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Social learning presentation for NZATD, 10th June


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Social learning presentation for NZATD, 10th June

  1. 1. ‘Social’ Technology and learning Presented by: Amanda Sterling
  2. 2. The here and now
  3. 3. #HRAConf14 The world is changing • Technology as a connector • Meaning is more relevant • Changing demographics • Workforce is more transient • The people cloud • Relationships as competitive advantage
  4. 4. Social media is… “any online platforms for networking or sharing information or opinions, for example Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or blogs, but not email’. CIPD, 2013
  5. 5. • Create meaningful connections between people • Aids external collaboration • Supports two-way communication • Enables us to become more innovative and responsive to change. #HRAConf14 The research Social Technology, social business. CIPD research paper 2013.
  6. 6. #HRAConf14 The research cont…. • 76% of employees are using social media for personal use. • They are using it to connect, collaborate, network, read blogs, comments, articles, share knowledge, learn more about areas they are interested in. BUT • only 26% of them are doing this for work. Social Technology, social business. CIPD research paper 2013.
  7. 7. #HRAConf14 The research cont…. • 53% of ‘senior managers’ are actively using social media. • They are using it for networking (52%), commenting on forums (41%) and to post blogs or articles (27%). OPPORTUNITY • Already using it to connect and communicate externally imagine if they focused these skills internally? Social Technology, social business. CIPD research paper 2013.
  8. 8. How you can use it • To support face to face learning • Social learning courses • A culture of learning
  9. 9. Examples… to support f2f
  10. 10. Examples… Social learning courses
  11. 11. Examples… a learning culture
  12. 12. #HRAConf14 Get involved
  13. 13. #HRAConf14 Levels of social • Ground zero: Lurker o Read ideas, suggestions, opinions • Level One: Social o Share ideas, suggestions, opinions o Broadcast to the community • Level Two: Connected o Ask questions o Discover common areas of interest o Challenge ideas o Collectively brainstorm • Level Three: Learning and problem solving o Implementing solutions in your organisation o Feedback loop o Continuous improvement
  14. 14. #HRAConf14 • Authentic • Curious • Tactical • Positive Courtesy of @Perrytimms, Adjusted Development
  15. 15. #HRAConf14 “Connecting HR professionals from NZ and around the world to collaborate and share knowledge”
  16. 16. #HRAConf14 #NZLEAD
  17. 17. #HRAConf14 Global learning communities #TCHAT #NZLEAD #CONNECTINGHR #LRNCHAT
  18. 18. #HRAConf14 Next level…..
  19. 19. #HRAConf14 What makes a difference • Passion • Connection • Skill
  20. 20. Where do you start? • Get involved in social communities • Try a few things and share your learning • Look at where social media is already being used in your organisation • Engage your leadership in conversations • Build a business case, develop a plan & start with baby steps
  21. 21. People resources you should check out • Jane Hart, • Harold Jarche, • Jane Bozarth,
  22. 22. Thank you… @sterling_amanda +AmandaSterling learningtoflynz Amanda Sterling