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Rent a parent

Are you looking for somebody to take care of your children or elderly parents, or fed up with the negligence of your ward by their current daycare center/ old age homes, then we can help you! Rent-a-Parent services by us is surely the ideal choice as compared to our competitors, the day care centers, child care centers or old folks home whereby we provide personalized care by our experienced and well trained employees. Moreover, these competitors usually many people to be looked after and attended unlike us. If the customer would like to request for somebody to look after their child during the odd hours, only we could provide such a service. Furthermore, if elderly people need care and affection, they also can approach us. This is a much better choice compared to the old age homes because, they will be in their own comfortable surrounding. In order to turn this service into something promising there are some things that can be done by those providing this services.

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Rent a parent

  1. 1. • Physiologist Test• Training on Child Care• Onetime Meals• Promotion/Discounts• Medical Check-up• Evaluation/Feedbacks
  2. 2. • The parent will be at your home. When you want and where you want.•Will keep the person company and help in things to be done.•Child help with home works and playtime.•Good company for your lonely people