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  1. 1. Amaresh Prasad Sahoo Mobile: +91-8123043293 Objective To work in a dynamic and growth stimulating environment, which provides ample opportunity to utilize and enhance my skills and be a successful professional in the field of Information Technology. Summary of Experience ▪ 6+ years of Experience in IT Industry in Software Development includes Analysis, Design and Development of JAVA & J2EE based Enterprise Web Applications. ▪ Extensive experience in design and development of multi-tier applications using J2SE, J2EE, JSF, Spring,Hibernate,Toplink,JavaScript,OracleAS,JBOSS,Maven,Eclipse,Junit etc. ▪ A resourceful, creative and team-oriented individual with more than Six years of experience in project management and system development using Internet and Client/Server based technologies. Recognized for the ability in rapid design, development, and integration of critical systems. ▪ Proficient Knowledge in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirements definition, design, programming / testing and implementation of major systems. ▪ Good knowledge in Algorithms & Data structures. ▪ Experienced with Java Multithreaded programming to develop multithreaded modules and applications & Analysed Thread Dump using IBM TDA. ▪ Good Experience with Business Rules Engine JBoss Drools. ▪ Good knowledge in Object-Oriented analysis and design. ▪ Experience in Developing Applications using JAVA and J2EE (JDBC, JSP, Servlet). ▪ Experience in J2EE Design Patterns. ▪ Experience in JSF & Oracle ADF Framework. ▪ Experience in Hibernate & Top link Framework. ▪ Experience in Spring Framework. ▪ Experience in EJB. ▪ Experience in JavaScript, AJAX & Jquery. ▪ Knowledge in XML & Webservices. Personality Traits ▪ Good Programming skills and software designing capabilities. ▪ Ability to work on strenuous projects to meet deadlines. ▪ Good understanding of requirements and Strong Analytical, Interpersonal and Problem solving skills. ▪ Proven interpersonal relations, communications and people skills. Organizational Experience ▪ Working as Senior Software Engineer in Manthan Software Systems., Bangalore from Feb 2016 till date. ▪ Working as Senior Software Engineer in Crimson Logic India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore from July 2012 to June 2015. ▪ Working as Software Engineer in Sobha Renaissance Information Technology., Bangalore from Nov 2011 to June 2012. ▪ Working as Software Engineer in DTM Associates., Bhubaneswar from Apr 2010 to Oct 2011.
  2. 2. Academic Background ▪ B.Tech (IT) from Biju Pattanaik University of Technology, Odisha in 2009. Technical Skill Programming Languages : Java(J2SE,J2EE),C, C++, SQL Operating System : Windows Family, Red Hat Linux J2EE Technologies : JDBC,Servlets,JSP,JNDI,JMS,RMI,EJB Frameworks : JSF 1.2/2.0,ADF 11g,Spring 2.x/3.x ORM Framework : JPA, Hibernate 3.x/4.x,Toplink 11g Web/ App. Servers : Tomcat 6.0/7.0,JBoss 7.0,Oracle AS 10g. Databases/Tools : Oracle 10g, MySql,Toad 9.0,PL/SQL Developer Web Technologies : HTML,XHTML,XML,JavaScript, AJAX IDE : Eclipse, MyEclipse,JDeveloper,IntelliJ IDEA Networking Protocol : TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, FTP Misc Tools : Log4J, SVN, Maven 2.0, IBM TDA,Drools,Junit PROJECT PROFILE Project #1 Product Title : ARC. Client : FUTURE GROUP. Duration : Feb 2016 to Till date Role : Team Member. Team Size : 12. Environment : Core Java,J2EE,Spring,Javascript,JQuery. App Server : JBoss6.x Database : Oracle 10g,MySQL5.5 Description : ARC is a business intelligence & data warehouse solution, engineered to meet all the unique analytical needs of retail industry. It explicitly addresses the processes, practices and technology nuances of retail business and retail data. Responsibilities: ▪ Interacting with Business Team to analyze business requirements and scope of the product. ▪ Implemented Quartz Scheduler for Alert,Mail and Report Scheduling. ▪ Implemented Business Layer Services. ▪ Involved in design and development of web interface using JSP,Servlets, JavaScript and JQuery for administering and managing users and clients. ▪ Involved in documentation, review, analysis and fixed post production issues. ▪ Lead the technical team and mentored other developers. Project #2 Project Title : MOJ. Client : Ministry Of Justice,U.A.E. Duration : July 2012 to May 2015 Role : Team Member. Team Size : 18. Environment : Core Java,J2EE,JSF2.0 EJB2.0,ADF11g,Toplink11g App Server : Oracle AS 10g Database : Oracle 10g.
