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Stories that Change: Winning Hearts and Inspiring Action

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Stories that Change: Winning Hearts and Inspiring Action

  1. 1. Stories that Change: Winning Hearts & Inspiring Action Amanda Marko Connected Strategy Group PhotobyIshamelOrendain/BYCC @connectedstrat
  2. 2. “Living a life of influence means that we are more often evangelizing to the heathens and less often preaching to the choir.” -Annette Simmons, The Story Factor PhotobyHartwigHKD/BYCC
  3. 3. PhotobyLaliMasriera/BYCC Change isn’t this easy.
  4. 4. stories facts true
  5. 5. Facts Photobyseier+seier/BYCC strategy push a are
  6. 6. What they got were binge very educated drinkers. When Penn State University tried to curb alcohol abuse on campus, the administration shared statistics and data about the dangers of excessive partying.
  7. 7. Stories pull at the heartstrings PhotobyMattysFlicks/BYCC
  8. 8. SPOT stories ANTICIPATE anti-stories LISTEN to stories CONNECT with stories INFLUENCE with stories TRIGGER stories Six storytelling skills that facilitate change:
  9. 9. courtesy of Anecdote
  10. 10. anti-st ry Don’t underestimate the
  11. 11. Whoever tells the best story, WINS. PhotobyHamadAL-Mohonnna/BYCC
  12. 12. Ask story-eliciting questions … PhotobyTimPierce/BYCC
  13. 13. … that take you to a specific, emotion-filled moment. What’s an example of … When have you felt … Tell me about a time that …. PhotobyMartinFish/BYCC
  14. 14. Story-Listening questions experience meaning
  15. 15. The Howard Stern Formula: “You must have been so [extreme emotion]” + [a specific time and place] PhotobyChrisCassidy/cc2004
  16. 16. The Ira Glass Formula: Photobyrickimontolvo/BYCC “Yes, and…”
  17. 17. The Barbara Walters Formula: Research and prepare, but “be willing to throw it all away”
  18. 18. The James Lipton Formula: ask questions they haven’t been asked before
  19. 19. stories stories your anti-
  20. 20. 4 ways to combat anti-stories acknowledge connect trigger influence
  21. 21. Acknowledge Photobyrabiem22/BYCC
  22. 22. Acknowledge Anti-Stories state their case challenge generalizations be human show the difference
  23. 23. Connect Photobymozzercork/BYCC
  24. 24. Connection Story Pattern courtesy of Anecdote reveal your motivations demonstrate commonalities
  25. 25. Make them care about your cause by making them care about you. PhotobyThangarajKumaral/BYCC (even if your cause is combatting weeds)
  26. 26. Influence PhotobyEuropeanSouthernObservatory/BYCC
  27. 27. state your point share an example make your case restate your point Influence Story Pattern courtesy of Anecdote
  28. 28. Hit them with a one-two punch PhotobyAriBakker/BYCC
  29. 29. Photo by Michael / BY CC Negative stories require a counter balance.
  30. 30. Trigger Photobykev-shine/BYCC
  31. 31. SIGNAL something is different … Leaders should PhotobyMattoFredrikkson/BYCC
  32. 32. … by doing something REMARKABLY different … PhotobyTillKrench/BYCC
  33. 33. stories PhotobyJakeStimpson/BYCC telling getting people … and
  34. 34. Story Triggering intentional remarkable public action
  35. 35. …there are relatively few things leaders can do to impact culture. Organizational development expert Edgar Schein has said …. Employees notice ….
  36. 36. … control, measure, pay attention to what leaders … PhotobyScotterAckerman/BYCC
  37. 37. how leaders … … respond to crises PhotobyYubaCollegePublicSpace/BYCC
  38. 38. how leaders … … allocate resources PhotobyNikiOdolphie/BYCC
  39. 39. how leaders … … role model, teach and coach PhotobyDovHarrington/BYCC
  40. 40. how leaders … … allocate rewards and status PhotobyBrad,K/BYCC
  41. 41. how leaders … … recruit, select, promote and fire PhotobyFlazingoPhotos/BYCC
  42. 42. Anyone can learn business storytelling... …even Earl in accounting. PhotobyRodrigoSa/BYCC
  43. 43. Training created by Anecdote, world-renowned experts with +10 years of business storytelling experience. Their first U.S. partner is: Here’s how:
  44. 44. Special Offer: Free eBook Request a copy of this new 47-page eBook written by my partners: Or click the book cover to download now.
  45. 45. Let’s Connect Amanda Marko president & chief connection officer Connected Strategy Group @connectedstrat

Editor's Notes

  • Facts aren’t influential until they mean something
    Stories provide the context, open minds
    If you provide facts without a new story, then the new facts will be warped / accepted / rejected to fit the old story
    Story let’s others do the work of interpreting the facts. This leads to ownership of the idea.
    People value their own conclusions more highly than yours.
  • We already know facts don’t beats
    So the only way to beat their stories is to tell better stories
  • Negative story is attention grabbing
    A warning doesn’t tell people what to do
    Provide instruction
    Influence isn’t authoritarian, nor is it restrictive. True influence is education with a dose of inspiration.
  • - Change a policy, a habit, a culture … without saying a word.