Australian Medacs Living Brochure


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Australian Medacs Living Brochure

  1. 1. Living and working abroad Australia
  2. 2. Medacs Healthcare Living and working abroad Australia Medacs Healthcare Group is the leading provider of healthcare recruitment services throughout the public and private sectors, with more than 20 years’ experience and a reputation for quality of service and integrity that is second to none. Operating in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East, Medacs Healthcare Group provides career solutions for high-calibre professionals throughout the globe. We recognise that we can deliver effective solutions for our candidates only if we build strong relationships and deliver world-class service. We provide a range of permanent, temporary and interim roles for healthcare professionals both nationally and internationally. Confidence in our ability to provide a complete service stems from our team of experienced consultants who are both qualified health and recruitment professionals. Having worked in Australia and overseas, they have the specialist knowledge to help develop your career and your lifestyle. Working in Australia can be exciting, challenging and a wonderful opportunity to combine lifestyle with career choice. We provide international candidates with every possible support at each step of the way. Brochure contents 03 An Introduction to Medacs Healthcare 04 The country in brief 06 Health and living 07 Finance and banking 10 Relaxing 12 Culture and lifestyle 14 Communication
  3. 3. 04 – 05 Medacs Healthcare The country in brief The country in brief Australia is a vast country with lifestyle Source location: Australia choices to suit all tastes. A diverse, modern, and most importantly, an affordable country. Darwin Most of the population choose to live along the extensive coastlines – and with Australia boasting over 7,000 beaches you can see why. Cairns It’s the sixth largest country in the world and it is made up of six states: Queensland, Brisbane New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania and two territories; Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory. Perth Sydney Adelaide Canberra Melbourne From the prehistoric gorges Australia is an independent For nature lovers, Australia of Kakadu National Park, to Western democracy with a offers vast areas of national the white sails of the Sydney population of more than 20 parks, filled with uniquely Opera House, Australia million. It is one of the world’s Australian native plants and is a country as big your most urbanised countries, fauna. And, with a population imagination. Kick back on with about 70 per cent of the density a fraction of the UK, a beach in Western Australia; population living in the 10 it’s very easy to find a quiet lose yourself in the largest cities. Most of the spot when you want to labyrinthine laneways of population is concentrated escape the city life. culture-rich Melbourne or along the eastern seaboard be humbled by red desert and the south-eastern corner sunsets over Uluru. Or take of the continent. on Sydney, a heady mix of Australia’s lifestyle reflects surf and sun and you’ll soon its mainly Western origins, realise Australia is a place but Australia is also a to be discovered. multicultural society which has been enriched by over six million settlers from almost 200 nations. Four out of ten Australians are migrants or the first-generation children of migrants, half of them from non-English speaking backgrounds.
  4. 4. 06 – 07 Medacs Healthcare Health and living Finance and banking The Australian population has a fantastic overall health record, with life expectancy at birth set at over 81 years of age, the 11th highest in the world. There’s a wealth of information on the internet to help smooth the way. Health Care Registering with GP Education Finding accommodation Money Cost of living Applying for Bank Account Tax Health care in Australia is Register for a Medicare card Education in Australia is The main websites Australia uses a dollars and Manufactured goods tend to To apply for a bank account To calculate the tax you will provided by both private and first and with this number and primarily the responsibility recommended for finding cents system of decimal be expensive in Australia, you simply need your pay please visit the following government institutions. In your home address you can of states and territories. homes are Gumtree Australia, currency with 100 cents in a particularly imported goods passport, visa and your home website: Australia, the current system register with a local GP. Each state or territory, realestate. dollar. The bank notes in use (automobiles, clothes etc) address. au/businesses/content. known as Medicare, was There are two types of government provides the and are $5, $10, $20, $50 and which are higher cost than in asp?doc=/content/33277.htm Banking services introduced in Australia in practice – ‘bulk billing’ or funding and regulates the $100. Coins used are the silver Europe or North America. When using a cash machine in National Insurance Numbers 1984. Citizens of the ‘Medical’ Practices. Bulk public and private schools coloured 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 The price of food is similar to Australia it is free to use your The equivalent