  3. 3. Description : MOJ eJustice Program is to develop a Process that aims to enhance the quality of justice. ▪ Responsible for Judicial policies & legislation for UAE ▪ Responsible for registration of lawyers, notary, translators, expert witnesses, etc. It has two main module.CMS and eNotary & Legislation.CMS enables functionality like Case eFiling & Case Hearing online etc. eNotary enables the Ministry of Justice to provide end-to-end paperless notary application processing by allowing public users’ easy access to the notary service with the features as Online Submission,Creation of Notary Document & Upload of supporting documents,ePayment & Printing of notarized document through online with security features. Responsibilities: ▪ Interacting with client to define business requirements and scope of the project. ▪ Implemented Form Validations using Validation Framework. ▪ Implemented Business Layer Services. ▪ Developed Persistence classes and Mapped it by Toplink Workbench. ▪ Developed Business rules using Drools and enforced it to Application. ▪ Have done Performance Tuning and Thread Dump Analysis. ▪ Involved in documentation, review, analysis and fixed post production issues. ▪ Lead technical team and mentored other developers. Project #3 Project Title : SGPGI Client : SGPGIMS, Lucknow Team Size : 15 Role : Team Member Duration : Nov 2011 to June 2012 Environment : Core Java,J2EE,JSF2.0, Spring2.5, Hibernate3.0,Oracle 10g Web/AppServer : Tomcat 6.0 , JBOSS 7.0 Database : Oracle 10g Description : SGPGI is a comprehensive hospital information system for Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), Lucknow (India). It is a breakthrough technology that integrates all the departments in a hospital. It consists of an integrated Hospital Management System (HMS), which addresses all the major functional areas of modern multi-specialty hospitals. It enables better patient care, patient safety, efficiency and reduced costs. It provides easy access to critical information thereby enabling the management to take better decisions on time. SGPGI supports Multi Location implementation where in the hospital has Outpatient, Inpatient and other services in many physical locations. Doctors can get the investigation reports online at their terminal without waiting for the physical report reaching them. Doctors can see the previous investigation results for a patient for better diagnosis. Doctors can view their daily appointment schedules for any day from any terminal. Responsibilities: ▪ Developed xhtml pages using JSF, JavaScript, Ajax and Custom Tag. ▪ Developed Managed Beans and configured it in configuration file. ▪ Implemented Spring IOC and AOP ▪ Implemented Business Layer Services. ▪ Written DAO’s and their implementations With Hibernate. ▪ Developed Persistence classes and configured it in Mapping Document. ▪ Involved in capturing the business requirements, design, development and testing of the application. ▪ Worked on bug fixing and enhancements on change requests. ▪ Mentored the technical team in required scenarios
  4. 4. Project # 4 Project Title : HNBPLC. Client Name : Hatton National Bank, SL. Duration : Apr 2010 to Sep 2011. Role : Team Member. Team Size : 11 Environment : Core Java,J2EE,Struts1.2,Hibernate3.0,MySql 5.0. App Server : Tomcat5.0 Database : MySQL5.0 Description : HNBPLC is a Web based application that provides on-line banking transaction facilities to the customers of the Hatton National Bank. The project involved several modules that involves in developing applications for various financial transactions. Internet Banking Application (IBA) helps customers to check account balance, transfer funds, view transaction history, view transaction status, online trading, bills, credit payments, view bank's branch locations and timings etc. The most interesting feature is that this application also allows tracking loan taken by the customer. The bank provides user id and password for online transactions. Responsibilities: ▪ Developed servlets for activating business processes. ▪ Developed JavaBeans that are used by various modules of the application. ▪ Developed Enterprise Java Beans that do database lookups. ▪ Worked with Struts actions, tags & validation classes. ▪ Involved in design, development and testing of the application. ▪ Developed JSP for different account types presentation layer. ▪ Developed Components and integrated into Servlets and JSP. ▪ Worked on bug fixing and enhancements on change requests.