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Design for Change: The new Troublemakers


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Thick is a strategic design consultancy focussed on making a positive impact on the world. This presentation, by Kelsey Schwenk, was part of Oxfam's Design of Change panel event for Vivid Ideas 2015 in Sydney

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Design for Change: The new Troublemakers

  1. 1. Holla. Kelsey Schwenk @amarakana @studiothick
  2. 2. @amarakana @studiothick #VividIdeas #designforchange
  3. 3. Thick value is genuine value generated without causing economic harm to people or the planet. @amarakana @studiothick #VividIdeas #designforchange
  4. 4. @amarakana @studiothick #VividIdeas #designforchange
  5. 5. Impact
 design … through service design
  6. 6. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. —Albert Einstein @amarakana @studiothick #VividIdeas #designforchange
  7. 7. Free market Social market Co-creative economy @amarakana @studiothick #VividIdeas #designforchange
  8. 8. Use design thinking methods to build stakeholder empathy @amarakana @studiothick #VividIdeas #designforchange
  9. 9. Zero net emissions by 2020 @amarakana @studiothick #VividIdeas #designforchange
  10. 10. Discuss @amarakana @studiothick #VividIdeas #designforchange
  11. 11. Thanks. Kelsey Schwenk @amarakana @studiothick