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Digital customer onboarding


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How to enroll new customers in a digital age?

Onboarding is the first step in creating customer loyalty. Customers have higher expectations regards to the digital experience and better understanding who they are. Putting your customer's identity central stage will enable this.

Everett's vision is this enrollment should be:
Smart - as simple, lean and straight forward possible
Safe - give the level of trust needed in your customer
Secure - be able to reuse parts of the customer journey.

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Digital customer onboarding

  1. 1. DigitalCustomerOnboarding SMART SECURESAFE Customer Identity Experience 360* View
  2. 2. DigitalCustomerOnboarding Montfoort, April 21, 2016 Smart, Safe and Secure
  3. 3. ABOUTEVERETT Makingidentitymatter
  6. 6. “Identity Management is not only about control and keeping the wrong people out; It is about building relationships and inviting the right people in.” Gerald Horst - CEO Everett
  7. 7. Thisiswherethejourneystarts
  8. 8. Customeronboardingisthefirststep Customer Identity Experience 360* View Inputtingthecustomercentralstage
  9. 9. Onboardingenableswhatcustomersexpect Easy Safe Always and everywhere Personal Relation with people and things Understanding Reuse data Internal & external data Customer Identity Experience 360* View
  10. 10. REALITITYCHECK Complex authentication Each channel with own portal Multiple logins No single experience Different identities for 1 customer Privacy not ensured No control over personal data Fragmented data Customer Identity Experience 360* View
  11. 11. Customersleaveorganizations Whenexpectationsarenotmet Customer Identity Experience 360* View
  12. 12. DigitalCustomerOnboardingshouldbe SMART SECURESAFE
  13. 13. SmartOnboarding Omni-channel Borderless Social registration Reuse of data
  14. 14. SafeOnboarding Checked Identity Known Identity IdentityVerification Unique Identity Verified Identity Level of Assurance
  15. 15. SecureOnboarding Strong authenticationReuse of the onboarding proces ?
  16. 16. DigitalCustomerOnboarding SMART SECURESAFE Customer Identity Experience 360* View
  17. 17. *Thesis 1* “Digitalcustomeronboardingismostlyrelevantforthe financialindustry”
  18. 18. *Thesis 2* “Digitalcustomeronboardingisnotanidentityand accessmanagementchallenge”
  19. 19. Improve digital customer onboarding Making Identity Matter