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Contiki - Influence Campaign


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Micro-Influence Campaign for Contiki. Seneca SoMe - Influence Based Marketing (SMD204)

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Contiki - Influence Campaign

  1. 1. Amandine Bula - SMD204 - Influence Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. At the age of 23, John Anderson travelled from New Zealand to London, UK to discover Europe. At this time, he didn’t have much money, he put a deposit on a minibus, gathered a group of people to travel with and at the end, they spent 12 weeks together around Europe. The following summer, in 1962, he decided to promote his idea and was able to create 2 trips. This is how the concept of Contiki took shape. Contiki, now operated by TravCorp, is a travel company that specializes in organizing trips for 18-to-35 years-olds. They offer over 270 trips around the world, going from 3 days to 55 days and from $355 to $11,595. Each trip includes the accommodation (hotel, hostels, camping), transport (bus, mini-bus, boat), meals (continental breakfast, local dinner), sights. Only the A/R flight is not included in the price. Since 1962, they’ve had 2,000,000 travellers. Contiki mantra is #NOREGRETS - living in the moment, pushing past your comfort zone, experiencing your youth to its fullest, challenging yourself, loving every single moment.
  3. 3. Target Audience Demographic: ● Youth between 18-35 years old ● 55% of their travellers are female and 45% are male ● Average traveller age is 26 years old ● Travellers from all the corners of the globe ● Living in urban to suburban environment ● Any ethnicity Behaviour: ● 55% are solo travellers & 45% travel with friends/in couple ● Wanderlust syndrome: open-minded, curious, adventurous, both introvert and extrovert, traveller, energetic
  4. 4. Target Audience ● Tourism ● Savings ● Organized trip ● Meet new people ● Being a part of a community ● Discovering a new country/culture Motivations
  5. 5. Pre-Purchase Life Cycle The audience is in the Consideration Stage, they are already aware of the Contiki Tours. They are evaluating their options between signing up for a Contiki trip or going with a classic travel agency or a D.I.Y. alternative. Disruptive Factors: ● Economical Contiki trips have a certain cost. The purchase depends on the professional status of the future customer. If they have a stable job or not, a full-time job or part-time job or are students. It will also depend if the audience has a mortgage, some properties to look after… ● Groupthink Some people in their surrounding might encourage them, thinking they are brave and even envy them to go on such an adventure. Some others might bring them down because of their own fear of the unknown (culture, people, country). ● Personal The purchase of such a product not only depends on the individual, it also depends on the family situation. If the potential customer is single, married, in a couple, with or without children. ● Emotional The emotional stage where the customer is can also affect a purchase. E.g. a person after a breakup might want to escape.
  6. 6. Micro-Influencers Previous Contiki Travellers Previous Contiki Travellers are sharing their experience on their personal platforms by using various hashtags like #contiki, #contikifamily, #contikitours, #contiki2016. Their hashtags are useful to Contiki to advertise their business on a large scale. Contiki Tours falls back on User Generated Content. They use it to feed their own social media platforms. There is a ‘Review’ section on Contiki website for any previous travellers to share their experience and they can become Contributor on their blog Six-Two. The travellers can also share their experience on third party website.
  7. 7. Macro-Influencers 1. YouTubers / #TheRoadTrip In 2012, Contiki decided to work with 14 YouTubers from all around the world. They gathered a group who created various types of content (lifestyle, humour, beauty, fashion…) and sent them on a 10-day trip in Europe. This trip resulted in over 8 million views of vlogger and Contiki content. #TheRoadTrip was repeated with recurrent and new YouTubers in 2013 (Australia), 2014 (Europe), 2015 (Asia) and 2016 (Peru). 2. Daily Vlog The Contiki is creating their own professional video to promote the different destinations. Recently, they also provide a camera to their team members/travel guides and they are vlogging for YouTube while they are accompanying the travellers on their trip.
  8. 8. N E W Z E A L A N D
  9. 9. Campaign Goals #TheRealRoadTrip New Zealand is rarely in the top travel destinations. The purpose of this campaign is to bring back New Zealand as a Top 1 destination for the 18-to-35 years-olds. 1. Increase Contiki overall sales 2. Increase New Zealand sales, reach 100 individual bookings (3 group trips) in Q4 2017 and in Q1 2018 (Spring & Summer Seasons in NZ) 3. Reach a constant 650K visitors per month* 4. Generate 5,000 views on each vlog * at the moment it fluctuates between 400K & 770K