of the Commonwealth are able to billing practices are with its governing area. The cent and 50 cent and the gold the US and around 25 per own bank ATM, however you National Insurance Number access the Medicare system subsidised by Medicare federal government funds the coloured $1 and $2 coins. cent less than most European are charged for using another in Australia is a Tax File due to a reciprocal agreement therefore the cost to you is universities, but these set countries. Approximately bank cash machine. Opening Number. You must apply for between the countries. greatly reduced. their own curriculum. $400 should be sufficient to hours are generally 9.00am this in advance of being able Medicare is subsidized, Education in Australia follows feed two adults for a month – 4.00pm Monday to Friday. to begin work in Australia. however you’ll be asked to the three-tier model which in most areas (excluding To apply for a TFN you will pay for treatment then make includes primary education alcohol, caviar and fillet need to visit your local a claim for a portion of the (primary schools), followed steak). Australian Taxation Office. charge. You might want to by secondary education consider a Private Healthcare (secondary schools/high Scheme. For more information: schools) and tertiary education (universities and/ au/public/migrants/visitors/ or TAFE Colleges). uk.jsp
  5. 5. 10 – 11 Medacs Healthcare Relaxing Relaxing Australia is the country of contrasts... Relaxing under a palm tree on a tropical island resort, discovering the heart of the Australian outback on a camel trek or an indulgent shopping trip to Melbourne – this is just a taste of what Australia has on offer. Dining, tipping and service The multicultural population Southern Europe has Australian wild foods such as Entertainment A country of cities with Every day you can find the At the same time our Australia is one of the most has provided a huge choice of combined with Asia and the bunya nuts and Kakadu plums With lively music scenes, theatres, museums, sports right climate conditions that northern states have balmy exciting destinations for affordable restaurants Pacific for new flavours and with specialty meats such as pubs, hotels, movie and arts fields and galleries; where will make your Australian 24 degrees Celsius ‘foodies’ in the world because specialising in a variety of tastes. Italian, Chinese, crocodile and Northern industries, there is a range of people can meet to enjoy experience unique and temperatures. The Australian of its culinary innovation and international cuisines. And, as Japanese, Greek, Thai, Malay, Territory buffalo. entertainment for all tastes. sports events and artistic memorable. The Australian sun can be quite strong, so it’s novel, healthy and fresh eating out in Australia is only French and Vietnamese Being a nation of sports shows. A land of people who summer from Dec-Feb is best to wear a shirt and put approach to food preparation. The Australian wine sector is fanatics, there is a plentiful about half the price of UK restaurants are common, have come from other warm and sunny and you can on a hat while enjoying the Australian cuisine owes its recognised internationally as supply of quality sporting restaurants, you can afford to particularly in the country’s countries and brought their enjoy lazy days on the beach great outdoors. Sunscreen reputation to its fresh and producing a full range of wine venues. treat your taste buds capital cities. Middle Eastern music, dance, art and other and typical Aussie meals containing SPF30+ coverage high-quality produce; styles and varieties to match regularly! flavours are emerging in fun parts of their culture with cooked on the barbecue. is recommended. rigorous training and pride in any dish, from full-bodied Sports and Culture greater abundance, with A country of wide-open them. The recreation and Summer is the rainy season in the service and hospitality reds and deep fruity whites, Moroccan and Lebanese spaces with a good climate cultural pastimes on offer to our tropical regions in the industry; the influence of to sparkling, dessert and flavours being used with local that makes outdoor pastimes us are many, diverse and are north that brings our lush Asia’s diverse cuisines; and fortified wines. Australian ingredients in mainstream easy to enjoy. Sport and too many to list here. rainforests to life. Spring and the multitude of ethnic wines are sold in more than cooking with notable success. outdoor recreation are a way autumn are mild and are the groups represented in 100 countries and found in Climate of life to share with family best seasons for bush walks Australia. Traditional Australian ‘bush the finest restaurants the With climates ranging from and friends; a way of life that and discovering nature. The tucker’ is also being used to world over. tropical to temperate, there is is a healthy balance between Australian winter Jun-Aug is great effect in the cities’ best sure to be an ideal location work and play. generally mild, but offers restaurants—chili kangaroo for you, whether that involves snow on the snow fields in the tail, sweet yam gnocchi and surfing at one of Australia’s southern mountain regions. lemon myrtle linguine are many beautiful beaches or just a few examples. Menus snowboarding down a ski also incorporate Indigenous slope!
