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Front cover


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Front cover

  1. 1. Front cover
  2. 2. • Here is the front cover in InDesign after I finished designing it. I have tried to keep my strap lines in place with the grid lines to keep it looking neat and tidy. I have also kept to three fonts, AR DESTINE, IMPACT and Dotum so that the page doesn’t look very busy. I have chosen three fonts instead of two as InDesign won’t allow me to change the font (such as making it in italics) and so for more variation I decided to pick another font. As you can see I have also stuck to the colour scheme of black, white and blue and also the second mock up I did of the front cover.
  3. 3. This is what the magazine would look like with no additional lines placed on top. At the bottom left there is a large black block and this is going to be where my free CD is going to be placed. I have left a gap as I wanted to see what my magazine would look like first before creating the CD cover as I’m going to use the same background that I used for the image onto the cover to create consistency. Also, the magazine I used for inspiration has the same design on the CD cover as on the background of the image.
  4. 4. As you can see the same patterns are used in both areas which is what I am aiming to do.
  5. 5. Inspiration magazine My magazine
  6. 6. Audience feedback: • Many have said that the magazine is good but to improve I could add the artists’ name across the page rather than on the side. This makes it look more similar to the inspirational magazine and therefore making it look more realistic. • In addition to this, I should add boxes around the straplines as this has been done to the MixMag magazine
  7. 7. Improvements • I added white boxes around the straplines as blue was hard to see against the blue background. • I also moved the “DJ AMZZ” into the centre and put a white box around that as well