  10. 10. The Campaign #TheRealRoadTrip With the #TheRoadTrip campaign, Contiki sent YouTubers around Europe (in 2012 and 2014), Australia, Peru and Asia. In 2017, for their 55th anniversary, Contiki would collaborate with “ordinary people” and gather a group of 16 people from around the world to explore, John Anderson origin country, New Zealand since it was never done. How to gather a group? Contiki runs contest from time to time but those contests are for individuals going on separate trips. The contest will be advertised on Contiki website and will offer a trip worth $3.080 to 16 people. To qualify, the contestants need to upload a short video about their city. Key dates: - July 1, 2017: Contest launch - September 1, 2017: Last day for the video submission - September 15, 2017: Winners announcement
  11. 11. #TheRealRoadTrip The prize : The BIG TIKI Trip The group will travel in October for 17 days in 17 cities in New Zealand going from Queenstown to Auckland. The trip is worth $3,080 per person and includes: - Accommodation - Transportation - Meals (breakfast & dinner) - Sights - 24/7 team. The A/R Flight to NZ is not included. For a full description of the itinerary, see Contiki website.
  12. 12. ● Before the trip, the winners will announce on their social platforms, they are going on a trip with Contiki and their friends & family should subscribe to Contiki YouTube channel to follow them on this adventure. ● Each day of the trip, only 1 designated person will be required to vlog the activities from his/her point of view. During the other days, they can keep vlogging with their own materials for their own enjoyment. ● A technical team will be following the group to collect the footage, edit them, create the video upload it on YouTube (User Generated Content) and share it on Contiki social platforms. They will also be responsible for having the material ready (batteries or offer another type of camera depending on the activity (E.g. GoPro). ● Under each video, there will be a link to Contiki website, to the page for The BIG TIKI Trip and also 15% promo code valid on any reservation placed during Q1 2017. Vlogger for a day
  13. 13. Eligibility rules This international contest is open to anyone between 18 to 35 years old at the Contest opening date, July 1, 2017. The contestants need to have a valid passport and be available during October 2017 to fly to New Zealand for 17 days, the exact dates will be at the discretion of the company. The contestants do not need a background in editing, filming, photography or YouTube channel. They will submit a link to a short video about their hometown. Only one entry will be accepted per person. Multiple entries from the same person will be disqualified. The contestants are willing to give their full consent to be recorded and being published on Contiki website and social media platforms. The contestants live behind the mantra #NOREGRETS
  14. 14. Video Requirement To enter the contest, the participants need to upload their contact information and a short video (one video per contestant) about their hometown. ● Subject: Make us discover your city ● Length: 3 to 5 minutes video ● Format: YouTube link ● Submissions end: September 1, 2017 at 5:00PM The video doesn’t need to be edited or shot with a professional camera, videos created with a smartphone will be accepted. The contestant doesn't need to appear in the video. The submissions will be reviewed by the marketing team and the winners will be selected based on the creativity, originality and overall presentation. The winners will be contacted by telephone or by email the following Monday, September 4, 2017. If a winner cannot be reached within 5 days following the first attempt of contact, declines the prize, or fails to return the required release form, the prize shall be forfeited and Contiki will select another winner. The winners will be announced on Contiki website on September 15, 2017 at 9:00 AM. The page will include all the winners’ first name, a profile picture and where they are coming from.
  15. 15. Before #TheRealRoadTrip ● The number of contest entries ● The demographics behind the contestants to better understand who is our audience Social Media Measurement ● The following growth on Contiki social platforms ● The number of views, likes, comments on Contiki social platforms ● The web traffic (volume and source) with Google Analytics Sales Measurement ● The number of sales where the promo code was used (conversion) ● The increase in overall sales and New Zealand sales until the end of Q1 2018 to see how the campaign had an impact on the sales Measurement
  16. 16. The goal of #TheRealRoadTrip campaign is returning to the very essence of Contiki: young men and women who don’t know each other sharing an incredible adventure together. By working with ordinary people instead of YouTubers, Contiki will also demonstrate they have their customers interests close to their heart. It will be interesting to compare the number of impression and the increase in sales from #TheRoadTrip to #TheRealRoadTrip. And if it worked well, Contiki could reattempt the experience the following year or alternate the editions.
  17. 17. N E W Z E A L A N D