5g wireless systems


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5g Wireless Systems, 4g Wireless Systems

5g wireless systems

  1. 1. 5G WIRELESS SYSTEMSBy,Amar SinghRegd. No. :- 09UJ1A0503Branch :- CSEIV Year 7th semester 2013VMR Institute Of Technology & Management Sciences
  2. 2. Contents…• Introduction• Comparison of 1G to 5G wireless technology• Vision of 5G wireless technology• Features of 5G wireless technology• Key concepts• Major challenges• Conclusion• References
  4. 4. Introduction• In this presentation we will discuss 5G wireless systems, better known as 5th generation mobile technology.• Mobile wireless industry had started its technology creation, revolution and evolution since early 1970’s.• 5G wireless technology can change the way we use wireless gadgets by providing very high bandwidth.
  5. 5. introduction• The 5G should be featured with intelligent technology that interconnects the entire world without limits.• 5G introduces a whole new concept of multi-path data path scheme for a real wireless world, a complete wwww.• Thus, 5G should add a number of added advantages over the present 4G technology.
  6. 6. A COMPARISON Of 1G to
  7. 7. Comparison of 1G to 5G technologiesTechnology 1G 2G/2.5G 3G 4G 5GDeployment 1970/1984 1980/1999 1990/2002 2000/2010 2014/2015Bandwidth 2kbps 14-64kbps 2mbps 200mbps >1gbps Broadbandwidt Unified ip &seamlessTechnology Analog Digital combo of h/cdma/ip 4G+WWWW cellular cellular technology LAN/WAN/WLAN/PA N Digital Integrated high Dynamic Dynamic informationService Mobile information access, access, variable voice,short quality audio, telephony messaging video & data variable devices devices with AI capabilitiesMultiplexing FDMA TDMA/CDMA CDMA CDMA CDMA Circuit/circuit for Packet exceptSwitching Circuit access network&air All packet All packet interface for air interfaceCore network PSTN PSTN Packet Internet Internet networkHandoff Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal& Horizontal& Vertical Vertical
  8. 8. VISION OF 5G
  9. 9. Vision of 5G wireless technology• 5G envisions to design a real wireless world, that is free from obstacles of the earlier generations.• This requires an integration of networks.• 5G aims to design a Multi-Bandwidth Data Path by integrating the current and future networks for new network architecture of 5G real wireless world.
  10. 10. Integration of different networks to attain aMulti-bandwidth data path.
  11. 11. Vision of 5G• The 5G wireless internet networks are real wireless world which shall be supported by CDMA, OFDM, MCCDMA, UWB and IPv6.• 5G technology has extraordinary data capabilities and has ability to tie together unrestricted call volumes and infinite data broadcast within latest mobile operating system.
  12. 12. Vision of 5G• The Router and switch technology used in 5G network would provide high connectivity for wireless gadgets. 5G Terminal 5G Terminal 5G Router
  13. 13. Vision of 5G• 5G Technologies will have an extraordinary capability to support Software and Consultancy.• The 5G technology aims to distributes internet access to nodes across the world with almost seamless speed.
  14. 14. FEATURES Of 5G
  15. 15. Features Of 5G Wireless Technology• 5G technology would offer high resolution for wireless gadget users and bi-directional large bandwidth shaping.• The advanced billing interfaces of 5G technology makes it more attractive and effective.• The high quality services of 5G technology is based on Policy to avoid error.
  16. 16. • 5G technology would provide large broadcasting of data in Gigabytes.• The 5G technology network offers enhanced and available connectivity just about the world.• The traffic statistics by 5G technology makes it more accurate.
  17. 17. Features of 5G technology• Through remote management offered by 5G technology a user can get better and fast solutions.• The remote diagnostics also a great feature of 5G technology.• The 5G technology also support virtual private network.
  18. 18. KEY CONCEPTS Of 5G
  19. 19. Key Concepts• Real wireless world with no more limitation with access and zone issues.• Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6), where a visiting care-of mobile IP address is assigned according to location and connected network.• One unified global standard.
  20. 20. Key concepts• Pervasive networks providing ubiquitous computing.• Cognitive radio technology, also known as smart-radio.• High altitude stratospheric platform station (HAPS) systems.
  22. 22. Major Challenges
  23. 23. CONCLUSION To this presentation
  24. 24. Conclusion• 5G technology is going to be a new revolution in wireless systems market.• As data traffic has tremendous growth potential, under 4G existing voice centric telecom hierarchies will be moving flat IP architecture where, base stations will be directly connected to media gateways.
  25. 25. conclusion• 5G will promote concept of Super Core, where all the network operators will be connected one single core and have one single infrastructure, regardless of their access technologies.• 5G will bring evaluation of active infra sharing and managed services and eventually all existing network operators will be MVNOs (Mobile virtual network operators).
  26. 26. References Internet www.FreeWiMaxinfo.comwww.ieee.com/explorer www.hubpages.com
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