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South Carolina State Library Digital Collections


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South Carolina State Library Digital Collections

  1. 1. South Carolina State LibraryDigital Stone & Chris YatesSCLA Conference-10/19/2011
  2. 2. ∗ Introduction∗ Workflow∗ Website & Walk-through∗ The Future∗ Tombstone ProjectOutline
  3. 3. ∗ South Carolina State Library’s digital projects∗∗ Currently includes: South Carolina State DocumentsDepository & Union County Tombstone Project∗ Involves multiple departments∗ Uses open source DSpace repository software∗ Contract with The Longsight Group for DSpacesupportDigital Collections
  4. 4. ∗ Currently two collections:∗ South Carolina State Documents DepositoryOnline library of publications produced by state agencies and state-supported academic institutions. These publications provide citizenswith crucial information about state government, including statistics,annual accountability reports, and data on a wide variety of topicsrelated to the state.∗ Union County Tombstone ProjectLSTA-funded project with the Union County Carnegie Library featuringtombstone transcriptions and images from three historical UnionCounty cemeteries.Digital Collections
  5. 5. Workflow @ SCSL
  6. 6. The People Who Make it Happen∗ Amanda Stone, Innovation & Digital Librarian∗ Creates metadata schema, contact for Longsight, harvests born-digitaldocuments∗ Chris Yates, Collection Management Librarian∗ Manager for ISS staff, quality control, trains for QC and scanning∗ Wesley Sparks, Cataloger∗ Creates metadata from template, enters data into DSpace, catalogs new statedocuments∗ Janell Eades, Library Technical Assistant∗ Scans using Bookeye and performs quality control for scanned documents∗ Linda Lange & Caroline Hite, Library Specialists∗ Scans using flatbed scanners, performs quality control for born-digitaldocuments, rebinds and reshelves∗ USC SLIS Interns∗ Scans specific collections, creates metadata and enters data into DSpace
  7. 7. Ins & Outs of the 2ndFloor∗ 2 Epson Expression 10000XL flatbed scanners∗ One with automatic paper feeder∗ Scan with Adobe Acrobat X Standard∗ Bookeye 3 A1 planetary scanner∗ Opus FreeFlow software for scanning & editing∗ Currently using an empty office for storage of documentsin the digital process
  8. 8. Flatbed Scanners
  9. 9. Bookeye Scanner
  10. 10. OPUS Free Flow
  11. 11. Quality Control∗ Every document scanned or harvested online goesthrough a Quality Control process∗ Check for errors or omissions, readability, and correctOCR∗ Save PDF/A and multi-page TIF masters∗ PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of the PortableDocument Format (PDF) specialized for the digitalpreservation of electronic documents. (Wikipedia)∗ Use IrfanView for creating multi-page TIFs (freeware)
  12. 12. ∗ Wesley Sparks, cataloger, enters metadata∗ Dublin Core metadata standard with additionalelements for easy integration with South CarolinaDigital Library∗ Elements: Creator, Date, Description, DigitalSpecifications, Holding Library, Language, Mediatype,Publisher, Rights, Subject, Title, Type, URI∗ Many documents have already been cataloged—nowwe can add descriptions & additional LCSHCataloging
  13. 13. Website
  14. 14. searchKeyword searchBrowse byfacetsBrowse by CollectionBrowse byauthor,subject, date
  15. 15. ∗ Provides access to publications produced by state agencies and state-supported academic institutions. These publications provide citizenswith crucial information about state government, including statistics,annual accountability reports, and data on a wide variety of topicsrelated to the state.∗ Items in the State Documents Depository include both printpublications and “born digital” documents often originally publishedon agency websites.∗ Organized by agency and collection∗ Collection can be by serial or topic—not always exact duplicate ofserial record∗ Organization of content is based on usability for citizens, stateemployees, librarians∗ 17 Agencies with content, over 3300 documents from 1853-2011South Carolina State DocumentsDepository
  16. 16. ∗ School Directories∗ Office of the Governor∗ Executive Orders∗ Governor Messages, Vetoes, Proclamations∗ Inaugural Addresses and State of the State Addresses∗ Tobacco Reports∗ Legislative Audit Council Audit Reports∗ Great Towns∗ Public Library Annual Statistical SummaryFeatured Collections
  17. 17. KeywordsearchBrowseCollectionBrowseRecentUpdates
  18. 18. Permanent URLPDF FileCollection
  19. 19. ∗ Address given by thegovernor the day he/she isinaugurated∗ 23 documents, 1890-2011(not inclusive)∗ Also includes programs forGov. Robert McNair’sinaugural ceremony andball (1967)Inaugural Addresses
  20. 20. ∗ State Department ofEducation publication∗ 1912-2003 (working on1977-1990)∗ Directory of StateDepartment of EducationStaff, List of all schools,county superintendent andprincipals, yearly statistics.∗ Fragile & Often UsedSchool Directories
  21. 21. ∗ Legislative Audit Councilconducts performanceaudits of state agencies andprograms as requested bythe General Assembly∗ 221 documents, 1976-2011∗ Both scanned from printcollection & born-digital onLAC websiteLegislative Audit CouncilAudit Reports
  22. 22. ∗ The documents inthe State DocumentDepository will belinked to theirrecords in SC LENDS.∗ Process has started.SC LENDS
  23. 23. Union County TombstoneProject
  24. 24. ∗ In collaboration with the Union County Carnegie Library, the SouthCarolina State Library presents a project featuring tombstonetranscriptions and images from three Union County cemeteries.∗ Presbyterian Cemetery, Fairforest Presbyterian Cemetery, andBelmont Cemetery in Union County, South Carolina.∗ Volunteers took pictures of each tombstone and transcribed eachtombstone exactly in conjunction with rubbings where needed.∗ IMLS grant∗ Currently 853 records; Fairforest Presbyterian Cemetery coming soon(~230 records)∗ Poster Session Friday @ 8:30 to learn more!!Union County Tombstone Project
  25. 25. Barbara A. Johnson Pictures
  26. 26. Future
  27. 27. ∗ More, more more!∗ Digitizing is now a permanent workflow for theInformation Support Services staff∗ Coming soon: Handbook of South Carolina, 1907 andThe State School Building Survey of South Carolina,1937∗ Comprehensive harvesting of born-digital documentsat state agency websites (already ~5,000 saved)∗ Adding select collections to the South Carolina DigitalLibraryFuture Plans
  28. 28. ∗ Questions??∗ Thank you for attending our session!∗ Please feel free to contact us:∗∗∗ Special Kudos: USC SLIS Interns: Elaine Koutroulias,Samantha Hale & Maxine Henry, Information SupportServices staff: Janell Eades, Carolyn Hite, Linda Lange,& Wesley Sparks, SCSL IT staffThanks!