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Decoding Data: What you can (and can't) learn from Analytics


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From What Do You Know Melbourne, Sept 2013

A 5-min lightning talk about how to best use analytics in your organization. Remember to ask the questions:
- Why am I looking at this data?
- What will it tell me?
- What is the question I’m trying to answer?
- And... So what? What are you going to do with this information once you have it?

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Decoding Data: What you can (and can't) learn from Analytics

  1. 1. Decoding Data: What you can (and can’t) learn from analytics Kelsey Schwenk @Amarakana Flint Interactive
  2. 2. Ask the right questions. Reviewing performance ≠  looking for Improvement. @Amarakana
  3. 3. Data needs context. Metrics are meaningless without it. @Amarakana
  4. 4. Numbers aren’t omniscient. When in doubt, always Ask your users. @Amarakana
  5. 5. And remember to ask... So What? @Amarakana