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Publishing Strategy: Traditional and New Media


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The publishing industry is changing and today every company and individual has the tools they need to be a publisher. But the resulting deluge of content makes the role of "gatekeepers" more essential than ever. This presentation discusses the merits of traditional publishing, self-publishing and new media to help landscape, architecture, engineering and planning firms create their own publishing strategy.

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Publishing Strategy: Traditional and New Media

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  2. 2. Newspaper subscriptions31% (2008)10% (2009)Magazine subscriptions11% (2009)Online subscriptions%18 (2009)Print ad revenues dropped44.9% between 2005 and 2009
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  4. 4. 57 books are bought every second in U.S.Bookstores are bleeding outU.S. adults with e-reader devices doubledfrom 14 million to 28 million from 11/2010to 5/2011E-books account for 8% of all book salesOnly 15% of e-reader owners say they nolonger read print booksStigma of self-publishing has vanished
  5. 5. Traditional Gatekeepers New Media•Publishers •Communicators•Editors •Marketers•Journalists •Professional quality writing•Strict editorial focus •Professional quality design•Unbiased •Not overtly self-promotional•High quality writing •Attention to reader behavior•High quality design •Cultivate community