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One Team, One Dream: Practical Ways of Working Better, Together.


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Originally presented at UX Australia, 2013.

We all have to work in groups to get things done, but sometimes, it can be a challenge… particularly for freelancers, who work with a new group of people on every new job. Everyone can relate to that awkward feeling when one guy takes over the conversation and you can’t get a word in edgewise. Or horrible meetings where no one seems to hear what you’re saying and you want to scratch your eyes out. And those teams that seem to come together, as if by magic, where everyone contributes a unique perspective to build a kick-ass solution. We all remember THOSE teams. How do we ensure we work on teams like that?

Learning to recognize your group habits and problem-solving style can take you leaps and bounds when working on multi-disciplinary creative teams in the office. This presentation aims to teach through an actionable self-assessment and give some helpful tips through theory and real-life stories.

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One Team, One Dream: Practical Ways of Working Better, Together.

  1. 1. 1. One team, one dream: Practical ways to work better, together Kelsey Schwenk @Amarakana #1team1dream
  2. 2. Normally, I teach this stuff to kids. #1team1dream @Amarakana
  3. 3. Let’s do this in two parts. First: Theory Second: Your challenges #1team1dream @Amarakana
  4. 4. First: Theory #1team1dream @Amarakana
  5. 5. 5.#oneteamonedream  @Amarakana   There are many tests out there that try to categorize you.
  6. 6. But the view takes relative scales into account. #1team1dream @Amarakana Manner of processing Orientation to Change Way of Deciding
  7. 7. Internal External vs. #1team1dream @Amarakana
  8. 8. Developer vs. Explorer #1team1dream @Amarakana
  9. 9. Task vs. Person #1team1dreaM @Amarakana
  10. 10. Think about yourself. #1team1dreaM @Amarakana
  11. 11. #1team1dreaM @Amarakana Think about your teammates.
  12. 12. And don’t ever say... “That’s not my job.” #1team1dreaM @Amarakana
  13. 13. Second: Your Challenges #1team1dreaM @Amarakana
  14. 14. Help! There’s a douchebag in the room. #1team1dream @Amarakana
  15. 15. Help! No one is paying attention to me. #1team1dream @Amarakana
  16. 16. Ok, so... What’s makes up an ideal team? #1team1dream @Amarakana
  17. 17. Ok. Let’s talk. #1team1dreaM @Amarakana
  18. 18. To be a good team member: Don’t be possessive. Lead when you need to. Support when you need to. Know yourself. Know your team. Know when you need a meeting... And when you don’t. Be empathetic. Laugh. Stay flexible.
  19. 19. •  Destination Imagination: •  The View: Resources