associate • Magento Certified Developers • 24 Partners worldwide • Amasty Partner
  3. 3. How We Serve Merchants • Full stack eCommerce provider • Multi-channel, end-to-end eCommerce solutions • Strategic and tactical digital marketing services • Website development • CMS solutions provider & implementation consultants • Our ultimate goal is to reduce friction involved with ecommerce processes in order to unlock merchants’ greatest sales potential
  4. 4. Advanced Logic Top quality eCommerce service provider to help merchants maximize conversions
  5. 5. Magento-Specific Services • Analysis, consultancy & strategy services • Creativity and graphic design layouts • Module and plugin development and customization • Migration to Magento of sites developed with other eCommerce platforms • Inventory management software, ERP, and internal accounting system integrations • Mobile/responsive website optimization And much more!
  6. 6. Our Customers: Bimbo e Natura Multi-brand products for kids and baby kids
  7. 7. Our Customers: Fabbrica Benessere Multi-brand health and wellness products
  8. 8. Our Customers: Emporio Cattani Multi-brand men and women fashion and travel items
  9. 9. Our Customers: IndaBox Module for IndaBox Italian network of collecting points
  10. 10. Suppliers Update • Suppliers Update is a module that simplifies the updating and management of Magento catalogs composed by a high number of articles related to the different suppliers
  11. 11. Current Merchant Challenges • Many merchants utilize multiple drop shippers, manufacturers, and suppliers to create large, varied product offerings and catalogues • Existing product details may require frequent updates, and new product insertions may also be frequently needed • Handling these operations manually is generally a long and costly activity, and for this reason, they are very often managed via CSV imports • On the other hand, different data structures cost merchants considerable amounts of time and money for their handling and for data quality control • Support for different CSV formats and field mapping between Magento attributes and CVS files is thus a valuable benefit for merchants and eCommerce managers
  12. 12. Suppliers Update: What It Is • Magento extension designed to automate process of: • Add new products to merchants’ catalogues • Update existing product information • Log and keep track of uploads, data edits, and other operational details • Preview the modified or inserted articles • Load product images via feed feature Support for any type of CSV file
  13. 13. Who Should Use Suppliers Update? • Merchants who: • Work with multiple drop shippers, manufacturers or suppliers • Have medium to large product catalogues • Update product offerings or product details regularly • Want to optimize the time of publication of new articles or updates of existing articles • Have limited time and/or resources to dedicate to product offering management
  14. 14. Suppliers Update: Benefits & Features • Allows merchants to easily and quickly create new products and alter existing product details via easy general settings adjustments and simple CSV uploads • Feed processors can be run immediately or on regular intervals (as per set cron schedule)
  15. 15. Suppliers Update: Benefits & Features • Can be used to both create new products as well as alter existing products • Allows field mapping between CSV files and Magento fields for ease of uploads
  16. 16. Suppliers Update: Feed Manager • Allows merchants to: • Assign a feed to each drop shipper, manufacturer, or supplier • Assign feed URLs and CSV options for data uploads • Map CSV columns to Magento attributes /fields • Schedule automated uploads of product data • Activate and deactivate individual product feeds
  17. 17. Suppliers Update: Demo • Grid View
  18. 18. Configurable Parameters: Demo • Supports any CSV format through configurable parameters in the Feed Manager
  19. 19. Feed Manager: Grid View • Lists all the the existing Feeds by: • Feed ID • Name ̶ the assigned feed name • Supplier each feed can have ̶ associated a supplier name • Active ̶ indicates if the feed is active or not • Locked ̶ feeds are marked as “locked” when they are being processed by the module • Executed At ̶ is the date and time of the last successful execution of the CSV processor • Scheduled At ̶ indicates the next, scheduled, execution of the CSV processor • Load Products ̶ ass action for immediately execution of one or more feed at once
  20. 20. Feed Manager: General settings • General settings for: • Assign a feed name • Assign the name of the supplier whose feed we will process • Reference the URL of the feed to be downloaded and processed. You can reference the feed address as HTTP URL, FTP URL or relative URL • Set when cron schedule for CSV download and processing It uses standard cron notation • Set the feed active or not, depending if you want the feed processor to be immediately executed, or not.
  21. 21. Feed Manager: CSV Options • CSV Options for having the feed processor compliant with the characteristics and format of the specific CSV: • Encoding. This is the encoding of characters in CSV • Delimiter, to set the appropriate CSV delimiter • Enclosure, to set the character used to enclose string values in CSV • Escape, field is to set the escape character for enclosure symbols in CSV • Headers. If the CSV that we are handling includes headers, we set this value to “Yes”, else, we will set it to “No”. 90% or more of CSVs will have headers, so we will generally set this value to “Yes”
  22. 22. Mapping & Upload: Demo • Supports any CSV schema through mapping between CSV files and Magento fields
  23. 23. Suppliers Update: Columns Mapping • Columns Mapping for map CSV columns to Magento attributes. Supports all Magento fields: • SKU • Name • Quantity • Price • Special Price • Short description • Full description • Manufacturer • Categories (support for multiple Categories separated by a pipe ‘|’) • Weight • Main image • Additional Images (support for multiple Images separated by a pipe ‘|’)
  24. 24. Suppliers Update: View Items • View Items allows the site administrator to have a preview of the processed items (new created products or updated ones) related to all the active Feed processors • The results Grid allows to filter the handled items by feed name and by the other Magento attributes mapped to the CSV file
  25. 25. Suppliers Update: Logs • 3 log types to maintain records & control • Info log • Logs informative messages about feed processing, as times for data uploads, file parsing and CSV import results • Warning log • Logs traces non fatal occurrences as duplicated rows of data and other non-fatal errors • Error log • Logs fatal errors occurred in file processing
  26. 26. Logs and Processed Items: Demo • 3 log types • Registry of processed items
  27. 27. Suppliers Update: Info Log • Info Log traces informative messages: • Time needed to download the remote file • Number of total lines in CSV • Number of skipped product lines (if any) Items could be skipped for different reasons – for example, if SKU in file was empy • Number of updated Magento products (if any) • Number of new created Magento products (if any) If we just update existing data (i.e. products already present in Magento), this value will always be 0
  28. 28. Suppliers Update: Warning Log • Info Log traces non fatal occurrences, as: • Empty identifiers at given rows i.e. when SKU identifier for CSV row was empty • Empty quantities and prices at given rows • Duplicated rows This happens when the same SKU was already used in the feed
  29. 29. Suppliers Update: Error Log • Info Log traces fatal occurrences, as: • Discrepancy between the configured separator and the one used in the CSV • Differences in the headers This happens, for example, if the supplier changed the schema of its feed and the file processor was not re-configured • Differences in the number of columns between CSV headers and CSV rows • The CSV feed no longer exists This happens when, for some reason, the CSV file has been removed
  30. 30. Key Takeaways • With Suppliers Update merchants can immediately reduce time and money spent for creating and updating their Magento product catalogues • For more information: or visit Thank you!
  31. 31. Questions?