  6. 6. 12 – 13 Medacs Healthcare Culture and lifestyle Culture and lifestyle In Australia, over 200 different languages and dialects are spoken, including 45 indigenous languages. The most commonly spoken languages (other than English) are Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin. Time Zones Australian Central Standard Daylight Saving Time Where Daylight Saving Time Travel Driving in Australia With a land mass close to 7.7 Time (ACST) The practice of advancing is observed: You can’t fly directly to Due to the size of the country, million square kilometres, Covers the state of South clocks one hour during the Australia from the UK, it’s most convenient to have Australia is the world’s sixth Australia, the town of Broken warmer months of the year. AEST becomes Australian however the stopovers can be an internal flight. There are largest country and is divided Hill in western New South In Australia, Daylight Saving Eastern Daylight Time as short as an hour for Domestic flights throughout into three separate time Wales and the Northern Time is observed in New (AEDT), and clocks are refuelling or you can opt to Australia and they are very zones. Territory. South Wales, Victoria, South advanced to UTC +11. have a longer stay to visit the reasonable when booked ACST is equal to Coordinated Australia, Tasmania, and the ACST becomes Australian stop-over country. Airlines early. The airlines with the Australian Eastern Standard Universal Time plus 9 ½ Australian Capital Territory. Central Daylight Time flying to Australia are: best fares are Qantas, Virgin Time (AEST) hours (UTC +9 ½). (ACDT), and clocks are Blue and Jet Star. Covers the eastern states of Daylight Saving Time begins Qantas Queensland, New South at 2am (AEST) on the first advanced to UTC +10 ½. Australians drive on the left Australian Western Standard Emirates Wales (with the exception of Time (AWST) Sunday in October and ends Daylight Saving Time is not hand side of the road. the town of Broken Hill), Covers Western Australia. at 2am (AEST) (which is 3am observed in Queensland, the British Airways The speed and distance is Victoria, Tasmania and the AWST is equal to Coordinated Australian Eastern Daylight Northern Territory or Western Virgin measured in kilometers. Australian Capital Territory. Universal Time plus 8 hours Time) on the first Sunday Australia. Driving Licence (UTC +8). in April. Singapore Airlines AEST is equal to Coordinated Public Holidays You can use a British driving Universal Time plus 10 hours Australia has between 10 and Malaysian Airlines license; however you’ll have (UTC +10). 12 public holidays per year, to apply for an international depending on the state you licence if you intend to stay live in, as public holidays for a long period of time. This differ state to state. can be arranged with the RTA (Road Traffic Authority).
  7. 7. 14 Medacs Healthcare Communication Mobile phones A great source of information Mobile providers include, is the ‘Beginning a Life in Vodaphone, Virgin, Telstra andAustralia’ booklets which 3 in Australia. Its worthwhilewelcome newly-arrived checking their coverage to be travellers to Australia. sure it suits your lifestyle and Information is provided on travel. the types of settlement Emergency numbers services available and The national telephone number advice on where to go to for for all emergency services in assistance. This information is available in English and is Australia including translated into 24 community AMBULANCE, FIRE, and languages for each state and POLICE is “000”. territory. For more information on Go to: Australia please see the following websites: australia/settle-in-australia/ New South Wales beginning-life/index.htm or Victoria or Queensland or Western Australia Southern Australia Northern Territory Tasmania