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Voki in collab space


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Voki in collab space

  1. 1. Creating  and  Embedding  Voki’s   Create your VOKI 1. Go to 2. Follow the instructions to create your VOKI. You can use text to speech, record or upload audio. 3. Once finished click Publish and you will get the embed code.       At  this  step,  click  “NO  THANKS”       Copy the code for your VOKI 1. Copy the VOKI code.
  2. 2. 2. Go back to the Collab space, and click in the Wiki. 3.3. Click on the source button, PASTE the embed code into the display window, then click thesource button again.  LAST STEPS: Make sure your Sub-Page has a NAME entered.Then delete one of the icons in your window (in the window) so that you just have the jigsawicon.  Then clickDONE!!!!