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Digital Collections on a Dime


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Digital Collections on a Dime

  1. 1. Digital Collectionson aAmanda StoneSouth Carolina State** Winged Liberty Head Dime, 1917,1502
  2. 2. What Can We PutOnline?
  3. 3. Copyright• Follow normal copyright laws• —Add digital rights statement to future donoragreements, secure agreement if possible on pastcollections• —Carefully-phrased copyright statements are your friend"It is the users obligation to determine andsatisfy copyright or other use restrictions whenreproducing materials found in the Librariescollections." (U of Miami)
  4. 4. We Have No $$$• —If you can buy 1 big-ticket item, buythe best scanner you can afford.• —Epson Expression 10000xl is acommon workhorse ~$4,500• Probably 600 dpi, 24-bit color & largeenough scanning for your needs is goodenough for now! (Amazon, as low as$200)
  5. 5. Ask Friends Groups, Family Trusts, LocalBusinesses— set up a tip jar fordonations.
  6. 6. Digitizing
  7. 7. Who?• Volunteers• Interns from local colleges• Really responsible Teen Groups• Make it a part-time responsibilityfor a couple of people• Scanning on a smaller servicedesk (Richland Library’s SouthCarolina Room)Student Assistants at USC Political Collections,,
  8. 8. How?• —Software that comes withyour scanner may be fine touse for now (EpsonScan, Nikon Scan, CanonScanGear)• Make sure you can save informats and resolution youwant
  9. 9. —There are other scan softwareprograms for fairly cheap(examples)•VueScan ($39.95, $79.95)•SilverFast SE (starts at $49.00)
  10. 10. EditingUse free programs to edit your images!• GIMP•• Irfanview
  11. 11. Now What?There are free and cheap non-technicaloptions for putting your collections online.
  12. 12. Omeka• —Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum,archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions.• From the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and NewMedia and George Mason University• For non-IT specialists• Basic plan for free, $49-999 a yearCollections, Tagging, Controlled Vocabulary, Timelines,Google Maps, RSS feeds, QR Codes, and more!
  13. 13. Viewshare• —Viewshare is a free platform for generating andcustomizing views that allow users to experienceyour digital collections.• —From the Library of Congress• —Does not host digital images, creates interfaces toyour online digital collections—Interactive maps, Timelines, Facets, Tag clouds
  14. 14. • Online photo management and sharing application• —Free account-2 videos, 300MB of photos everymonth• Pro account-unlimited pretty much everything 1year for $24.95—*made with spell with flickr
  15. 15. Tumblr• Social media site for posting text, photos, quotes, links,music, and videos.• Lowcountry Digital Library• Auburn Avenue Research Library Program—PS-check out womenoflibraryhistory.tumblr.comwater-cooler trivia: Yahoo just bought Tumblr for $1.1billion
  16. 16. Facebook• Most libraries have a Facebook page topromote events, share photos, keep in touchwith patrons• Many libraries & organizations add historicalphotos to their Facebook account!
  17. 17. Wordpress• —Web software for making websites or has software you host yourself.• —At, they can host your site foryou! Free with address, somecustomization options and 3 GB of space, no videostorage
  18. 18. Social Media Pros & Consusually very easy, often nice-looking interface,comments on individual items, may work withyour existing social media, Google-friendlynot branded to your organization, may not haveadequate "digital collection" features, cannottrust as long-term storage
  19. 19. Thrifty Partners in SC
  20. 20. Thrifty Partners in GeorgiaBased at the University of Georgia Libraries, the Digital Library ofGeorgia has operated since 2000 as part of Georgia’s GALILEOvirtual library.
  21. 21. DPLA• —The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is aproject aimed at bringing about a large-scale publicdigital library.• Millions of items from Abbeville County Soil Maps(1932) to Zion Baptist Church, Marietta, GA (1980)• Digital Library of Georgia: 139,190 items• South Carolina Digital Library: 54,383 items
  22. 22. They Did It, You Can Too!• The Ultimate List of Historical DigitalCollections in SC:• 60 entities• 12 public libraries• 31 academic, 16 are USC• 17 are historical societies,museums, state agenciesPublic libraries with digitalcollections
  23. 23. Examples Shown••••••••••••••
  24. 24. Go Forth and Create!Amanda StoneSouth Carolina State