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What is Content Marketing and Content Management?


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Content Marketing is often referred to as marketing by sharing knowledge and creating value for the audience. The audience can be end customers, influencers, employees or any other stakeholders. Over the past seven months since the launch of Kamakshi Media LLP ( we have created content in the form of audio, images, infographics and blog posts. Through our Podcasts- MyKitaab ( and Digital PowWow: Digital and Social Media ( we have talked about book publishing, social media, digital marketing. More recently, through Baalgatha, which are Children's bedtime stories ( Based on our learnings, I thought of sharing my acquired and practiced knowledge in the form of this short overview.

I am writing about my next book that’s titled “Social Media Alphabet”. This premise of the book is that there is tales one social media site or an app for each letter of the English Alphabet (sometimes more!) This book will walk the readers through some of the major sites or apps, and what are the top two or three “wow” factors about them. Back in April I had released a podcast episode titled “Alphabet for the Social Media Manager”. You can listen to it . This book builds on that work.

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What is Content Marketing and Content Management?

  1. 1. What is Content Management? August 2016 By Amar Vyas
  2. 2. Amar Vyas Co-Founder, Kamakshi Media LLP
  3. 3. The Telegraph (UK), March 2016 “Humans have shorter attention span than Goldfish, 
 thanks to Smartphones”
  4. 4. “Table of Contents” What is content? Types of content Content plan and Marketing (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  5. 5. Created to provide information. Major types of content Text Audio Image Video
 What is Content? (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  6. 6. What is Content? (Contd.) Mix of two or more types. e.g. video + blog post + image 
 Content can be distributed across multiple platforms.
 Can be repurposed (i.e. re-used at more than one location) Changed from one format to another (e.g. audio to text summary) (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  7. 7. Book and eBook Audiobook Infographic (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  8. 8. Creating Content Original Content (created by self)
 Derived Content (based on content created by self or others)
 Curated (created by others)
 Commissioned (made through third parties) (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  9. 9. Maybe not the oldest, but the most widely used TEXT
  10. 10. Lets’ Talk About Text, Baby Types of Text Content − Interviews − Blog Posts − Essays − Analysis − Reviews − Reports − Newsletter − …… Sites/ Platforms − Blog (website, wordpress, etc.) − LinkedIn − Quora − Medium − Reddit − Facebook Posts − Forums − Tumblr − …….. (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  11. 11. Formats − Interviews − Discussion (two or multi) − Opinion/ Analysis − Live streaming − Pre recorded Major sites − iTunes * − Soundcloud * − Stitcher Radio * − Spotify * − Spreaker * − Google Play Music * − Anchor * These are mainly music sites that also distribute podcasts India has 1000’s of years of Oral Tradition (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  12. 12. Formats − Infographics
 − GIFs
 − Drawings/ Paintings
 − Charts
 − Profile Pictures Major sites − Instagram
 − Pinterest
 − Google Plus
 − Tumblr
 − Snapchat
 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  13. 13. (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  14. 14. Video Video Content ● Reports ● Video Blogs ● Interviews ● Web series ● Tutorials ● ... Sites/ Channels − Youtube − Facebook Live − Vimeo − Snapchat − Vine − Instagram − Periscope − …. (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  15. 15. You’ve got content… what’s next?
  16. 16. Next Steps Develop Content Plan
 Content Marketing/Distribution Plan (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  17. 17. Content Plan Objective: Increase visibility of the brand by creating and distributing the content in a well planned manner Content can be Created or Curated; new or repurposed (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  18. 18. Sample Content Calendar Source: Amber Gold Marketing
  19. 19. Content Marketing Self
 By Third Parties (e.g. agencies)*
 Through fans/ followers
 Through Aggregators*
 Via Curators/ influencers* * In many cases these will be on payment basis (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  20. 20. Points To Remember Do not create new content everytime • Curation is effective (sometimes better) Use a content calendar to manage • Use scheduling tools (Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.) to execute Be prepared for a long journey, hard work • Use analytics to gauge engagement (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP
  21. 21. So, who are you? Amar Vyas (c) 2016 Kamakshi Media LLP