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Bailey Nelson - Canadian Social Strategy


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Presentation by Amandine Bula, Ferrol Jeromy, Wayne Lapasa, Yuliia Vasikovych. Seneca SoMe - Web Mining and Analytics (SMD203)

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Bailey Nelson - Canadian Social Strategy

  1. 1. B-N Canadian – Social Strategy SMD203 - Web Mining and Analytics Amandine Bula, Ferrol Jeromy, Wayne Lapasa, Yuliia Vasikovych 1
  2. 2. A G E N D A 1. Bailey Nelson – Background 2. Target Audience 3. Social Media Platforms 4. Objective 5. Organizational Structure 6. Website Analysis 7. Strategy 8. Social Media Team Structure 9. Social Media Integrations 10. Metrics 11. Recommendations 2
  3. 3. B A I L E Y N E L S O N 3 ● Bailey Nelson is craft eyewear retailer coming from Bondi Beach in Australia ● They have 23 boutiques in Australia and 4 boutiques in New Zealand ● They strive to deliver fantastic eyewear frames at a reasonable price, backed up by great service ● Canadian e-commerce website ( and 7 reseller points in Canada ● First corporate store to open this spring in Vancouver “Buying glasses should be one of life’s pleasures.”
  4. 4. Welcome to Bailey Nelson Canada 4
  5. 5. T A R G E T A U D I E N C E 5 Millennials • Male & Female customers • 20 to 35 years old • College or University Degree • Students/Part-time workers & Full-time workers • Middle class • Single or in couple • Urban, small to large city • Behaviours: hipster, tech savvy, creative, outgoing, photography
  6. 6. Social Media Platforms (April 6, 2017) 6 URL BaileyNelsonCDN baileynelsonca BaileyNelson_CA Likes 174 - 1 Followers 177 252 7 Posts/Tweets 4 17 3 Frequency Random Daily Not updated Type of Content Photo Video Photo Tweet with photo Customer Service Launched on March 23, 2017 March 23, 2017 March 24, 2017
  7. 7. O B J E C T I V E 7 Leverage Social Media platforms to build awareness for Bailey Nelson Canada with the objective of: - Increasing ecommerce sales - Increasing in-store sales* - Reaching 35 in-store visitors per day* - Convert every 5 visitor into a sale* *Locations to come: Robson (Spring 2017), Gastown (Spring 2017), Toronto (Fall 2017), Ottawa (TBC)
  8. 8. Organizational Structure 8 CEO Chief Marketing Officer Chief People Officer Chief Financial Officer Sales VP VP of Communications AnalystContent Creator Social Media Manager
  9. 9. W E B S I T E A N A L Y S I S 9 - Visually appealing: use of space and attractive pictures - Clear “Call to Action” - Ecommerce site created with Shopify - Social Media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  10. 10. W E B S I T E A N A L Y S I S 10 Total Visits < 5000 Avg. Visit Duration 2:30 minutes Pages per Visit 5.07 Bounce Rate 10.89% Traffic Country Origin 91.2% Traffic Source Direct 48.24% / Search 51,76% SimilarWeb (Oct 16 - Mar 17)
  11. 11. W E B S I T E A N A L Y S I S 11 SEMRush Keywords bringing users to the website via Google SEO 58 keywords Expected visits in the following month 4.7K Traffics Backlinks ( 9
  12. 12. W E B S I T E A N A L Y S I S 12 Nibble (Score: 6.5) Optimum To improve - Well written URL - Headings - Page Titles - Mobile version - Internal Links - 404 page - Registered domain - No Analytics Solution - 176 errors and 30 warnings on the 5 tested pages - Not leveraging Social Media Platforms - 3 pages without meta data description - 287 words per page (Low) - Different size & formats of image
  13. 13. S T R A T E G Y 13 To build a strong social media team that will consist of content creator, analyst and social media manager in order to track and measure online activity of the company and run the community
  14. 14. Social Media Team Structure 14 Analyst Specialize in collecting and analysing data (CTR, traffic, engagement rates, conversations) Responsible for setting the strategy and planning of the campaign, managing social media profiles, communication with customers Content creator Focuses on creating content for social media posts (photos, videos) Social Media Manager
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA Integrations 15 - Publish useful posts such as how to stylize your eyewear with your outfits - Encourage customers to leave product reviews - Promote flash sales during the day - Use Facebook Live feature to broadcast from different shops, ie. Grand opening of a new store - Create Facebook event invites to followers as they continue to launch new store openings - Implement product posts with web links in bio section to highlight specific product - Carousel / Boomerang images - Instagram stories - Use knolling styled imagery to attract interest - Re-post hash tagged images and give credit to IG user, build community following - Curated content - Useful articles, like how to find glasses that fit - Include #MeandMyBaileys hashtag on profile page - Retweet customer’s positive experiences - Host a live Q&A chat to build product awareness and engagement
  16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA Metrics 16 • Facebook Insights • Instagram Insights & IconoSquare • Twitter Stats Engagement, Site Traffic, Conversations, Sign-ups • Sysomos Overal Sentiments, Facebook, Twitter, Influencers
  17. 17. ONLINE SALES Metrics 17 • Monthly Sales • Average Order Size • Average Margin • Conversion Rate • Shopping Cart • Abandonment Rate • Comparing online & in-store sales
  18. 18. WEBSITE Metrics 18 Google Analytics • Site Traffic • Unique Visitors vs. Returning Visitors • Time On Site • Page Views Per Visit • Traffic Source and Referrals
  19. 19. SOCIAL SALES Recommendations 19 Snapchat Pinterest Online Contests Use platform to tell more stories Connecting with micro-influencers
  20. 20. RETAIL Recommendations 20 ● Free Wi-Fi 62% of businesses reported that customers spend more time in-store Ask the customer to like the Facebook page to connect to the Wi-Fi ● Small Lounge Area ● Small trendy boutiques rather than inside malls ● Award discount for in-store visits ● Free services (small repairs, cleaning service, fabric tissues)
  21. 21. Thank You! 21